NUOVO VIDEO delle Pillole di Storia! A sto giro parliamo della battaglia di Azincourt del 1415.
Disponibile su www.youtube.com/LaStoriaSulTubo

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Champs de Mars, Azincourt 1415 - Mai 2018

Photo © : Thierry Pichard @pichardthierry


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Bom dia, leitores! 🖤
Tudo bom com vocês?
Hoje eu trouxe o outro livro, que estou lendo nessa primeira semana do Desafio de Halloween #HalloweenLBNG : Azincourt, do Bernard Cornwell! 😍
Esse é o meu livro sangrento, que se encaixa na categoria Bloodwell, inspirada no próprio Cornwell 😆
🏹 Confiram a sinopse:
O arqueiro inglês Nicholas Hook tem uma aptidão sem igual para se meter em problemas. Quando seu senhor o envia a Londres em uma força especial designada para conter uma possível insurreição dos lolardos, Nick se descontrola durante uma briga e é declarado fora-da-lei. Refugiando-se do outro lado do Canal, Nick se junta a uma força mercenária da Inglaterra que protege a torre de Soissons contra ataques franceses. Lá, ele presencia as atrocidades que chocaram a Europa e o conduziram de volta para a Inglaterra, onde se alistou na companhia de arqueiros de Sir John Cornwaille, um dos líderes do exército de Henrique V.
O exército é implacável, mas doenças e a inesperada investida francesa em Harfleur o reduzem a frangalhos. O rei se recusa a aceitar a derrota e, sob condições climáticas avassaladoras, lidera o restante dos homens ao que aparenta ser sua ruína.
Azincourt é uma das mais grandiosas batalhas da História. Travada entre dois exércitos desiguais que se enfrentam em condições desastrosas no dia de São Crispim em 1415, resultou em uma vitória extraordinária, celebrada na Inglaterra anos depois de Shakespeare tê-la imortalizado na peça Henrique V.
• Quero saber, quem já leu algum livro do Bernard Cornwell? Gostou? Pretende ler algum dia?
Confesso que nunca fui de gostar muito dessa temática de ação e batalhas, mas Cornwell conseguiu me conquistar com a sua escrita! Vale a pena conhecer ♥️ Recomendo, especialmente, a trilogia do Artur 😍
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Se eu sou fã de Bernard Cornwell? Imagina... 🤓 Agora é começar a ler as Aventuras de Sharpe!

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#Azincourt 1415, une journée en enfer.#Figurine en métal peinte par nos soins en peinture à l'huile de haute qualité. 4 couleurs dans les yeux avec un pinceau à 1 poil, hauteur du personnage : environ 6,5 cms. Thème sur la Guerre de cent ans, avec les #Chevaliers du #Bourbonnais. Jeanne d'Arc et bien d'autres.
L'#art et l'#histoire en miniatures. + de 1000 objets d'art, #armes anciennes, documents, livres, curiosités, visite commentée de l'atelier de fabrication des figurines .
Entrez dans l'histoire à 4 kms du Château de Lapalice, Site www.le-souffle-de-lhistoire.com / Blog www.centre-historique-bourbonnais.fr

What new books did you acquire this month? This is my sept #bookhaul and i had a bit of a splurge this month! 🤓
I bought Time's Convert from Waterstones but the rest i picked up in charity shops and secondhand bookshops around London. Most of these will go in my TBR pile which is never ending.
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These are my finds from yesterday’s thrift shop (@arwenauthor a reply to your question 😉 ): Rivers of London, a mystery + magic fiction, Underworld London, a non-fiction book about all things history and grit, and Azincourt by Bernard Cornwell, which is a historical novel about, well, you get it, Azincourt battle.
I think I acted a bit stupid in relation to Cornwell’s books. There was a trove of them in the shop, and since my phone didn’t work I couldn’t check which ones I really wanted. I’ve heard good things (from my fantasy and history loving mom 🤓)about a story told from a view point of an archer, and both Azincourt and The Grail thrilogy have an archer. I took Azincourt because I have a non-fiction by Ian Mortimer focused on it, and I wanted to add to it a fictional viewpoint. But then I asked my mom about that archer story she liked so much, and actually it was the Grail trilogy, which I didn’t buy. I’m heading to the shop tomorrow, again, and hoping the trilogy is still there. 🤞
And yes, I’m interested in archers because I want to take a course in archery when I have enough moneys. 😊
Have you read any of these? What is your opinion?
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Forgot to post my book haul from the weekend, so here it is a day late!
The weather was absolutly terrible all weekend but im glad i hit the charity shops as i found some lovelies ♥️ I've already posted about my Alice find (£1 from tbe BHF) but i also picked up The Rosie Project and Sharp Objects for 50p each.
I'd seen A Secret History of Witches in Waterstones and it has been on my wish list ever since, picked it up along with Azincourt.

