Took the kids to a stable where they each got to ride an Icelandic horse named Kæti (video in my Stories) and learned all about what makes these horses so special!
#amminIceland #babyElinP

#babyElinP drinking the smoothie her brother made for her. Next up, swimming lessons.

Happy Saturday!

#babyElinP came to visit me while I was attempting to write an upcoming story, and decided that her own story of poisonous whales and snakes was more important for me to listen to right now.
She also felt wearing my hat was necessary. 😍

Glitter jellies and the perfect weather today.
#babyElinP wearing the coolest jumpsuit from @city_goats

Hello again Insta! I’ve taken a week away from this app, save a few Stories, because well, life. Both kids have had recitals and practices. There have been holidays and birthdays. Each day was full of some kind of activity, so much so that I haven’t had time for creating photos, posting or commenting with any of you! It would be nice to have the energy to do it all but I just can’t, no one can. Social media can give us this illusion that w can do and be all these things but I just don’t think that is how we’re designed. For me, giving one task my full attention is what keeps me from stressing out, however I am a mom so multitasking is still my reality most of the time.
Anyways, wanted to check in and say 👋🏼to you all. I’m still alive! ☺️

We just LOVE how sweet and billowing these balloon sleeves are. ☁️ Only one size 6 of this dreamy top from @tambere_official is left in stock.

Pic by @amerrymishap, thank you! 🙏🏼

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The artist and her work. 👩🏼‍🎨 #babyElinP

From a couple of weeks ago when #babyElinP still had long hair and didn’t know I was quietly spying on her. I love to listen around the corner from her room as she talks to herself out loud. Playing pretend is her most favorite thing to do and it reminds me every day to be more imaginative.

#ammhome #kidsroom #kidsspace #creativekids #imaginativeplay #ziraffe_store #midnatt

Elin's room got a nice new detail last week, a cloud lamp from @LampsPlus that emits soft, diffused light. From her bed she says it looks like a cloud! #myLampsPlus #sponsored

My days spent with this girl are the best. I don’t know what I’ll do with myself when she starts school! Someone who is perpetually positive, happy and kind. Who asks clever questions and is always happy to help. And also the cat’s favorite member of the family, they nap together every afternoon! 😂
Also, I can’t handle the sleeves on this top from @ziraffe_store, they’re too sweet. 🍦
#babyElinP #ammhome

This is one of my favorite rooms in the house because it's usually picked up and clean. This makes no sense for a kids' room right? I know what you're thinking, but that's only because Elin has this habit of bringing all of her favorite toys out of her room and into the main living areas. On any given day you will find clay, books, paper and crayons decorating our dining table. Meanwhile her room stays bright and clean, a landing place for the toys not currently being used elsewhere. Also, we hung this new lamp in her room from @lampsplus last week!
#sponsored #myLampsPlus

Friday inspiration - this little beauty (@amerrymishap’s daughter) decided to chop 10” of hair off for donation last week! ♡ P.S. we adore her short new ‘do.

She’s wearing our wrap dress in this picture. We just restocked this buttery soft dress in sizes 2T, 4T, and 6.

#ziraffe_store #girl #dress #wrapdress #love #slowliving #spring #summer #키즈패션 #子供服 #童裝 #timeless #sweet #soft #gifted #babyElinP #kidsfashion #tambere #kidshairstyles #streetstyle #kidsminimal #mididress #kootd #koreankidsfashion #friday #inspiration

Last week our dear Elin decided to chop 10” of hair off for donation! Since then she’s really been enjoying her short new ‘do and likes to whip her hair back and forth. 😉
She also really loves this Tambere dress from @ziraffe_store, I think because it is nice and long with flowing sleeves. It just makes her feel special. Glad she got to enjoy it yesterday in the sun before today’s dreary rain!

#gifted #babyElinP #kidsfashion #Ziraffe #tambere #kidshairstyles #streetstyle #kidsminimal #mididress #kootd #koreankidsfashion

The first to steal my lip balm and the first to throw her arms around me and plant a big wet kiss on my cheek.
#babyElinP is my right hand and makes life so sweet.

Why do these kids have to grow up so fast?
Elin has graduated to a bigger bed and I’ve shared some of the new additions and photos, on the blog. Take a peek!
#ammblog #babyElinP #kidsroom

My feed is filled with news from the @oslodesignfair but I’m here with this sweetie, pretending to attend a new restaurant belonging to renowned chef, #babyElinP

Our Elin turns 4 on Sunday so I’m ready for the birthday weekend to begin. She requested a mermaid party and as is this the only 4th birthday she’ll ever have, and probably the only time she will ask for a mermaid party, I’m happy to oblige. Last night I made a balloon arch that looks like clusters of pearls, or at least that was the intent. More on my Stories tomorrow. ;) #ammhome #babyElinP #Elinturns4

Elin’s bed is so cute that I don’t want to get rid of it but now that she’s almost 4, it’s time for something bigger that will last a while. Any suggestions for simple twin size beds/frames?

#babyElinP #fermlivingkids #midnatt #ammhome #kidsbedroom #numero74

Mood. #babyElinP

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