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These are the stages of the piece I am working on.
It is up in the air on being the Sherlock I planned on or the rig it seems to be.
Either way it is time for the bench again.
I hope everyone has a great one.

This is a strange picture but the other one was really dark.
The piece is coming together nicely.
I have been taunting the fan when it squeals at me. Giving a little attitude back to it and so far it works.
It was a rocky start to the day for sure, I had 12 inches of 50mm tube flopping around when it broke off the punty and i was able to save it but that was within the first 5 minutes of working.
The struggle is beyond real at this point but I hope to get this piece done.
That long piece I have to switch the blowpipe to the other end and then smash them together.
I am hoping the fan holds up.
Thanks for the support everyone.

The pendants I made yesterday. Tried some new designs and some Mario themed ones. Definitely having fun doing these. Any advice and feedback is appreciated. Thanks for looking! These are available. #subscienceglass #azglass #azglassblowers #pendantsofig #pendants #dots #glassofaz #glassofig #pointilism

I don't know about anyone else but this does not seem that warm to me. Every other year at this time it did but not now.
I am a big fan of that 15 degrees for tonight let me tell you.
Normally this time of year I am considering putting on shorts and everyone online is all jealous and asking me where I live and telling me how they are moving here next year because they still have snow.
I know this is not in my head, after February we just warm up normally.
We didn't really get snow or winter this year during the normal season and that was awesome. I was all hip hip for global warming keep that shit up. So I shouldn't complain we are just a few months off of normal weather but if I went into town and saw a fricking Christmas tree right now it would be way more fitting then the Christmas season was.
I wish global warming was real, I believe in climate change and I believe the carbon bullshit was fed to us because they knew this was coming and needed something for us to hold onto to, so we would think it was our own damn fault and accept it.
Don't get me wrong, I believe industrial countries need to work on the emissions but more because they are bad for us then they are heating my very cold planet currently.
Not sure if you are aware of the earth cracking up all around the world, the flooding in a ridiculous amount of different places, the volcano activity from like 4 different countries this year, or the massive amount of sea life that committed suicide trying to leave the ocean or not but something is very wrong here and it sure as hell is not warm in a normally warm state of Arizona.
If we are to freeze to death or the earth split into new continents, floods consuming the coastlines, then I wish it happens quickly and stop teasing me. I don't want to slowly freeze and starve, bring on this global warming already is what I say.
Other places have those boom sounds from the sky, birds dropping to the ground dead by the hundreds, fireballs and metors in the sky and ufo sightings and I, I have fricken snow. I have seen snow before and it is not as exciting as something new and amazing. Now I'm the jealous one and I don't like that much.

Well I fitted the downstems.
I can honestly say I am having a bad day.
So, I woke up from my food coma and i actually got into the studio. Go to turn on the fan and it is barely spinning. My first thought was awesome, I am done with glass, sorry if people don't want to hear that but then it hit me that I have a fucking order for more of these bongs pending and can't quit.
I push through it and lube the fan motor and it works again, then it started to make noise after a while and I had to do it again. So the fan is almost done and I am going to have to buy a new one and keep this charade of a career going.
Then I go to cut the downstems and my water pump doesn't work now either. Ended up cutting them while holding a wet sponge to the blade in the dark, I wouldn't suggest it but it did work.
So in order to keep blowing glass I need to dump more money into equipment. And let me tell you I am not the happiest of campers right now. The very last thing I need to do right now is drop 150 dollars I don't have to make glass no one really needs only to sell it little by little.
So completely over this life and I should have not ordered the new glass, I 100% regret it and I should be moving out of here in 2 weeks instead of dumping more into a sinking ship.
Unfortunately all I have is resin and good chance my color changing pipe will be spotless by morning because I need to just sit here and smoke until I forget how everything is failing all at once.
I am used to it but man this last month has been running out of everything and now that I have those things, I now need new equipment.
I am laughing but it is very much a laugh or cry time in my life for sure.
So yeah that's my day, diabetic food comas and more kickin when I'm down style.
I hope everyone is having a better day then I am,
Resin life yo, only the best...

