Can you find any flaws with this Phoenix home listed at $424,700? I can’t! 🏡🔑

🌵 Attention Teachers 🌵 Through Sunday we invite you to fly on us! We will be offering FREE drop ins for all K-12 teachers. Simply drop in, show your teacher ID and class is on us! #RedForEd #community #dtphx 💜

Hiked 36 miles with an additional 3.5lbs in my pack just to bring along a #unicorn ...so worth it!

Every day is beautiful

A classic Sedona spot 👿

My first time growing #corn🌽 Stuck the seeds in the ground and 7days late🌱. ❂

dug a circle that's about 3 of my feet👣 wide, Cut it into 6 pieces, 6 holes, planted the seeds and put Palo Verde leaves on top to shade & keep the ground moist.
I got the seeds 2 weeks ago at The Phoenix Indian Center's #Silver&;TurquoiseBall in Scottsdale. It was a little charity event so they could raise some cash💰 for the center. The #TucsonIndianCenter goes to show support. My Nana Yoli's in the council, so she wanted me & my girl to come with her. At the event there was an auction and she told me to bit on something so I chose a little basket with A #NativeSeedSearch sweet corn, #SomeSage and #tea , It was only $10 and no one else bit on it so I snagged it. Appreciate it Nana 😌

Today is our Chef TJs birthday. So everyone come in and celebrate! Go and tell him Happy Birthday @tj_culp

How cool is this cactus skelton? 🌵😯
📷: @jaquib

Found a new trail to put at the very top of my list of top 3 favorite hikes. Here’s a view of just one of the many amazing stopping points from along the way. Any guesses on the trail??

A sunrise worth waking up for

Actually, you can! 👍🏼

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