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Happy Memorial Day everyone. We extend our respect and gratitude to all the servicemen and women who have sacrificed their lives for our country. We thank you.⠀

This is Charlie Haughey, a close friend of the store and a photographer for the Army during the Vietnam War. Thankfully, Charlie came home from that war and brought with him a box of over 2000 negatives and slides. We have spoken before about the volunteer project that one of our staff members was involved in that works to print and digitize Charlie's images.⠀ ⠀
Charlie was told not to be a combat photographer, but to photograph the men he served with, which was just fine with him. Charlie made close connections with people - not just the soldiers he served alongside but also the local Vietnamese people. His images are full of humanity despite the circumstances in which he was photographing. ⠀

The project compiled Charlie's photos into the book "A Weather Walked In" and we highly recommend you take a look at it. It is pretty incredible. Should you like to purchase a copy, know that a portion of all proceeds go to the Returning Veterans Project.⠀

We have heroes of all sorts and types and for a variety of reasons and Charlie undeniably occupies a very high spot on that list.⠀We’re thankful Charlie survived Vietnam and at the same time consider all the men and women who never returned home. ⠀
To see more of Charlie's work, spend a few minutes over at www.chieu-hoi.com. Today is as good a day as any.

P.S. To the best of our abilities, and Charlie’s memory, the camera he used most and is pictured here is a Minolta SR-1. Charlie had a Nikon F at first but while reloading during a helicopter ride the back flew out of the helicopter, lost to the jungle below. So Charlie replaced his Nikon with a Minolta and that was the camera he served with.

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