Graduating and posing with class 😃. I just thought I’d give you a good view of my outfit on it’s own cuz dayum!!! It’s classy in front and a party at the back 😄😄. .
Oh and I did my hair myself! I’ll be sharing a tutorial about it soon 💕.
For now, you can go watch my graduation Vlog on my channel (Link in my Bio)....
I’m still hungover from the all the excitement on that day so there’ll be one more post 😎 🤗.
📸 Photography: @a.princeworks & photo credit to @fateema_abba & @shahedadbt for more bomb pictures 😘😘
#candysmakeover #wegowithGod #babagged #graduate #graduation #neareastuniversity #neu #papaimadeit #summacumlaude #cyprus

13.06.2018 a.k.a Graduation Day.
.... (Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration) ....
We’ve achieved a lot these past years. Starting from Friends and opportunities to achievement of Goals. I’m most thankful and still in awe of how good God has been to me & I’m thankful to every single one of you who showed up to the ceremony and to all who celebrated with us from afar (I love y’all). Congratulations to all of us who graduated. WE DID IT!!! (more pics soon) 👉🏽 swipe for more photos.
Photography: @a.princeworks 📸📸📸
P.S: I’ve uploaded a nicely compiled video of our graduation(s) to my YouTube channel so you can watch it there and enjoy it as we did ❤️.
(Link in my Bio)
#candysmakeover #wegowithGod #babagged #graduate #graduation #neareastuniversity #neu #papaimadeit #summacumlaude #cyprus

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