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I don’t ever want to forget those little baby fingers {well I actually don’t want to forget anything, even those little hairs standing up}! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

This is 40 {weeks in this world}! Those 40 weeks of pregnancy were filled with so many memories as we patiently waited to meet our precious baby boy and the past 40 weeks have brought so many more! Lleyton is determined, constantly moving and exploring, changing his diaper should be considered an Olympic sport, he loves his food, giving him a bath should also be considered an Olympic sport, he drinks water like it's going out of style, and he loves to cuddle and give kisses! This little guy just melts my heart on a daily basis! Boy do I just love our little Lleyton! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

{No we are NOT pregnant again} A year ago today we spilled the beans that we were expecting! Man time flies! I'm sure Lleyton will be riding that little red bike before we know it! #thehjelseths #babyhjelseth #lleytonross 📸 @kristaljoym

Lleyton protecting his girlfriend! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

Getting a family photo with everyone looking {cough cough Lleyton} is nearly impossible! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

I tried putting him on Santa’s lap, but the second I leaned down he dug his little fingers into my arms and hung on for dear life! So family photo with Santa! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

Fun day at the pumpkin patch with our baby boy! He ran all over the place, fell on the ground 100 plus times, attempted to eat rocks {which I'm sure he was successful at least once but we don't know it}, picked up pumpkins, chewed on pumpkin stems, and giggled as we chased him up and down the aisles! #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

FOUR MONTHS {plus two days}!! Our little man has grown so much! His hair is getting thicker, he is rolling around like a rolie polie, he loves sitting up, he loves when daddy helps him stand and bounce, he loves kissing mommy {mouth wide open}, and he has started to push with his legs while he is on his tummy! He discovered his voice box this past month and man can he get loud! It's quite entertaining! He has also started teething! He tries to put anything in his mouth! His whole fist, blankets, books, my hair, my face, and the list goes on. Sleep?? Ha! Who needs it anyways?! Sometimes when I wake in the night I can't remember if I'm still holding Lleyton or if I put him back down. As of lately he requests that I hold him while he sleeps. Those nights he ends up in the bed with us {I'm not the best at sleeping sitting up} and he usually ends up taking up half the bed. What we do for our babes! This guy also traveled back to Idaho for the first time, he got a white Christmas, and he was loved on by all of the girls in his family {there's a lot}! Biggest milestone {well probably more so for me}, mama went back to work. I won't pretend like it has been a stroll in the park. There have been tears, lots of days where I feel like a walking zombie {thank goodness for coffee}, and days where I get about 15 minutes to get ready. It's all an adjustment though. In time we will find a routine that works for us. Getting home from work and seeing the excitement on Lleyton's face is priceless. Well and sometimes I get greeted with "where have you been all day, feed me now" which I love too! Tyler has been so great!! He has been so supportive and loving!! I couldn't do it without him!! I cherish my family time even more now, I don't really mind those 2am snuggles, I try to sneak in as many kisses as I can get, and I take a million photos the second I get home {I need to take as many as I can before he starts protesting}. Life with Lleyton is just THE BEST!! #thehjelseths #babyhjelseth #lleytonross #fourmonths


I don’t ever want to forget those little baby fingers {well I actually don’t want to forget anything, even those little hairs standing up}! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

I tried putting him on Santa’s lap, but the second I leaned down he dug his little fingers into my arms and hung on for dear life! So family photo with Santa! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

Exploring the snow this morning {with toothbrush in hand}! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth #suncadia

Mr. Lleyton Ross Hjelseth 🖤 #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

Christmas photos are in and I am in LOVE! {don’t mind me over posting in the next few days}🌲 #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth 📷 credit: @kristaljoym

Yesterday was one of those days where I wish I could slow down time. Lleyton had his first hair cut! In a matter of minutes, our baby transformed into a handsome little boy. A BOY!! After his appointment all I could do was stare at him. I just couldn’t believe how old he looked. This first year has gone by so fast and I can’t believe how much Lleyton has changed. Every moment I have with him, every milestone we reach, I cherish and hold near and dear to my heart! On a side note, does this mean I have to quit using #babyhjelseth?! #lleytonross #thehjelseths

