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Repost from @jveruditeartist using @RepostRegramApp - Taking part in the #awesomeaprilchallenge by @twoeasels. I'm trying to experiment with my art supplies and combining different medium. So here's one where I used my iCraft Deco Foil and @primamarketinginc Shimmering Lights watercolor. I got these from @theyellowviolethouse.
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Holy moly guys, 😩 life is kicking me in the arseeeeee! I am trying to get an 8 page paper done, on top of other miscellaneous 💩 that's due for school, and my finals are already in two weeks (what!?!?!?!). Anyway, I haven't had much time for lettering/creating and it's been bumming me out HARD. Once this paper gets done I'll definitely have more time. It's not for a lack of trying, I should honestly post all of my "practice" pages that I hated (but I'm too embarrassed). I just don't have much inspiration, and am hating everything I do... thus wasting a poopload of paper!! I am a little rusty, so I've been doing drills and practicing so that Stella can get her groove back 😂😂😂 I really wanna do some fun stuff, but I'm exhausted. SOON! I promise. You all have been rocking it! 💪🏽
I did promise myself I'd complete every single day of this challenge, and honestly I need the positive pep talks right now. Days 10-17 of #awesomeaprilchallenge #theletteringcourse with @twoeasels 💗💗💗 and come check out these awesome ladies @lisalongdesigns @letter_it_be @exposingthelight .
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Okay i decided to join more than 1 lettering challenge so April's post going to be multiple pic like this. .
2nd photo is challenge hosted by @yeewean,@siewho_serene &
@my.favorite_pastime this month challenge is so relatable lol (I'm so sorry for the typo i didn't realized until i post this 😂) .
3. Taylor Swift - Red. I'm not a fan of her. And not a fan of this handlettering either. Not the best. It sucks. .
4. I don't use glitters it'll take so much time to clean them up so yeah. I really like the colors of this one!!
5. #verbtoliveby i didn't read the host's caption and just write them short after i saw the picture. Okay tomorrow I'll use the word and put it in a sentence 😂 .
6. #happyletteringchallenge is back!! This month keyword is really interesting tbh
7. Self encouragement!!!🔥 .
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Day 10 - Ingredients for fav drink - Water!!

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