🌸🌸 La Paz Interior , algo que anhelamos tanto y vemos tan lejano ... casi un imposible para algunos . Abrazar nuestra realidad , saber que lo que hacemos es lo mejor que podemos dar y hacer , sintonía entre lo que digo , pienso y hago ... abrazar nuestro día al final del día e irnos a dormir satisfechos que vamos hacia Ello que anhelamos ...🌸🌸
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"If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself, if you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation." - Lao Tzu 🙏 Namaste 🌻 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 "Si quieres despertar a toda la humanidad, despiértate a ti mismo, si quieres eliminar el sufrimiento en el mundo, entonces elimina todo lo que es oscuro y negativo en ti mismo. En verdad, el mayor regalo que tienes que dar es el de tu propia auto-transformación ". - Lao Tzu 🙏 Namaste 🌻 #awakening #humanity #selftransformation #seoul #instapic #instaphoto #quoteoftheday #wellness #justbreath #believe #standup #faith #hope #love #despertar #humanidad #autotransformacion #frasedeldia #bienestar #solorespira #creer #depie #fe #esperanza #amor


The center of the amazing crop circle...holy water from chalice well in @bewater.water bottle with love and crystals....
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« You shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free » Personnal artwork

T h i r d E y e A w a k e n i n g 👁
Join me and @amirkhadr on the 22nd of June for an evening of Third Eye Awakening with a magical Guided Meditation, Pandora Star Light Machine, Hands-on Healing and a Savasana Massage 💆🏼‍♀️
Pandora Star is an LED Lamp designed to open your third eye and take you to zen-like meditative states. Programmed with different light frequency settings the Pandora Star stimulates the Pineal Gland as you lay with your eyes closed underneath the flickering light. It opens up your senses stimulating closed eye visuals taking you into a kaleidoscope of colours and sacred geometry with each experience unique to the next 🦋 .
Your Third Eye the 6th Chakra or Pineal Gland Is our centre of insight, intuition and awakening. It’s been described as the seat of our soul and governs our circadian rhythm, wake sleep patterns, hormone levels, stress levels and physical performance. Said to produce DMT, known as The Spirit Molecule, and the active principle of compounds like Ayahuasca the pineal gland plays a key role in producing serotonin that’s known as the “happy molecule” ☀️
This immersive experience with the Hands on Healing will guide you towards an Awakened Third Eye, higher and happier self 🌌
An awakened third eye, or a highly activated pineal gland can help to promote :
- Better sleep - Improved physical performance
- Peace, positivity - Enhanced imagination
- Enhanced gut feelings and intuition
- A better balance between emotion and reason
- More vivid dreams
- Higher probability of spontaneous Lucid dreams
- Enhanced connection with ourselves, others and higher realms - Easier astral travel
- Easier to see auras and energy - Easier to feel and channel energy
If you want an evening of relaxation, healing and mind blowing visuals then look no further. With a combination of Pandora Star, meditation and hands-on energy work, we’ll activate your Third Eye to help you move forward in your spiritual and every day life ✨
June 22nd // £35.00 // 7.00 - 10.30pm // Unit 11, West Road, Harlow // Please contact me for more info or to secure your space 📲
N a m a s t e Amir and Sian ✨

“For a man is a little lower than the angels, yet was made that he might become the companion of the Creative Forces; and thus was given--in the breath of life--the individual soul, the stamp of approval as it were of the Creator; with the ability to know itself to be itself, and to make itself, as one with the Creative Forces--irrespective of other influences.” Edgar Cayce🦉 1877 - 1945 #flower #beauty #peace #flowers #nature #garden #beautiful #love #namaste #happy #music #live #harmony #meditation #evolve #flowerlovers #infinity #universe #rose #awaken #starseed #life #self #earth #buddha #spirituality #awareness #awakening #source #thirdeye

I have spoken to SO many friends recently who have experienced this... Women and men who are going through big shifts in their life spiritually, being shown their inner truth through a soul connection.
I feel like there is something going on collectively around the globe. The stories I have been told are all very similar and it’s as though us men and woman are being magnetically attracted to people who reflect parts of our dark shadow self that we MUST work with. Who here has also been through a similar experience? I’m intrigued...
It’s not just men who run from the bad stuff that surfaces, women also fail to see their worth and start to beat them selves up and question who they are because of insecurity and low self esteem. 🙋🏽‍♀️ It’s a mirror to your inner truth!!! Can you turn and face what it’s trying to show you so you can shed the years of bull shit relationships and grow towards a healthy one?!
If you’ve connected with someone on what feels like a soul to soul level and they vanished... that has happened for a reason. To cut deep. Make an impact. Why?
These people come in to our lives to help guide us to our broken bits and as we’ve also guided them theirs... if they start feeling uncomfortable and disappear.... it’s because they’re not awake to the lessons or they’re just too scared to face them and have chosen to cut off from their heart and suppress their emotions.
We are presented with a few choices: Freeze with fear and try to block it out, get stuck in a loop with the whys and the how’s... 🙋🏽‍♀️ OR accept and surrender to what’s being shown and focus on the inner work that arises when this occurs.
It’s fucking hard. Especially when you are so in to someone... but... if they can’t stick around they’ve done you a favour and demonstrated you deserve a stronger, divinely timed match who will do the work it takes to have a happy relationship without the nasty surprises down the track! (All too common these days without the inner work being done)
The universe has it all figured out if you keep focusing and building on what makes you so special. Please tag someone you think may need to hear this right now. - BB x

Great message to start of this week! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 vía @healingenergytools
YOU HAVE A NEW MESSAGE FROM THE UNIVERSE TODAY✨👉👉👉CHECK our work at healingenergytools.com ______________________________________________ #joy #iamenough #iamworthy #iamblessed #gaia #1111 #selfawareness #goodvibes #newbegginings #newera #trust #intuition #spiritual #universe #newearth #5d #blessings #blessed #love #lightworker #starseed #life #goodvibes #healingenergytools #enlightenment #spirituality #awareness #awakening #gratitude #grateful #thankyou

“If it feels forced, free it”
-Alex Elle
@alex_elle ❤️

😢When Is The Last Time You Have Cried? • In order to thrive in this word we must be in tune with our own emotional intelligence. • It is vital to be aware of your own emotions and to stand to yourself. • The greatest tragedy is when you can not even be your true self around yourself anymore. • Emotional breakdowns allow us to build a stronger foundation. - FULL VIDEO 🎞📺 LINK IN BIO 👈🏼
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