Awesome - Flawsome. För vi är helt mänskliga. Inte perfekta. Och det är det som är det fina. #yogia #bästalinnet #awesomeflawsome #självmedkänsla #mindfulness #mindfulselfcompassion #crescendokbt #studiobalans #hälsokuben #trelleborg

Embrace your flaws and make the most beautiful out of it. #awesomeflawsome 😍😘

I have KP. It sucks but it is what it is. 💁‍♀️ I don’t let it ruin anything—i still wear sleeveless dresses and tubes, for all I care. 😉 Everyone has flaws you just have to embrance yours. #AwesomeFlawsome

Flawed, but fantastic! Personalised Sling Bags for the ever so cool, stylish & flawsome women! #prettywomen #personalisedgifts #womensfashion

Fatty face & messy hair describes imperfection, 'Imperfection' means beautiful & 'beautiful' means loved by all. #awesomeflawsome

Why be Awesome when you can be FLAWSOME!

Is it just me or is there something about people who just embrace their flaws? There is something endearing and inspiring about someone who can be proud of their ‘imperfections’ or confident in the way they go against the grain. Early on in 2018, I've learnt a new word which perfectly describes this kind of a person. That is: FLAWSOME.

So, what exactly does it mean to be Flawsome? Put simply, to be Flawsome is to be awesome with your flaws! A ‘flaw’ however, in this context does not refer to one’s detrimental qualities or life changing mistakes, as such. The focus is rather on small mishaps, idiosyncrasies, quirks, your obvious differences, or simply being transparent and not claiming to be more than you are. Being Flawsome is to be imperfectly perfect, authentic, honest, real and most importantly, to be human. Perfection is old school and it’s boring.

And I realized that all my life I have been surrounded by fascinatingly Flawsome people and now I proudly call myself the proudly imperfect woman, flawed as ever and happier for it. This has made me more confident about propelling forward with my flaws, rather than wasting time trying to ‘fix’ them.

Flawsome is the new awesome, believe it! 🤗

Tag some "FLAWSOME" people you know in the comments below! Come on, let's have some fun 😎

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Definitely flawsome 😁👑

Be totally flawsome!

Omg! I just realized that my forehead looks big here. Lol. #AwesomeFlawsome #CurlyHair #Feelingero 🤗✌

When I slighty mumble (gooi skim) I lus for cheesecake 🍰
And my little sis @flawesomeone makes it happen without me even asking 😛 She bakes and when she's in the kitchen,magic happens 😙 Thank you sissy ❤

Beauty is only skin deep. Growing up, acne was never a problem for me. I would very rarely encounter them, and I thought it would always be that way. It wasn’t until over two years ago when I first had a “breakout.” I didn’t know what to do back then, and I’ve tried almost everything from drugstore to luxury products, until I discovered makeup. Like acne, makeup was something I wasn’t accustomed to, and had little to no experience with. Since skincare wasn’t working for me, I resorted to using makeup as a cover up to hide all the flaws and imperfections of my complexion. That worked for a while, but it never really resolved the real issue which was my bad skin. Now, I’ve learned to live with it. It’s gotten a lot better compared to how it used to be. I now only have dark spots from previous acne, and occasional breakouts whenever I would eat or sleep poorly. And as for makeup? It’s no longer a cover up, but rather, a form of expression for my creativity and a medium to inspire others. I’ve learned that beauty is only skin deep. Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart. #AwesomeFlawsome @theandrewjean ❤️

Too fab for your negativity 🙅🏽‍♀️😘 💉 Wearing thalia on my lips and cheeks #awesomeflawsome #colourette #colouretteclique

I am beautiful, I always think that way. Even with acne scars WE ARE BEAUTIFUL. @colourette.cosmetics is now making this a trend that being #Flawsome is #Awesome ✨ It's time we empower everyone's flaws. Your acne, scars, skintone, disability are BEAUTIFUL ✨ #AwesomeFlawsome I know you have seen this image before and yes we Facetune a little and that is not even a bad thing and a big deal, it only improves oneself. ✨So are you going to stand with me in this empowerment? I'd love to see your #AwesomeFlawsome photos! 😍| Blush: @colourette.cosmetics Colourtint "Dione" ✨ Brows: @colourette.cosmetics Brow Pencil "Mocha" ✨

I woke up still tired 😂 #NoMakeUp #AwesomeFlawsome

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