samgyeopsal kind of night 🍴

The boulders are awesome from above 🚁

K i t t e n s // The Galilee Series 🐱 • scroll across to see this cute face up close (and those eyes)

I’ve been bringing my @Americantouristerph Curio with me on all my trips. It was with me in #Taipei and now here in #Bali. ✈️

Spirit of Belfast in Arthur's Square, Belfast. Also known as The Onion Rings 🤷🏻‍♀️
#Belfast #NorthernIreland

I've missed you, 🇵🇱. 💖

Only 499 pairs at the moment in Thailand...Thank you @ranigulati for always making me smile..I'll be fine now.❤🤣

Changes lá vem meu trem

Shark Bay, WA from about 4,000 feet up ✈️

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