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I’ve shared before & afters like this before. 2012 ➡️ 2017
Before I picked up barbells I picked up a lot of beers (long islands, margaritas, & cherry bombs to be more accurate..) 🍻 I was literally “chasing” fulfillment in the form of pleasure that alcohol provided. Along with many hangovers the pounds packed on. I found myself at my heaviest and worst of all barely having enough energy to make it through the day without a nap. I would literally take a nap before going out until bar close. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Fast forward to 2017 I’m a professional bodybuilder and I barely drink. I am also a health coach that teaches others how to live a healthy life. Now you might think from seeing this picture and hearing my story that I found my happiness in fitness. Well, you’d be wrong. During my 5 year journey I also found Christ. I grew up in a Christian home but somewhere along the way in college I forgot about God and the worth he gives me! I did not find my fulfillment in the gym or in the kitchen but in letting Jesus back into my heart. After that decision I found myself energized enough to set goals to better my health and beyond! #givehimalltheglory #transformationtuesday

Every day just trying to keep on keeping on

This boomerang is the perfect description of me jumping into a new week... 🙃 🙈
Lately, I feel like I’ve got a lot of things up in the air. Maybe more people can relate to this than I realize.. maybe not? If you’ve got it all figure let me in on your secrets! Just keep swimming... (according to dory) & praying of course! 💗

Aaaaand 11 at 80% to cap us all off 🤗 let's get strong 😚

Thanks @devonshouse

“Irish” this weekend wouldn’t end 💚🍀

3 month check in on my word of the year: || Authenticity|| as I have challenged myself to stay as authentic as possible while aligning my heart to be more like Jesus. I realized that this year Gods plan is to not only create an authentic version of me but to also really stretch me and grow me this year. And in more ways than I ever imagined. So sometimes our goals change, our plans change, and you have to make yourself adaptable for it all to come to provision. Therefore, I’ve changed my word of the year to: || GROWTH || I’m looking forward see what’s in store for the rest of this year. 🤗

Watch as my feet just keep sliding as I pull 12 of what was supposed to be 80% (215) lol. I guess I can pull a wider sumo? Either way, might not be 80% anymore 🤷🤗

Just a couple of babes on a Friday night 🎀😍
#hartandhoney #handhfamily #babenation #babesofinstagram #kidsfashion

Honestly, based on how many reps I can do for 100, you'd think that I'd be able to bench more than I can...one day.

Life has its ups & downs
We call them squats. 🍑💪🏼🤣

This is the queen of my heart, my soul sister from another mister. I got to give her the sultry raven locks dreams are made of! 🕊🖤🕊 .
#vacationclub #pdxhair #portlandsalon #modernsalon #pulpriotnoir #pulpriotsmoke #babenation

*goes snowboarding*
-jumps in the soft snow and pretends it's a blanket

This is my life.

Let whatever “mountains” your facing this Monday be an opportunity for growth and appreciation instead of negativity and frustration. You can own this day! 🏔💪🏼☀️
#mondaymotivation #3sisters #colorado

At least the weight moves well 🤷
Hope everyone has a great week 😚

"Don't hate the player... you created this game"

Happy Sunday! 💗

Bowling with buddies 🎳👫

Squats on Saturdays 💪🏼

This was the best #springbreak ever. I'm so glad I got to spend it with my best friend. I love you sissy and I miss you everyday. Thank you for putting up with my drunk ass and just overall being a great sister ❤. I love you @catscurlsandcake

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