Ok guys sorry not sorry for all the birthday girl spam lol! 😁 I just can’t believe how quick it came up! I’m super excited because this time I was able to document a lot of the things I did for the special day! There’s so much work that goes into putting together a birthday party and I wanted to be able to look back on it and remember everything! Well I posted my first video and it was so fun to make! It’s not the best, but I’m so glad I did it anyway! So enjoy, link is in my bio! I plan to post a video with some of my diys as well!

Esperando a baby Montserrat🍼 @herenciadetimbiqui La belleza esta en los detalles. Un diseño hermoso e innovador que puedes lograr para un baby shower con las sillas queen blancas y mesas de cristal redondas @decorsillas hermoso diseño por @emocionarte_emocionarte

Tudo preparado para receber a pequena Beatriz e a sua família ❤️️Decoração @mariatitaeventos #casadaprensa #eventosnaprensa #festasnaprensa #batismo #festainfantil #babygirlparty #mariatita

🎉 The 5 Best Birthday Party Ideas for Kids 🎉⠀
We have collected the best ideas to make a New York City party special for all the guests👇🏻⠀
🎥 Movie Under the Stars⠀
Enjoy a night under the stars with a backyard movie party. This idea is pocket-friendly, and with a few sheets, blankets and treats, you can turn your space into a magical celebratory evening. You can also have it in a kids venue @kool_kidz_nyc with big television.⠀
🏌️‍♀️It's a Mud, Mud, Mud, Mud World⠀
It seems that all kids love to play @marksjch in the mud and get their hands dirty—especially the boys! So, bring that muddy fun to a whole new level with a mud run birthday party. Find an open space with lots of dirt and trees, set up various obstacles, and let your little racers run. Continue the mud theme with a Bulldozer or Monster Truck Birthday Cake.⠀
👩🏻‍🔬 Science and professions⠀
The science experiences of a Crazy professor @scienceshowforkids are popular now. This is an interactive show with the participation of spectators. The performer has a lot of special equipment and special skills, and read many books. You can dedicate a party to one or more professions. Let the games compete with doctors, firefighters, cosmonauts, cooks and hairdressers.⠀
🍦 We All Scream for Ice Cream⠀
Beat the heat with an ice cream party. Set up a cute ice cream bar with all the favorites, and do not forget the party favors! For more fun you can save the best moments of party @pesochnitsa_studio
🌳 The Great Outdoors⠀
Get outside and use our beautiful Earth as the backdrop for a birthday adventure. Have the children make their own treasure boxes, which include a map and a compass. Take them on a nature walk to explore and collect interesting rocks, flowers, leaves and sticks. Play, Discover, Learn the world @zplayschool. And don't forget this adventurer's themed birthday cake!⠀
📱 +1 347 401 2494⠀
🌎 scienceshowforkids.com⠀
📍 New York, USA⠀
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Our cutie #bradleybabies all together! Sophia, Eleanor and Riley! Thank you @paulinescharf for being such a wonderful teacher and having us over today! #babygirlparty #girlmoms

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