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Happy birthday to my biggest inspiration, role model & hero @finnbalor 🎉👑💞 —
I did not get emotional from writing this lol. This section is something for @finnbalor. I know I went all out ok but if you want to read this go ahead & please tag him 😭💞
#HappyBirthdayFinn #FinnBálor 👑

Today is a very very special day, Today it is @finnbalor 's birthday🖤. The man that is my biggest inspiration for wrestling, My role model, My all time favorite wrestler, & my reasoning to be starting wrestling. Fergal has inspired me so much in so many ways & I honestly can't thank him enough. From when & where he first started to where he is now just makes me incredibly happy & proud of him. I remember a tweet from him saying how his teacher said he was never going to be a wrestler & it was a picture of him with accomplishments he had in japan, Along with all of those accomplishments in japan now he is Longest reigning NXT champion & First ever Universal champion. He has made history & he has proved people that have doubted him wrong. He wanted to perform in Madison square garden and he has done exactly that. & he is now known as the best wrestler in the world today. He also created the most well know wrestling faction in wrestling. I'm incredibly happy & proud of him for what he has accomplished over the years & I can't wait for the future. I will never forget my first time seeing him wrestle in person. I was truly amazed and incredibly happy that I got to see him live. I was so so so incredibly happy when he got drafted to RAW because he deserved to be on the main roster after what he has done for NXT and years before that. I can't put into words how much he makes me happy and how much he means to me. I get so happy when I see him do his entrance & watching him wrestle. I had my emotions all over the place when he became the first ever WWE Universal Champion, When He debuted on RAW & When he debuted in NXT. He truly means the world to me. People truly don't understand how much I love and look up to Fergal. It's not because he is hot or I think he's cute etc, no I look up to him & he is the reason why I want to be a wrestler. Fergal is my inspiration.


RAW Washington 🔥 I'm so excited for Finn and Bray feud. It's gonna be awesome than Finn vs Elias 😪
#FinnBálor #BálorClub

Happy Birthday to @finnbalor 😎 #demonking #toosweet #bálorclub

Happy Birthday to @finnbalor 🙌🏽. #DemonKing #BálorClub #Blessed🙏🏽


i know im late but Happy Birthday Finn Bálor! @finnbalor #FinnBalor #BálorClub #WWE

Thank you to everyone who followed me:) I'm happy to have finally started this account. I hope everyone enjoys it and once again I want to wish a very special birthday to the one & only, Finn Bálor (Fergal Devitt)❤️❤️ Goodnight everyone💫
Love you @finnbalor .
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🔥 Main Event was lit tonight, I'm glad Aj won fuck yeah!!! Congratulations to him, & Happy Bday to Finn one last time. Goodnight Gram 🔥
#FinnBálor #BálorClub #AjStyles #WWE #SDLive #SmackDownLive #BulletClub #USChampion

Happy Birthday To One Of My Favorite Superstars @finnbalor!!! 😄 👑 🎁 🎂 🎈 #FinnBálor: #BálorClub: #FinnFreeze

HappyBirthday#Finbálor #Bálorclub

#FinnFreeze in a #FinnBálor shirt. Happy Birthday to the rightful Universal champ, @finnbalor! 🎂🎉 P.S. It’s kind of awkward taking a photo doing this pose. People are like what the? 😂 And thanks to the wind for making my hair stick up. 😒

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Happy birthday Finn Balor!!!! You are such an amazing wrestler, Keep up the hard work!! Lysm!❤❤🎂🎁 @finnbalor @wwe #balorclub #bálorclub #happybirthday

I haven't done one in a while but, Happy Birthday @finnbalor 🎉

RAW Washington 🔥 I'm so excited for Finn and Bray feud. It's gonna be awesome than Finn vs Elias 😪
#FinnBálor #BálorClub

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