Have you read any of these?
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The Battle of Azincourt - Part 4

After the first men died on the front, it got even worst. Now they had to step over their fallen comrades to get to the frontline and if may guess, a dead body is not very solid basement to fight onto. At that time the archers run out of arrows and attacked the french on the flanks, causing the already wavering soldiers to break, many of them flew or surrendered. The reinforcement from the second row of men-at-arms is not really mentioned in any source, so modern historians suggested that the experience from the first charge repeated itself.

The english didn’t take prisoners until the battle was in their favour. A big part oft the prisoners was taken by the english foot soldiers but even at that time the victory was not inevitable. The duke of Brabant was late on the battlefield and attacked immediately. Although he was captured and his attack failed, he encouraged the counts of Masle and Fauquemberghes to attack. Their attack was put down, but then group of french soldiers attacked the english baggage and at that moment, Henry decided to kill the prisoners. To retrace his decision, he and his troops were exhausted, physically and mentally, he had no idea how many french were still left and the french prisoners, around 1000 to 2000, were just guarded by a few men, so they could easily bear them down and attack the english army again. He sent 200 archers under the command of one men-at-arms to, literally, execute his order, after some men-at-arms refused to do it. But there was never something like a mass execution because both, the english and the french nobility, would have protested against that. It is more likely that the prisoners were guided away from the battlefield and during that the archers killed some of them.

Now the remaining french knights and men-at-arms forsaw to attack, retreated from the field of battle and let the victorious english army continue march to Calais.

I hope you liked it and feel free to write a comment.

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The Battle of Azincourt – Part 3

After days of raining, the field between the two armies was deep bog with a thicket an both sides. The two armies stood there, around 900 metres or 2500 feet of free space between them, but after 3 to 4 hours, Henry had to make a move. He advanced until he closed the distance to about 200 to 300 metres or 650 to 980 feet. This was a very critical time, because to move forward, the archers had to lift their stakes and that made then vulnerable to cavalry. I think, if the french had attacked at this moment, when they were on the move, they might have won the battle. But there was no charge and the reason why is disputed by contemporary sources, but they all agreed that the french cavalry was not in position. This may have had several reasons, for example the chronicler Gilles le Bouvier said, that nobody expected English movement, so the riders would bait their horses. Another reason may have been that the warhorses could simply not stand still side by side because they all were aggressive stallions.

Therefore, the english could move closer and had time to fortify their position again. After that the archers shot their first volley, although it didn’t pierce the armour of the men-at-arms, it wounded some of the horses and caused them to charge. The failure of this charge was inevitable. Only half of the designated cavalry was in position, in the muddy field they could not even reach their full speed, they were under fire from the archers and they ran into the stakes. They panicked and turned just to crash into their own infantry, which was advancing on the english army. Many of their own men-at-arms fell on the ground, were trampled by their following comrades and suffocated in the mud. The soldiers were pushed into the english lines, without enough space to neither attack nor defend themselves. And all this under the constant fire from the archers.

I’m really sorry, that I wasn’t able to write this in one post, but I have to lock out for the maximum of signs. I hope you liked it nevertheless and feel free to write a comment.

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Chego em casa e olha só quem tá me esperando!!! #Azincourt #bernardcornwell #Livros #Books

The Battle of Azincourt - Part 2

After the french army finally gained on the english, they set up battle lines, but the attempt to fight was aborted due to the advanced nightfall. This night the two armies camped within hearing range and on the 25th october they formed up for battle again. The exact balance of power is disputed, later historians thought the french outnumbered the english 4:1 but modern reconstructions on the basis of the payments showed that it was more likely 3:2.

There was a battle plan preserved from the french which showed their formation. They sent the men-at-arms in the center with archers and crossbowmen on the flanks and around 1000 cavalry units behind them. But this plan never saw action because some of the noblemen insisted to fight in the frontline where they could earn the most glory.
Therefore, the missile troops were put behind the rest of the infantry and had no influence in the fight.
The english set up in 3 blocks of melee infantry with 2 groups of archers in between and two advanced wings of archers on the flanks, one on each side. The archers carried sharpened wooden stakes which they rammed in the ground before them to protect them from the cavalry.

As always, I hope you liked it and feel free to leave a comment. Also, do you want me to name important persons like the lords or dukes who fought in this battle?

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