Happy National Aviation Day! It was nice to enjoy it on a flight back from ABQ today.
Other than that, here’s a photo while we’re in the descent on #N759GS. -Braeden

Departing PHX on a Southwest 737-700SSW #N7744A with mis-matched engine cowlings. -Braeden

Landing in PHX on a Southwest 737-700 #N750SA. Great landing by the pilots. They had a bit of wind to deal with hence the left (upwind) main touching first, but they put it down very nicely. It may seem like the wing slammed, but that’s from the spoilers killing the lift. -Braeden

Departing SNA on a Southwest 737-700 #N750SA. SNA is unique for its noise sensitive departure. In this flights case, and usually all flights, you go full power on takeoff, climb steeply, and cutback the power at 800 feet, and push the nose over to 5-10 degrees from your 20+ degree climb. Certainly a fun one. -Braeden

A privately owned PC12 (N531AF) taxiing for departure on runway 14 at K8BO, a small regional airport in Maine!
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