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If this man right here wrote a book I bet it would be better than 90% of the books you read your entire life. No lie. And don't be fooled by the hair and inked up skin suit, my man right here is smart AF. He probably reads more books than the majority of people reading this post. How I met Waka was crazy too. One day my boy called me at 4:00 in the morning and woke me up saying, "man your book is everywhere my dude, I'm at the studio right now and everyone is smoking and drinking and there's a girl in here reading THE WORLD IS (y)OURS and he sent me a pic of her like WTF. The irony of this is that it was a person I gifted my book to that night! So my boy tells me to come to the studio and bring a book for Waka, I'm like "nicca do you know what time it is? Click! He keeps calling. "then while sitting in bed trying to go back to sleep spirit woke my ass up out of bed and made me go hand deliver my book to homie. And I'm glad I did bc I ended up getting a call from Waka about 3 months later saying that the book changed his life! On a FaceTime call he showed me the book and it was completely filled with yellow highlighter and I think he said he read the book like 3 times already πŸ™ŒπŸΌ Just last week he posted my page on his story line and put "my teacher" across my page #blessed πŸ™πŸ½ I have about a dozen similar stories like this since but Waka is my Fav bc I really think he's going to do great things in these coming years besides music. God is Good! #bigdawg #wakaflocka #theworldisyours #awakened #woke #awakened #awakening #theawakening #loa #lawofattraction #thesecret

Get naughty in public πŸ”₯ @desirable_couples

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do. #awakened #fit #fitfam #gym #npc #ifbb #grow #gains #entrepreneur #workflow #hustle Ambition


Everything you need, your courage, strength
Compassion and Love; Everything you need
Is already within you

It is not just all about basking in the light but having the courage to go into the darkness. It is through the friction of light and darkness that we grow. Through suffering we polish the mirror of the heart.
Ps: You're much stronger than you could possibly fathom. πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’ŸπŸ“ΏπŸ‘

Just over 1 week to go until our next London-based cacao ceremony on Saturday 5th August in Waterloo. This sacred cacao ceremony is a powerful journey that takes you deep within so you can hear your own inner guidance and wisdom that is so often drowned out by the noise of the mind. It will help you explore your inner garden so that you can make the right decisions moving forward. Tickets are still available online via the link in my bio πŸ”

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Today I create my own reality- Today I create my own reality the one different from any other that existed. The one that I may have to stand up for, the one that has been born not long ago and still an infant. I'm not interested in the old world and the old ways of being, doing things and learning things. It is I who shall nurture this new born world and it is I who shall never give up on it. No, I'm not interested in the old world anymore. You may never have my soul again. I'm building a new reality with every cell in my body and to nurture it I allow my heart and soul to take over and guide me. With every breath I paint on a new canvas that has been holding a space for my soul for such a long time. I shall simply follow my bless and yes that has taken so much courage to do so but I'm here today stronger than ever before, reunited with my soul, empowered by love, driven by passion and together we are creating a new reality. Our time has arrived, it is here and it is now. ✨Turn on your inner lightβœ¨πŸ™( been inspired today by Georgia O'Keeffe: " It takes courage to create ones own world") #newworld #newearth #createyourself

Rhythm. 2014 was my bottom. My turning point. I recall looking my husband in the eyes and saying if I don't pick myself up and fight, I don't know what will happen. I recently had another surgery to remove endometriosis, losing my left ovary due to the endo adhering it to my pelvic wall. Only 6 months relief. Endo came back screaming, you will never be free of me. Another surgery soon to follow. Depression. Pushing down deep rooted issues because I simply wasn't strong enough to face reality. These moments were some of the hardest times to practice self love. Self worth. It was this time in my life my passion. My drive. My light. Reignited, fueling me to pick myself back up. To continue. To never give up. I have reached a point where I am ready to take my healing to another level. We all have a story. A past. Mistakes. Choose to create the wholeness you deserve. Choose to passionately love, you. Choose to find your rhythm and never. give. up. ✌🏼

Rothschild & Rockefeller Tee.
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Having expectations is what causes suffering. Let go of expectations and go with the flow. It helps you to stay happy and keep inner peace. πŸ’― #truth #love #peace #wisdom #kindness #freedom #zen #hippie #meditate #namaste #spiritual #universe #positivevibes #goodvibes #awakened #awakening #lightworker #moonchild #starseed #freespirit #empath

Hi everyone. You can follow my journey here: @myspiritualjourney1
Photocredit: @innerpeace42
Its amazing just how things can lock in and flow can become one if your biggest resources for accomplishment. In the last weel or so i have come into a defined sense of clarity towards the direction i am moving. The things that happen in my life honestly make me question sometimes whether im living in a movie. I am becoming more comfortable in sharing the things that happen to and through my being. Perhaps because i am consistently taking steps forward in my life work and the passion sitting behind my actions is becoming more and more intense each day. So the other day i went into one of my trance states where my body randomnly decides to go "deep". My eyes close and my sensory bodies energy heightens to a level i can only describe as universal.Β  During the experience i leave my physical being and i expand and feel everything on earth. From there it goes beyond and i become a part of the universal fabric. I warp through soace becoming part of every inch of it as i fly through. Becoming one with everything. Where everything is me and i just "am". This is the best way i can describe it as im still trying to figure out myself why these things happen to me. Just thought id share incase any of you have opinions or views on this type of phenomena and can relate :) #spiritualawakening #spiritualgrowth #spirituality #spiritualjourney #consciousness #personalgrowth #chakras #meditating #paradigmshift #awakethesoul #awaken #awakened #innerpeace #mindfullness #higherconsciousness #lightworker #higherself #highervibration #raiseyourvibration #spiritjunkie #selfawareness #intuition #buddhist #higherself #affirmation #affirmations #helpothers #manifest #guru #buddhism

This Saturday!!! #Repost @goddessforce (@get_repost)
Calling all Goddesses!!! We are so thrilled and excited to put together this fantastic event. We are looking forward to an evening of growth, friendship and unity. A beautiful collection of goddesses, who are leading in the healing arts, are coming together to present our empowerment program.Sister Goddess VictoriaπŸ‘‘πŸŒŸπŸ’›βœ¨ along with sister Goddess KarenπŸ‘‘πŸŒŸπŸ’›βœ¨will be presenting the empowerment program and uplifting us with their gifts. Sister Goddess Gloria is our game master. You are in for an evening of fun you'll never forget. We are meeting this Thursday to go over details and would love your suggestions, your ideas and your time if you are available to volunteer. We have many vendors coming together to share their talents with us. We still have vending space available in the childcare section and in the game room. Please let us know if you would like to place an ad in our workbooks, donate a gift basket for our silent auction, or have a booth at our event. We look forward to uniting as many Goddesses as possible. Sending you an abundance of power, passion, pleasure and prosperity. We love you. Tickets are now available at goddessforce@brownpapertickets.com

You give and you give and you give, and now it's time for you to receive. When you find yourself spiraling in resentment, receive as much as you give to find your balance. Remember that the more you give to yourself, the more others will give to you. You deserve the best. You are a child of the universe. Love and light are your birth right. Sending you an abundance of balance, tranquility and harmony.

We conquered Chronos escape room with 15:07 to spare #awakened #escaperoom

When you feel 😫down, try heading to the beach; The calming cycle of 🌊wave after wave is just a reminder that you too are like a wave, going round and round confused as to wheather to Identify yourself as the wave or the ocean. Just remember You're not a person in the universe, you are the universe inside a person.

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Then she said if I was really woke I wouldn't pick cotton candy .

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