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My little man is already 9 months 😭, there’s something very special when a baby hits this stage... at this point they’ve spent exactly the same amount of time in the belly🤰🏻and now out in this world... 🌍
Everyday it’s becoming more and more exciting for Samuel and for US, he’s learning so much that he wants to talk already, and I can see his little personality showing off. I love you to the moon and back baby boy! Please stop growing fast! ♥️😍
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I’m 9 months today!! In the past few weeks a lot has happened!
I can clap 👏🏻, sometimes I try to be adventurous and stand up on my own 🤷🏻‍♂️, I’ve got 4 teeth coming at the same time 😬, I know where to go when I want mom’s milk 🤭(sorry mommy for not being careful sometimes 🤱🏻), I like to pull mommy’s hair and lashes 🤗, but it’s all okay because I give her tight hugs after that 💕! And ohh I’ve seen beach for the first time 🌊 and I loved the taste of it for sure!

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Take a step back and think about whether you personally want to be responsible for the deaths of thousands of baby animals in your lifetime.
Western culture encourages us that this is normal; because it happens behind closed doors - we accept it and give it little thought.
Helpless baby animals raised in hellish conditions and slaughtered in terror in front of their siblings for a few moments of tastebud pleasure.
Where did we go so wrong people?? How did we allow this to be normalised?? #vegan #animalrights #madness #wtf #culture #govegan #veganfortheanimals #friendsnotfood #madworld #veggie #baby #babyphotos

One of my favorite photos of my sister me and cousins! It’s crazy how time flies I’m 22 moved out and living with my gorgeous boyfriend, Elizabeth my (baby) sister lol has just turned 21 how has that even happened!? And Chloe has also moved out and is living with her boyfriend and Abigail has just got amazing Exam results and is of to university. Just having a little moment tonight thinking about life and family. Guess where I am in the photo❤️❤️#family #love #babyphotos #soyoung #strikeapose #throwback #august #2018

Thanks Mom for the best bridal shower gift yet ... #babyphotos #mademecry #bestmomever 😭💕

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