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One of the best things so far of #awp16 @isaac.fitzgerald

Happy Birthday to the best mom I could ever ask forπŸ’™ Thanks for always being by my side. @sherilabrant

Off to sunny Los Angeles this morning for #AWP16, where I can't wait to fangirl over my favorite writers, sling poetry books for Prairie Schooner, and also sink these toes in the Malibu sand ... (@kiernanlof always manages to find lovely places to post up on trips πŸ€—). #instapoet

@taleenkali being a fuqing rockstar babe as alwayz. My friends are a never-ending source of inspiration and empowerment. πŸ’‹πŸ’πŸ½πŸ’‹ #awp16

Getting some help from my old bookselling compadre @missgoldfinger_ on the final day of #AWP16!

Last photo of the night! I'm so lucky lucky lucky to have friends like I do. Lidia Yuknavitch on one end and her husband Andy (whom I also love ) on the other. Lidia's agent Rayhane next to me. A perfect night! Feeling inspired and happy and alive! #awp16 #feministasfuck #friendship

@azizabarnes closing the night with all of the beauty... @artshare_la @yesyesbooks #buttonpoetry #awp16 #AWP

Low quality .

If you want to get stopped by everyone in Los Angeles just wear this shirt that @tpmcbee wore at #awp16


Put ya hands up high! πŸ˜πŸ™Œ. #awp16

Ok I found my #awp16 sunglasses, we all got vintage clothes today then we changed into them--here's @notokensjournal and @chrispup

You may remember the magical marriage proposal that surprised the whole audience at BOA's 40th anniversary celebration during last year's #AWP16 conference. It was a beautiful moment that moved nearly everyone to tears. Today, we want to congratulate Adam Wetch and Kristine Albinda on their big day -- we are celebrating you from afar! See BOA's YouTube channel for the full proposal video (and make sure you have tissues on hand)!

Leroy and Michele Filgate! #awp16

#tbt to this time last year: social media editrix Leslie Patron catches some rays with a pup named Boomer Gonzalez & her #awp16 bookfair haul #editrixesde1913

#AWP16: Here's where you can find me!

A look back at CAMILLE RANKINE, OCEAN VUONG, and JOSH BELL signing books at our #AWP16 booth. Join us this year at booths 331/333/335 to meet your faves and get fresh-off-the-press titles signed by ALEX DIMITROV, TOMAS Q. MORIN, DEAN RADER, and NATALIE SHAPERO! #fbf

my big fat ass bro bday party.. also ce oca nebeng party πŸ˜‚ @lolitawidjaja83 @oliphsidharta @rosamilyarna @erviho @amaiusagi @stephanie_kusnadi @raymondpurnama #awp16

You guys I found it #AWP16

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