Early winter light

Encore de la neige sur l’allée de chavanette à #avoriaz #avoriaz1800 #alpes #deneigement

Next year someone better get on that and get it

Hello again! I'm still sat at my desk studying. My motivation's at a high right now, but it isn't always like that. Earlier, at about 4ish, I was feeling really sleepy and felt a bit defeated by all this work. I tried to have a lie-down as I felt overwhelmingly tired but my heart was racing. I'm not an amazing sleeper, especially during exam season or when I've got a deadline coming up. Frustrated with tossing and turning, I put on my trainers and went for an hour-long walk in the evening sun which was absolutely glorious. I re-connected with nature - I looked around me at the fading sun, the blooming trees and flowers, and the freshly cut grass (guilty pleasure - I just love the look of freshly cut grass for some reason). In that moment I felt so lucky and grateful! There is so much out there for us to see and connect with, and it costs us nothing. If you're feeling overwhelmed with parts of your life, take a step back (or a step outside) and find the beauty in nature. It's an amazing tonic. I know now that I'm going to sleep well tonight, because that zap of fresh air and positivity I got from being outside and absorbing all the goodness around me has made me feel a lot calmer and ready for another day of work. I was picking up litter which sort of put a downer on things, but then I thought... isn't it cool how we can actively remove things that otherwise would be harming plants, animals etc.? Literally just by bending down to pick up some litter, you're making a tangible difference. Doing that made me feel even better. All in all it was a much-needed walk and a reminder to myself to appreciate what's outside and experience it with gratitude. Anyway, my point is, get outside, smell the fresh air, look at the bigger picture and don't get sucked into the stresses of life. Nature is bigger than our emotions. It's all around us and it's powerful. 💫 (photo from family skiing trip in @avoriaz1800 in April. There's nothing like mountain air!)

A slice o’ ice mid-winter

⛷ next year •

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