Scan picture of him being grumpy guessing he just wants a mammy cuddle👩‍👦 but I won't be doing any hair appointments from now to a good few weeks. Am officially booked in to deliver my little grumpy bum on Thursday this week😃😃 and I can't wait. Just not sure when I'll be doing any home treatments or back at college as little man might need extra help and as his mummy I'm not leaving him on his own while his vunnerble plus I couldn't bare leaving him 👶💙 so Thursday 9ish I will be a mammy to the cutest little boy ever👩‍👦💙 thank you for all the support I've had off everyone that's has helped us. Now time to put my feet up and wait for motherhood to arrive 🍼💙
I will let people know when I need them for college haven't been in due to daily checks ups at the hospital and I'll also alert people when I'm back doing home business 🏡 which will be around Christmas 🎄 #maternityleave #imgonnabeamommy #thursdaynight #illbeamommy #babyduethursday #babyduethisweek

Come BAILA with us tonight!!! ‘End of Summer Social’ - @renatov.chavez teaches at 8pm & our Social goes till 1 AM-ish!!! Jaja! PHOTO CRED: @stuscully #growingdancers #lastchancetodancewith2pplatthesametimelol #unitingcommunities #babyduethisweek

Eek we don’t even need any more clothes but £3 who can say no! Thanks @tescofood it’s so cute, hopefully little man will arrive soon to wear it 🙈 #duesunday #6daystogo #babyduethisweek #ekk

To Whom It May Concern,

I'm writing to you because I've been in your #shoes. I've been there, that place, that mind space. There I was a #college #grad with 2 #degrees, #working a 9-5PM full-time #job with benefits, sitting in #traffic daily, dealing with #office politics and if THAT was what the rest of my life was suppose to look like...if THAT was what "#normal" was... ...well, then that was #NOT enough for me.

I contemplated working #weekends for extra income. I contemplated daily #moving to be with my now husband and what life would look like with a few more hours in each day. I contemplated starting different hobbies fir me and the #warrior princess (#agility, #tracking, etc) because I was so sick of doing EXACTLY what society said to do -- go to college, get a job, pay back your student loan #debt and then feeling like, "Okay...so work until I'm 89 to pay off my loans..." ummm... Nah. No thanks.
So...one day, I was presented with an opportunity.
An opportunity that most people would immediately put their guard up in and say, "haha yeah, no ...scam." An opportunity that most people would say, "That's cool that THEY made it work for them, but that won't work for me." If that's you ... well ... I said the same thing at first.
But ... right now, I'm talking to the ones who see this for what it is - an opportunity to stop feeling #average and #stressed and like you have no control over your path. I'm talking to the ones who will say "why not me? If she can then so can I." You know, those of you who think, "yes, time and effort are needed, but I'm already spending 8 hours a day building someone else's future dream and legacy for their kids and their family... why can't I spent an extra 2-3 hours to build mine?" ^^^ that's who I'm talking to and that's who I want to work with.

Here to help and be real.

#babyduethisweek #familygoals

Feeding bumps can become expensive!! #alwayshungry #baby #babyduethisweek 😁😁😁#39+4 👶

Someone bring me some soup and a cup of concrete. Wwwwaaaahhhhhhh #ihaveacold #sick #pregnant #babyduethisweek

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