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Святкуєм першу річницю реєстрації шлюбу. #косино #ayear

A year has passed since our first selfie 💗 وعدت سنة على أول سيلفي لنا .. miss you guys ..
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"Sai de si. Vem curar teu mal. Te transbordo em som. Põe juízo em mim. Teu olhar me tirou daqui. Ampliou meu ser. Quero um pouco mais. Não tudo." #ayear

L'amore èl'essenza della vita. #ayear

It's been a year.
A year since he cooked me dinner, told me he was in love with me, asked me to be his girlfriend, and then kissed me (yes, in that order). Close to a year since the Lord told me he would launch in August and we were looking at a total of 12 months of long distance. Almost a year since we hiked Mt. Yonah and did cartwheels in the freezer section of Kroger because we could. Nearly a year since we said good-bye.
My yes to him was one of the best I've ever said. Now that I'm this close to seeing him again, I get it. I understand the Lord's purpose in us being apart for so long. While I wish we could celebrate together today, it's been worth it. There's so much more to say, but this is a taste of the Lord's incredible authorship of our story.
Ronny, thanks for being my best friend first and for adding layers to that like boyfriend as well. You're one of the best men I know. As we told each other when we said good-bye, I wouldn't want to do this with someone who would do anything less than say yes to Jesus with everything in them. I love you. It's been a year, and I'm glad it was with you.
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Once upon a time ...💞🕰
Moj lobacek słodziacek misiacek 🐛🍭🐻#ktośtuzemnąwytrzymałokrągłyROK #ayear #kochamStasia 😘🌚

I love you 🐼❤️ #ayear


Afro first 😊
Hair type:4c and 4b 😁 @_monica_king thankx for teaching me hair codes 😜
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Random erections;D
Feliz día al mejor del mundooooo

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Goedemorgen 😃 Het begrip tijd is zoiets aparts ☺ Je kunt het niet vastpakken, tegenhouden, versnellen ... De klok tikt gewoon door, in hetzelfde tempo. Als je er zo nuchter naar kijkt, besef je des te beter dat jezelf wel invloed hebt hoe je met de tijd omgaat. Dan kun je dus de tijd door je vingers laten glippen OF de tijd naar je hand zetten zodat je tevreden op de dag terugkijkt, blij bent met je tijdsbesteding, goed een (school) jaar gebruikt hebt en als je dan later oud bent trots bent op de manier waarop je in de tijd geleefd hebt ❤ 🙏 ❤

Hoe ga jij om met (jouw) tijd? ❤ 🍀 ❤

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