Pros to not having a kit:
No one has the same parts as me. 🤙🏽😆
Cons to not having a kit: No one makes any parts for me. 🖕🏽😒
Custom making parts for the bucket, because when something goes, might as well make it better! Always last minute shit before a show, this time because shit happens and we have to make the best of it.

Last year I stumbled upon this show by being in the area, this year I’ll be with @ben_schaeffer_oil and all the life fluids that give our cars sustenance. Come down and see what new additions I’ve made since then! #subiesocial2018 #awdsomelifestyles #northcountysubies #metroperformanceofsocal #drmkllrgarage #dreamkillergarage

Another widebody Wednesday post from the OG bucket. I made it to tuck my 18x13 CCW LM5T wrapped in 335/30R18 TOYO R888 tires without running any stretch or unnecessary camber.
New front fender addition coming soon! Nothing can just be bought off the shelf anymore for this cars body, it’s all custom made, but I think it all ends up worth it. 😈
📸: @widebodysubies
#widebodywednesday #wheelwednesday

My boy @hw_omek_son rocking the new pin! Have you picked yours up yet? I only have a limited number of these pins left, and once they’re gone, that’s it for this set! They have a custom back with a @dreamkillergarage banner, something cool @leencustoms did for me. Shoot me a dm if you’re interested. Still have a few stickers left too, and the first 50 stickers get put in to win a pin! #winapin #showmewhereyoustickit #leencustoms

Another awesome shot by the guys @ccw_forged_wheels I’m really stoked how these came out.

So, my boy @_crvn_ with the 🔥 shots! Thanks to him, he makes the bucket look presentable. #allaboutangles and #lighting

Not many shots of the buckets interior, but I do have this one. Just want to say thanks to:
@viilanteusa for providing the steering wheel
@getnrg for the hub and wheel quick release
@proclipusa for the best phone mount I’ve EVER had. (No joke, it looks great AND has lasted longer than any mount I’ve ever had)
@accuair for the air management and easy to use touch pad controls
@autostyled for the awesome shift boot/e-brake boot and their weighted shift knob
@sonkeiblue for a unique piece of awesome that adorns my interior. (Challenge accepted) #thecaptainschair #cockpit #atthehelm #behindthewheel

Upon careful inspection, they quickly realized it wasn’t a kit. 🤣Thanks for sharing the photo with me @theoriginal_bigpapi 📸: @cesar_ramirez_vq

So, @mainstreetclosure put on a great event and even gave me the best widebody. Considering there was well over 20 widebodies, of all makes and models, this was pretty cool. Thanks for a great show! #anotherone

Not 100% happy with the results, it’s too late to wetsand and polish, but it’ll do. Time to call it a night. See you all tomorrow at @mainstreetclosure #carbonfiber #carbonwing

Today wasn’t too bad, considering I didn’t get everything I wanted accomplished. Still a good day. @mainstreetclosure tomorrow with the air bucket. #tagemandbagem #bagsareforgroceries #grocerygetter

So, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, @quiklatch makes a helluva product. Their black cerakoted QL-38 hood pins are easy to install and help secure the hood while looking good all the while. Huge thanks to them for making a great product and having top notch customer service! #quiklatch #ql38 #blackcerakote

This wing was made by @crawfordperformance quite a few years back. (Circa 2009ish?) It was ran on the now defunct, Zenkai Motorsports Subaru, which was piloted by none other than @thomas_smith05 back in the day. It’s unique in the sense that I have yet to see another wing produced like it, no one at the shows I go to has had one, and it comes from an actual track car that saw some sick events.
I’ve been offered a good chunk of change for it, but I just can’t bring myself to part with it. So, here I am, prepping it for some fresh coats of clear. Just in time for @mainstreetclosure tomorrow. 🤙🏽😁

Grind Avenue. Very few know this way, those that do, you the real mvp’s.

Rainy day hangs at @carsandcoffeehb yesterday. Had a good time and met some cool people. Hopefully next time I’ll be able to catch some of the Cali sun. #carsandcoffeehb #tagthephotographer

Like something out of a video game. I wanna say thanks to @lc_justinlo and @lc_cliff for the opportunity and shots yesterday. Can’t wait to see the set. 📸: @lc_cliff

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