Ganja is among the Top 5 ancient historical cities in the CIS area, popular among tourists. The city of Ganja, founded more than 4,000 years ago and called the Cultural Capital of the CIS in 2017, is visited over 400,000 tourists annually, and most of them are from Russia. Some 50 kilometers from Ganja there is a unique city called Naftalan, which is considered the most popular health resort in the CIS.

Visiting Ganja one cannot skip a visit to the mausoleum of the great poet, a remarkable monument of Nizami.

Ganja was also the capital of Azerbaijan, when the country first declared its independence in 1918, thus playing a leading role in the history of the country. #Aztagram #Azerbaijan #Gence #Ganja #natgeo #Nature #naturelovers #NatgeoAzerbaijan #AzerbaijanNatgeo #NatureAzerbaijan #AzerbaijanNature

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