We tried Toddler Gym for the first time today and Lleyton LOVED it! I was actually surprised we didn’t have to walk out of there kicking and screaming! I’m sure he won’t let me leave the Y now without making a trip into the gymnastics gym! #lleytonross #babyhjelseth #morganfamilyy

Our handsome baby boy! 🖤 #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

This view is pretty amazing, but these baby boys are even better!! #thehjelseths #babyhjelseth #lleytonross #twinfalls

I was super nervous to fly by myself with a VERY active one year old, but we survived! I packed a million toys, but he ended up playing with everything I didn’t pack {cups, straws, napkins, and of course Snapchat}! Oh and we had snacks too! He loved the snacks and was even willing to share with the super nice girl sitting next to us! Which he had no boundaries with her! Touching her coat, grabbing the pages in her book{thank goodness he didn’t rip them}, and trying to stick his hands in her mouth! He’s lucky he’s so dang cute!! #thehjelseths #babyhjelseth #lleytonross

Running his sprints this morning! #thehjelseths #babyhjelseth #lleytonross #morganfamilyymca

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree! 🌲 #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

A tad late on posting this, but better late than never! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth #halloween2017 #wherethewildthingsare

It's been ONE month since I became the Executive Director of the Hjelseth Residence! Don't be fooled by my new title though, because this small human is the real boss! He actually has his own song I sing him every morning, "Lleyton Rossssss, you the bosssss!" But really! Go check out what we've been up to in this first month of me being home on the blog! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth #linkinbio

Lleyton woke up from his nap this afternoon and found out the Giants didn't win {he's a fan like his daddy}. He wasn't very happy they lost. #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

He's dreaming about the day he can run this puppy in for a touchdown! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth #gerberphotosearch2017

we’ve got a 15 month old over here 😍 and I’m loving this toddler boy cuteness. I could just eat him uppp 💋 a little 15 month update is over #ontheblog too (#linkinbio)! #babytannerross 👈🏻a little trip down memory late with that hash 😩😍😭

About a year ago we had a coffee date with dada at this same exact Starbucks! Last year we were able to just snuggle up on this little guy and keep him contained. Today was a little different! We had to keep Lleyton from taking snacks off the counters {which I now know why they are so low}, resist his urge to touch every person he walked by, and keep him from pressing the buttons on his singing puppy over and over again! I miss those baby snuggles, but man do I love seeing his personality come out and his desire to explore! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

Fun day at the pumpkin patch with our baby boy! He ran all over the place, fell on the ground 100 plus times, attempted to eat rocks {which I'm sure he was successful at least once but we don't know it}, picked up pumpkins, chewed on pumpkin stems, and giggled as we chased him up and down the aisles! #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." -Winnie the Pooh ❤️ #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

First day of swim lessons this year! Lleyton was determined to get my hair wet! I better teach him pool etiquette around girls! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth #morganfamilyymca

Counting my blessings this morning! Spending my days with this little man is a gift from God and I am oh so grateful! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

First time to the zoo for Lleyton Ross and the tiger walked right up to the window! I know the glass is super thick, but I still had a mini heart attack! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

The fog this morning couldn't get in the way of me enjoying one of my favorite views! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth #fitmom

TWELVE months ago our precious Lleyton made his grand entrance into this world! Words can't describe the amount of love that we have for him! We are blessed beyond measure to have this little guy in our lives! Read all about the past month on the blog! #linkinbio #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

This guy had so much fun at the splash pad today soaking up the last bit of Summer! #lleytonross #babyhjelseth #thehjelseths

That blonde hair with the little bit of wave! 😍 #lleytonross #babyhjelseth #oneyearold

Our little man had his FIRST birthday celebration yesterday! So grateful for all of our family and friends who came over to celebrate with us! 📸 credit: @jillabstencox #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth #lleytonswildone

ONE year check up! This little guy is 22.5 lbs and 2 ft 7 inches tall! He was all over the room and into EVEYTHING until he discovered the paper on the table. He figured out that it was like a giant roll of toilet paper and it could unroll for days! If only I had some of this at home! #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

Happy happy FIRST birthday to our sweet baby boy!! Lleyton Ross you have forever changed our lives and we are oh so grateful for YOU! Mommy and daddy love you more than you know!! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth #firstbirthday

