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I gave you all I had, but you be wantin' more. 🌸
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everyone’s daddy, i like my girls with their legs open, let me trace my knife down your body baby. i like my boys bent over the table with a belt beside them cause daddy is going rough tonight. pet play, is a must... a leash...damn. i’m up for new kinks but here are a few of mine: watersports, knife, ball-gag, overstimulated, daddy, master, sir, spanking, roleplay. and much much more hat you have to dm me for ;) #openrp #birp #5sosrp #babygirlrp #dïrtyrp #dirtyrp #loverp #twinkrp #kpoprp #btsrp #ioirp #mamamoorp #solarrp #hwasarp

🌸 Normani Kordei Hamilton, 21 anos, bissexual e namorando a @djhansenj. feminista e engajada em projetos de combate ao racismo e ao câncer. necessito de muita atenção, carinho, beijos, abraços, e muito mais, obviamente.
nasci dia 31 de maio de 1996, em Atlanta, no estado da Geórgia. atualmente moro em Miami, e sou a maior amante da dança; inclusive, sou professora de dança na Kordei Dance Academy, em Miami, minha segunda academia de dança, e dou aula pra crianças e adolescentes/jovens. a primeira, deixei em New Orleans, onde morava. professora de canto e também CEO da Empire Records, uma gravadora com foco em descobrir talentos e lançá-los no mundo da música. businesswoman e independent woman.
também sou modelo nas horas vagas, quando aparece algum convite. geralmente, é extremamente fácil me encontrar dando aulas de dança ou ensaiando para alguma apresentação solo, com meus alunos e professores sócios ou com Val, meu parceiro. futuramente, planejo abrir uma rede da Kordei Dance Academy em outros estados, definitivamente em Houston, já que morei durante alguns anos lá, e outros países, quem sabe; acredito que, se eu tive a chance de fazer da dança a minha vida, outras crianças devem ter a mesma oportunidade. amante da natureza, principalmente da praia.
obcecada por crianças, principalmente pelo meu garotinho, por viajar e pela Disney.
algumas semanas atrás, realizei o meu maior sonho, de ser mãe, e me considero a garota mais sortuda do mundo por ser mãe do menino mais lindo, mais bochechudo e mais gordinho, o Tyler (@tkhprince_). infelizmente, o complexo que tenho com meu corpo apenas aumentou após a gravidez, então é corriqueiro me ouvir reclamar sobre minha insatisfação comigo mesma no quesito físico, por isso eu me considero uma garota que tem vigorexia, ou quase isso, tento me policiar o máximo que posso.
não é segredo que eu tenho os melhores amigos do mundo e amo os presentes que a vida me deu com tudo de mim. 🌸
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오늘 안좋았어

Alexis Rose Cobain 🥀👽
19. Nobody’s Girl. Scorpio. Mother to one beautiful girl. Best friend is @unsocialasshole , there isn’t one person who can change that fact. Gets lost in video games and movies so can just ignore messages. Lil Xan, Tupac and Biggie enthusiasts. Loyal to those who have earned their place. Has zero respect for cheaters, users, two faced hoes etc. Sweet but don’t create a problem. Poetry and music make the days shorter. Needs new real friends and honestly byeee if you’re looking for more. #openrp #newopenrp #singlerp #daddyrp #dirtyrp #rp #oliviaculpo #straightrp #baddierp #babygirlrp


so proud of my beautiful fiancé as she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, I love both of you so much and can't wait to marry you baby💕💍
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My sister and I are so similar. We literally have the same face, we’re both born on the same date, and we’re both bisexual, haaah I’m so happy I met her. #openrp

Being with you is a dream ❤️ @sujinamhope23

Last post of the day ❤️

🔞nsfw🔞 || “ I’m waiting “

“ turn the lights down low “ ❤️💐

Jessica A. Teller
Born in Austin Texas, Jessica was the most sweetest person ever. She grew up with her brother corbin and her younger sister Athena. She was what most people considered a goody two shoes. Then her father died in a bike accident and everything changed. She watched her brother get into drugs and a Bike Gang. She looked up to him. She tried to avoid the drugs and smoking but after a few bad relationships and some bad incidents in her life she decided she didn't really care about anything she didn't give a fuck about anyone but her family. She started doing drugs. She knew it wasn't good for her but she didn't care. On her 16th birthday her brother got her her very own motorcycle and she cherished it. She didn't join the gang though she hung around them a lot and they all pretty much treated her like their little sister. She will say what's on her mind if you don't like it too bad. She loves her friends including Lucas and Haley. For about a year she decided to go out on her own to Russia to find herself where she met Elijah and his daughter. She became friends with them before she returned to America and they still keep touch when she returned she met Mercury who she fell hard for because he was very similar to her. She loves him with all her heart and will fight anyone who tries to take him from her. She may seem like a bitch but if you get past her outer side she can be a real sweetheart.
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Snow ❄️


Vivian Delaine Swan is an eighteen year old with tons of spunk, and an enlightening personality that's hidden deep past her sensitive soul. She has a older brother named Bexey who is also her best friend. With a history of many who've taken advantage of the girls kind, soft look, and sense of being, she has tendencies of hiding away in the roomy, yet comfortable abode she resides in.
Accompanied with only her cat, she lives on her own and constantly has her nose buried in the seams of a book. Her taste ranges from fantasy novels, to horror. Vivian, who also goes by Viv or any other nickname you're free to come up with, holds no judgement against those who approach her.
Being a fall baby, October 31st as the date of her birth, she's a lover for spooky things and the kind atmosphere the fall has to offer. She is taken by Elijah who is very protective of her. she's got a huge heart that craves to welt up with joy, the feeling of love and utter happiness. Though she does adore her friends, and will do anything to be there for them in a time of need even though she has no aggressive or angry bone in her body, she feels the need to hold those whom she adores close to herself.
Bio credit: @follcweddesire
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