My Cheese Man is getting big sitting in like a big boy with dad! #babygiantkiller #timetogrow #daddyslittlemonster

Double fisting 🤛🏽 nuggets and watching cartoons #babygiantkiller #timetogrow #daddyslittlemonster @mightymami_757 @debbiefryefrye

The King on his Throne🤴 He gets what he wants when he wants it, and does the opposite of what he’s told! #bossbaby #babygiantkiller #bitchbetterhavemybottle @mightymami_757

Brute 👶! ♥️ #Repost @doc_giant_killer with @get_repost
Me and @mightymami_757 work at @brutestrengthgym ; and this guys is always with us he’s picking up some good habits at 1 yr old. ❤️ this guy and his man bun l,lol he’s going to be a beast. #babygiantkiller #daddyslittemonster

After a long hard workout yesterday, a good massage is always a nice thing. #babygiantkiller #kidswholift #daddyslittlemonster

Me and @mightymami_757 work at @brutestrengthgym ; and this guys is always with us he’s picking up some good habits at 1 yr old. ❤️ this guy and his man bun l,lol he’s going to be a beast. #babygiantkiller #daddyslittemonster

💯 % Alpha Male right here beating on his chest like King Kong showing his dominance!!! My name is Lorenzo!!!! #dominance #babygiantkiller @mightymami_757

I wanted to take time to thank all the people who made this possible and who came to support me. Number one on the list is my @mightymami_757 who is the most Beautiful women in the world, who I love very much, and is always by my side supporting , videoing , and cheering me on, while being the best full time mom ever, she is the strongest women I know not only physically but also mentally. She has to be, to puts up with all my shit and my sometimes outlandish attitude when cutting and prepping for a meet and working around my schedule so I can do what I need to do to be on top of my game. Number 2 has to be my biggest fan and the strongest baby I know Lenny #babygiantkiller (Aka Cheeseman) my son, Love him and how he’s at every train getting it in with me and the guys. Have to definitely thank the man @jtur40 who saw something in me and took me under his wing to train me. He has been coaching me the last year, he has molded me in to the lifter and strength athlete I am today, he has taken me from at 1325lb total to a 1560lb total in that year time frame. @jtur40 knowledge for the strength game is insane. Also, the all my training partners @stellarlady85 @honkeykong308 @debbiefryefrye @zach_fisher10 @eric_frye @brando_waterfront @dannydangerfieldd @angelo_the_greek @iamjaymecampbell @scottydogz1616 @currystrongmoovement @ironvalentine @jltucker01 @noholdsbarrfitness @a_pepiot and gym family LIST ALL thanks for always support and pushing me pissing me off and making me physically as well as mentally stronger . Can’t for get to thank @brutestrengthgym @gorilasuit for providing me with the best and one of the most hardcore train environments on the planet. Lastly want to thank thanks all my Marines who came out and the ones who support me on social media @noahalexander56 @dustyn_thacker as well, for the guys who came from all over the country to come see me @johncmayo @foxycoxy63 @nickallen44 @nathan_allen_86 @kyle_reid99 @gabesheets you have know idea how much that meant to me not seeing you fools for 3yrs and you showing up to see me was just crazy the brothers i have made in the USMC you can’t even begin to grasp the concept unless you have lived it. Thank You!!!

Working on some pull ups and dips 3 times a week per my coach @jtur40 and Lenny joins in with a few sets of pull ups and max effort hang. Having my lil guy train with me and enjoy it is a dream come true ! Can't wait to see what an Animal he will be. #savagesquad #giantkiller #babygiantkiller #fathersongainz

The sound effects are great! He loves his Oreos like uncle @iamjaymecampbell #babygiantkiller #daddysboy #trainingamonster #oreos @mightymami_757

When your son wants to play with your lifting belt not toys! Proud dad right now!😁💪 @mightymami_757 #babygiantkiller #prouddaddy

My little cheese man gotta love this face #babygiantkiller #cheeseman @mightymami_757

Well first day back in wraps after 4months was a learning experience. Took me few reps to get in the grove and get used to them. Thanks to all the spotters today when I had to rack it you guys were on point. @iamjaymecampbell @jtur40 @stupidlystrong @noholdsbarrfitness Chase and @a_pepiot and Roy Also, thanks for keeping me in check Cam And Coach after some shaky reps. 3x3 530 first and last shown. #babygiantkiller #goals #arnoldclassic #fmfcorpsman #committetomyobsession #getcomfortablebeinguncomfortable #giantkiller #bloodsinthewater #savagesquad #onlywayisup @onthegrindeveryday757 @honkeykong308 @currystrongmoovement @scottydogz1616 @stellarlady85 @jackdnmarried @brutestrengthgym

When cookies are life #babygiantkiller crushing #gingersnaps @phoebe_mightymami_757

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