Ladies and gentlemen… In the next few months Glass Geeks Will be undergoing a huge overhaul. Our desire to be the biggest and the best shop in Tucson will be achieved. We will bring Tucson the glass, vapes, and accessories that you all want at the price you all deserve to pay. Glass Geeks grand opening event coming soon! #glassgeeks #glassofig #tucson #azglass #headshop #420 #710 #520 #oilrigs #vaporizer #glassforsale #glassporn #glassart #oneshoptorulethemall

Last call for this pendy one post back, ends in 2 hours 🙏🙄 really can't thank everyone enough for all the love ❤️ you guys keep me going

Im going to be making this trip early June, tag your favorite Californian glassblowers that you like to see me work with! Im ready to burn it down🔥🔥🔥Happy St Party's Everyone! 🍀 #wherethemoonsleeps #pineconecollabs ? #roadtrip #burnone

🔥💀🔥💀The most worked piece from the Glass of the Living Dead series between @stephen_boehme , @grimmglass , and myself. We pushed the bar of what you can do with murrini application and layering with this series. Message me for pricing and more info💀🔥💀🔥 #zombies #zombieoutbreak #glassofthelivingdead #tripleblownglass #quadblownglass #elshoppo #azglassblowers #azGlass #tucsonglasscollaborative #bestofboro #bestofGlass #glassofig #functionalglassart #thousanddollarsmoke #heady #headyart #headyglassart #minitubesofig #minitube #glassblowing #chipnflip #glassforsale

Words of wisdom. This was a phrase that came to me 2 days ago and then this picture is from last night.
In lathe work you have, start and stop, how fast it spins and tapping. These, besides blowing are normal controls for operation.
Tapping is a big part of it and pretty much you tap it right away before heating to balance it and then as you go, it gets off center and then you tap some more.
The art of tapping it and it is very much a learning curve to get around.
Before I was on a lathe, I thought it would be so easy. Big expectations of what you could do and the how little I would have to do type of mindset about it. I imagine everyone feels this way. It is a machine and it should run itself.
Not really the case, it being off goes wrong really fast and a lot of times there is no solution for it. You either get it back on track right away or screw it up tapping at the wrong time.
So it might not seem like much but tapping it is a big deal and does take practice.
I got sidetracked today, didn't eat until a little bit ago and was internally cold for a while. I now have a fire going but it is really cold outside. The sun is out and it is 2pm but I was freezing pumping gas and it took about 45 mins of a fire to feel warm again. I am thinking my blood sugar levels and the cold outside added to it. However it is still cold af outside.
I think I need a nap and restart.
I do plan on melting tonight, even if it is snowing, because ya, we are supposed to get some of that crap again too. Geo snow, I don't even like it touching me. Fake rain and snow in an evil world, I say avoid it if possible. You won't see me making a snow angel until real clouds get back in fashion, let's put it that way.
Wild times, but yeah I need a fresh start, the mid day do over, when my body gets out of whack it really drains me.
I hope everyone has a great one.

Yesterday I got to 4 of the new bongs. They take a while still but part of that could be me babing it a little.
They are 6 inches shorter from the starting point making them hit around 14 inches. I know I could make a thinner base but I really don't want to do that, so 14 it is and longer then expected because I am smashing more glass then needed into the bubble base.
Yesterday I stopped for food and because the last one was being a little difficult... then I had a nice food coma for about 12 hours with randomly waking up for a couple minutes.
I said chocolate cookie and they heard chocolate shake, both of these I shouldn't have and man the shake was awesome but really worked me over with the sugar and milk.
It is nice to have a test point with these before I have them all to this stage in case it didn't work out like I planned. But so far so good.
The joint will not stick out, it will be fixed with copper, absolutely no glue on the connection and it will be stable AF and have a unique look .
Yesterday I was considering doing more with the downstem then I am thinking this morning. I am going to work the downstems up and I should be able to test the function and go from there.
So now I should be sandblasting labels but I am still moving slow this morning, I might wait?
I hope everyone has a great one today.

Pipe auction #1: This horned flower pipe is up for auction starting at 20$! Bidding ends in 24 hours! Good luck and thanks for bidding :) Any feedback is definitely appreciated! (Auction over: buyout for 25$) still available :) #artforsale #glassforsale #glassauction #azglassforsale #azglass #auction #implosion #carbcap #forsale #localglass #glass4sale #arizonaglass #freeshipping #glass #boro #headyglass #headyart #thousanddollarsmoke #boroart #borosilicate #dab #azglass #candyslave #glassofaz #local #implosion #pipe #flower #spoon #glasspipe

Finished these up earlier. Just realized they look to like a guess the sex baby shower set 👶 🍼 #babymaker

Crushed opal 10mm dragon with opaline accents. This is heading to @hickorysmokeshop 🙏🏻

@shuhbuh tube with fumed marble 🔮made from opal rods💎 and shifty color🔦 #cfl #headyglass #shuhbuhglass #localartist #azglass #glassofig #glassforsale #dablife #710

Auction! Nectar Shaman! 🌼🐝 a beautiful color!

Bidding starts at $0
No Reserve, No BIN
Minimum increments of $5
Shipping is $5 ( international more)
Auction will end at 7:10 pacific time tomorrow! Snipe rule in place. Please do not bid if you cannot pay, or you will be blocked from my page. Payment due within 24 hours.
Thank you and happy bidding!
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