As my baby boy's birthday is fast approaching, I'm just over here crying and reminiscing on those last few days of my pregnancy! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth 📸 credit: @kristaljoym

best job ever. 🖤🖤 #harpermonaé #babytannerross

quality family time never gets old. only gets better. I cherish this stuff sooo much 🖤our weekend at the beach was filled with memories I will always hold on to. I shared it on the blog if you wanna check it out 😊 link is in my profile 🖤 (tanner was sleeping in the stroller, otherwise he would've been in this too 😉) #justushjelseths #fortheloveofjuly #ontheblog

squeaky clean + stuck to my hip 💙 amongst all his jibber jabber, his one and only word is still MAMA 😊 #boyloveshismama #14monthsin8days

I've always loved going to the fair, but when you add a small little human to your life you love it even more! We ate all things yummy! Scones, elephant ears, corn dogs, and even some hay {well Lleyton ate the hay}! We also had our first face plant on the asphalt! Such a boy! Good thing family photos were the day before! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

labor day weekend rollin' to its end. pizza + beach play + ice cream. such a fun & memorable few days we had as a family. now to hit the road with everyone else who had the same idea 🤷🏻‍♀️ just gotta turn up the radio and e n j o y 😎

hey september. you've got nothin' on us! ☀️😎 #longlivesummer

About a year ago I was 37 weeks pregnant {almost 38} at Cheney Stadium running my annual cheer and dance clinic with the Rainiers! I'm sure people thought I was crazy running off and on the field so pregnant with a bunch of little cheerleaders! Tonight I got to do the same thing, but this time I had Lleyton there as my little sidekick! First baseball game, first time meeting a baseball player, and first hot dog at a ballpark! What a special night! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth #morganfamilyymca #tacomarainiers

I think he loves Chambers as much as me already! You know what else he currently likes?! To run his fingers through my hair and pull out my hair with his not so little hands! Boys! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

ELEVEN months!!! I think I might start crying now! I can't believe this little man has almost been in our lives for a year! Our lives have been forever changed! The amount of love, joy, and craziness that fills our home is just bursting! This past month has been a very busy month for our little family of three! Go check it out on the blog! Link is in my bio! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

OH tanner boy, where you at??! 😎🐒#themonkeyofourgang

there's something about the newly walking, toddler stage that just gets me! {and the fact that his socks cut into his chubby legs) 😍😍 ah this cute boy with his water bottle in tow everyday. this one is the absolute CUTEST with the giraffes!! 😍😍(and gender neutral!😉🙌🏻)
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🐒🐒🐒 zoo day! #webroughtthemonkeys

This guy. He is growing up WAY. TOO. FAST. Walking {wishing he could run}. Putting himself to sleep. And one more thing that has me a tad on the sad side! Go check out what this big boy has been up to the past couple of weeks over on the blog! Link is in my bio! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

We tried tennis shoes today and someone was not a fan! It was cute while it lasted {a whole two minutes}! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

how he rolls during the neighborhood stroll 👌🏻🐻 #mancub

Who needs a pool when you have a dog bowl full of water to keep you cool?! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

Lleyton came with me this morning to feed Molly and show her some love. I sat him down and he just started giggling! Not sure what was so funny because Molly was just standing there, but man I wish I could just stand there and have him giggle at me! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

TEN months {plus several days}! Ok first, this past month has been crazy busy {why this post is SO late}! Lleyton is growing like a weed and doing something new almost everyday whether it's a new sound, posing like Tim Tebow, or pulling my hair! Go check out what Lleyton has been up to on the blog! Link is in bio! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

July has been a very busy month for us! So before it comes to an end, I had to blog about Lleyton's dedication day! Check it out over on the blog! #thehjelseths #babyhjelseth #lleytonross

harper + tanner's picnic birthday party is up #ontheblog!! swipe for a couple more pics & then lots more in the post ☺️ (#linkinbio) #firstbirthday #thirdbirthday #birthdaytwins

tanner can't keep his eyes off the birds over there tryin' to snatch someone's fries. & harper needs sunglasses like no other, but refuses to wear them. another pool day in.the.books. #forgetfall #wewilltakesummeranyday

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