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His caption 😂😂😂

Not grandma 😩😂 #imessage #awkward #grandma


When the Homies are Swingers!😳 LoL TAG someone if you know some folks! @deanwil @ms_towns @lisayaro #couples #couplegoals #relationships #swingers #awkward #xfiles #juhahnjones @sketchhousela

RepostBy @juhahnjones: "When the Homies are Swingers!😳 LoL TAG someone if you know some folks! @deanwil @ms_towns @lisayaro #couples #couplegoals #relationships #swingers #awkward #xfiles #juhahnjones @sketchhousela"

There's always one person who's more excited about your birthday than you are... 🙄🎉 Happy bday to the greatest @eminem! 🙌🏻

You may think this is a video to demonstrate a partner pose. But actually it’s a tutorial for how to make fun of yourselves when you don’t know if it’s time to high-five or hug 😂 *awkwarrrd* .
Remember: you can live a long and fulfilling life and never do a handstand on your friend’s cobra. But laughing with friends: totally necessary. Funtimes with @meliniseri and @tomwilsonleonard .
Rocking my @aloyoga sweats #yoga #awkward #tutorial

Kyllä oon nii vammane että otin etukameral peilin kautta kuvan #awkward #perkelettäkösiinä #näköökekkäpäriää


That awkward moment when your wife catches you looking. #starwars, #comiconnyc, #awkward, #staysexymyfriends

When you try to pose “cute”, but you too awkward #roadtrip #awkward #vegas

#Awkward ~ Back on The ‘dating’ scene & things are going pretty swell ... cheers @_brightworks_ for the #comedy #gig & congrats #Sandy on your first #feature! Anyone up for a date? #G promises #random nights out ;) #acting #commercial #datenight xXx

can y'all believe i saw my middle school ex at homecoming? #awkward

The school pictures came out in English class today, and I was given my picture. I look so weird in the picture, don't I? I'm probably the one you'd least expect to get a girlfriend, but I'm fine with being single anyways.

#school #schoolpictures #schoolpictures2017 #schoolpictureday #awkward #weird

Listen, there are good days and bad days. The first picture is the second attempt of a portrait I painted for my awkward series. The next photo is the same portrait from a week ago. It wasn't working, and I almost abandoned the project but decided to wipe off the paint and start over. Normally I wouldn't even post a painting I'm not proud of, but sometimes it's important to see the failures behind the successful works. Keep painting, y'all. \\

#30daysofhalloween #socks #part3
Socks stumbled to the lake and plopped himself down by the edge of the dock.
“Jealousy is a horribly ugly thing.” said Socks to the lake. “I think it is her jealousy that makes her ugly, not her carrot nose. I wish there was some way to help that poor old horrible disgusting woman not to be miserable.”
While he sat thinking upon this, up from the lake popped an awkward mermaid.
She tried to greet him but instead spat out a mouthful of water, so the word came out, “BLAHhhhlo!”
She began choking and Socks recoiled in disgust.
“Oh, sorry.” She said when she was able, “I always forget about that switching from water breathing to air breathing thing." #mermaidscience
Then she waved a fishy fin hand and said, “Hello, my name is Roshell. #typicalmermaid I heard your wish from mermaid village. A mermaid always hears the wishes of a thoughtful pumpkin. That’s a saying we mermaids have.”
Thoughtful pumpkin? In her haste to gather ingredients, the witch must have accidentally grabbed a thoughtful pumpkin instead of a regular one.
“You wished for a way to help that poor old horrible disgusting woman. And here I have it.” the mermaid said, and extended three small objects for him to take.
"A human left them by the lake one day, so I took them and enchanted them with mermaid magic. The humans call them chicken nuggets.
But to be honest I don’t even know what kind of animal a chicken nugget is.”
“Enchanted? OoooOoooh!” said socks, “What do they do?”
“If you can get her to eat them, they will send that witch to where she belongs!”
“Oh ok wow that’s extreme. Are you sure that's the only way to help her?”
“I don't understand the question but I have to go. I forgot I have a baking class.” she continued speaking as she began to sink below the water, “Mermaid submerrrrge. Dur hur hur hur. derrrrt, deerrrt, derrrrrrrrt, bubble, bubble, bubble.” And then she was gone. #awkward
Then Socks headed back to the tower with this new enchanted gift for the witch.

#campfirestories #mermaid #magic #mummy #witch #chickennuggets @hhannahevelynn
#doodle #sketch #art #halloween #pumpkin

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