Day off, over 30 degrees, needed a pool to cool down in! #day184 16/07/2018 #travelblog #photooftheday #ayearinthelife #newhome #outdoorpool #southcalgaryoutdoorpool #calgary #alberta #canada

Back in the office and excited to plan for Fall (and beyond). I love new stationery ❤️📚Side note: I am extremely excited for Gaga 07.16.18 #AYearInTheLife

These photos are part of a week long series, this last year has been a whirlwind of highs and lows, of amazing moments i will never forget and cherish. These photos represent a part of me that i will not hide but that was time to move away from in search of a healthier life. This has been part of my recovery and an amazing journey of self discovery. These photos are from various occassions the last few years (from 2014-2016)..stay tuned for the next series :p #lifechanging #ayearinthelife #reachingmygoals #nextsteps

My new shirt. Who wants to hike into the woods with me, smoke a little dope, have a little premarital sex, and get slaughtered? #itsgotadeathcurse #ayearinthelife

Thankful for a couple of hours rest after a crazy few weeks. I’m still gonna need a few more naps to clear away the brain fog 07.15.18 #AYearInTheLife

For my birthday this year, my darling husband got me a copy of Talking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham, better known as Lorelai Gilmore on Gilmore Girls.
Everyone who knows me knows I love me some Gilmore Girls. (It's totally normal to be able to quote every line from a 7 season show, right?) I started reading the book last week. At one point, Lauren is talking about the characters on the show and mentions, "[Luke's] special sexiness, which was mixed with a gruffness that was the perfect contrast to Lorelai's chirpy cheerfulness." I read it aloud to Michael, my personal lovable grumpypuss. He laughed and pointed out that as the designated coffee maker in the house, he also is the keeper of the coffee like Luke. (Though he can't quite get down with the flannel in true Luke fashion)

Being an early riser (again in contrast to me), he was up early and about his day today. At some much later point in the morning, I rolled over to see this fresh, hot cup of coffee waiting for me that he had quietly snuck in.
He knows my heart. ❤


En la escena de hoy vemos el reencuentro de madre e hija tras su disputa por el libro de Rory.

Rory le enseña los tres primeros capítulos de su libro llamado "The Gilmore Girls" (Chicas Gilmore en español). Le ofrece a su madre el libro para que lea los tres capítulos a modo de prueba, si lo considera muy invasivo o no le gusta el libro no se publicara.
Lorelai acepta el trato con su hija y se disponen a hablar de su futura boda con Luke.

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Luke and Lorelai💙
I love this beautiful couple.
OK OK I LIED!!! My good friend gave me encouraging words and I decided I’m not taking a break. OK IM SORRY I LIED! .
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Vamos fazer um guia essencial para quem nunca viu Gilmore Girls? O que vocês acham que quem vai começar agora precisa saber ou fazer para ver a série? Dica número 1: não tente comer como Lorelai e Rory porque só elas ficaram lindas e magras e não passam mal comendo daquele jeito hahahaha continuem... #gilmoregirls #lorelaigilmore #rorygilmore #ayearinthelife

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