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I hate having to explain myself to others.... I guess I’m just way ahead of people when it comes to having a open-mind. I see beyond the physical realm of materialism and ignorance. I see others as souls or spirits confined to the human form. #metaphysical #quotes #awakenthemasses

New year, new logo! We're also selling these AWAKEN stickers, let me or @awakendts know if you want one! #awaken #awakenthenations #awakenthemasses #awakendts


Do me a favor, take a few seconds or even minutes out of your day to say a prayer for all the little ones around the world.. whether they're infants, toddlers, children or just kids.. I hate that the victims of any type of terroristic attack or war for that matter are always children, for it is their fathers or mothers even that never come back home.. this picture was taken during the attack in Syria. Children are innocent, it's how they are raised is what can either evolve them into someone great or poison them into someone evil. A lot of little ones won't be spending Christmas the way they're use to this year or any year moving forward, just remember how precious and valuable these lives of ours really are. Have a good one.

It’s coming. #awakenthemasses

Cartoon network got the right idea, fosters home for imaginary friends #AwakenTheMasses #Woke

A new summer tradition! 💜💙💚 #awakenthemasses #hastamariachishubo #switzerlandwonderland


Do really hard things and everything else starts to become easy.
Wisdom from Naval Ravikant on Twitter.

Im literally living proof that what you think of is what you manifest. Worry constantly, it will appear, think and see the bad in people, those people will appear, money issues constantly on your mind? Constant bills. There is LITTERALLY NOONE WHO IS AN EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE!
Why is it that We as humans accept the law of gravity, but can't grasp the law of vibration, the law of attraction, or the law of mentalism?
Have a look at my life now compared to the start of this year. I was homeless with a toddler, broke and had no solid support. Well, that all manifested from my worst fear, the things that i thought of constantly and envoked an extremely strong feeling state around (FEAR). This universe of ours doesn't acknowledge positive or negative - just the message.
Want more info? PM me to book a session #thesecret #thelawofattraction #manifestation #universe #connection #theonemind #limitless #awakenthemasses #thereisnopowergreaterthenyou #intuitiveguidance #rewireyoursubconciousemind #faceyourfears #acknowledgeyourtrueself #peace #love #unity

Just do your thing.

Letting go is hard but trying to hold on with the same hand forever is even harder. #letgo

Go all in on yourself. Your life depends on it. From @kamalravikant #loveyourself

Don’t always go for what’s new. Sometimes the most value comes from holding onto what you have.

Those of us who are awakened, it is our duty to awaken those who are asleep. However this rabbit hole is far more insidious then what most of humankind is aware. 👁 We must destroy the illusion, lift the veil, spread the truth & be the light in this darkness. ⭐️ Have you noticed the news/media is not reporting accurately and truthfully on "Terrorism" events? Do you see the spiritual warfare that is going on? Are you ready to see through the illusion? If you're curious and would like to know more or just simply want a different perspective ~ Please watch this incredible Channel on YouTube. ✨Destroying The Illusion✨ (you can follow him on other social media streams ) Jordan offers interesting, logical perspectives on the madness that is going on in our world. Also he has great insights/webinars that are fascinating on nutrition and true history. 🌍 I had the wonderful experience of meeting Jordan when he was visiting in Colorado. Such a brilliant mind. 🕉 My mom and her friends enjoy watching Jordan, they actually recommended his channel to me last year. 💜Share the love and light, Stay safe, and remember fear is the opposite of love. Most important, Always come from a place of love. ☮️❤️💫 #destroytheillusion #destroyingtheillusion #awakening #awakenthemasses #bethelight #colorado #knowledge #unitedwestand #patriotism #spititualwarrior #lightworker #mastiff #denver #supportlocal #freespeech #spreadtruth #lovecanchangetheworld #love #peaceloveandlight

Ever felt your heart or yourself break into a million pieces? Join my list of "Warriors" and this Tuesday and you'll find out what I did that helped me get through one of the most painful times of my life. Hint: it's definitely NOT what you'd normally think. SIGN UP AND BE A WARRIOR link in bio ☝🏻🎨💜#vulnerabilityisstrength

Please read this..⬆️
There are just so many things going on.. and so many people who cannot see..
Wich makes sense, for they are making destractions. Destractions everywhere.
Being focused on useless things..

I understand this may sound crazy and unreal for some. Because you are living in a different world.. different mindset. •
Im just hoping to be able to send a message here. To open some eyes and minds..
For we really need to open our eyes..

Theres so many things i can talk about.. the many things wrong in this world, this society/ this system..

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