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Happy Mother's Day! ❤️

Another day of lettering. This was day 18 of the #awesomeaprilchallenge by @twoeasels I might try blending my crayola supertips tomorrow. Who knows? Maybe it will look cool if I do it.
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Happy Monday ☀️ This piece was from @twoeasels #awesomeaprilchallenge that I totally forgot to post 😅 I've been awful this month at keeping up with challenges, but that's besides the point! Veronica (@twoeasels) has an awesome lettering course out that you need to check out if you're new! ✍🏻 She's an awesome teacher and posts amazing videos on her page 👌🏻 Go check her out and tell her Hannah sent you ☺️


Just outside, enjoying my garden!! I have 10 different varieties of Hostas!! I think they are beautiful!! Some will bloom soon & others late in summer!! I am taking some time to relax & recharge!! Also, i lost Mom 4yrs ago today!! Not loving & nurturing like most moms, but I loved her just the same!!
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Day 10 - Ingredients for fav drink - Water!!

My weekend has been super busy with a day of classes in Belgium and going to the Elf Fantasy Fair today. I'm beat and just now was the only moment where had the time to create something. It's the last day of April so the last chance to create something for the #awesomeaprilchallenge Starting tomorrow I will be practicing on my iPad with bounce lettering!
#crayolasupertips #crayola #practicemakesprogress #positivityquotes #letteringchallenge #lettering

It's ok. Fear doesn't bite. Really. It's just your body trying to go into self preservation mode or fight or flight. Even against things that aren't life threatening. I've been reading this book about trauma, and its eye-opening. I've already learned that breathing in makes your heart race and gets you a small adrenaline rush and breathing out does the opposite. Whenever I feel myself getting anxious now, I breathe in for a count of 4 and out for a count of 8, and I feel myself relax almost instantly. It's amazing. I'm finally learning self-regulation skills and how and why they work at the age of 36.
#awesomeaprilchallenge @twoeasels #theletteringcourse
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