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A~Irish Blood, English Heart
B~It's Hard To Walk Tall When You're Small
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Good evening everyone, and hope you all have had a great week thus far. After a few days away (this daily post thing can get a bit tough every now and then...), I'm back with another installment of "A Vinyl A Day" with an album from a pure musical genius ship is single handedly responsible for not only setting trends in music, introducing the world to other monumental musicians, and creating classic/ transcending songs and albums, but also creating spaces for artists and talented people to thrive.
Tonight I bring you all the album "Sounds...and Stuff Like That!", by the one and only music legend; Quincy Jones.
This album highlights a combination of high and low tempo, uptempo jazzy R&B that sounds like the pre-curser to Disco and even more so to House!
You can never go wrong to just listening and appreciating the music Jones created and produced, while being introduced to something new and profound. As a bonus, this album has such a dope album cover.
From Jazz and Funk, to R&B and Soul, Pop and Soundtracks to everything beyond and in-between, this man has either introduced and helped launch something, or been part of it all.


For tonight's edition of "A Vinyl A Day", I'm bringing you my first Dancehall riddim submissions. This riddim album was from way back in 2002!!!
This takes me back to about the time I began deejaying with DJ Nappy, DJTesfa, and DJKaos at The Agenda Lounge in downtown San Jose during the Sunday night Reggae party.
This riddim was FIIIYYYAAAHHHH!!!!
It still hits soooo hard with a great BPM tempo and was one of the last great riddims that had such a bashment vibe before the more upbeat, faster, Soca style riddims that were being produced starting around 04'-05'.
Almost all the singles in this riddim were dope and could easily be played to get the crowd on the dance floor real quick.
I used to love playing this riddim and watching the crowd react.
Such a good riddim, Greensleeves had to release a PT. 2 which was great, as I would play my favorite tracks from each within the mix!!!
Pulling this off the shelf took me back to such a good time spinning Dancehall and Reggae!

Look this one up for reals!


Welcome back for tonight's edition of "A Vinyl A Day" as I bring you all an album by one of the all time music greats.
Although this album is not a studio album and it is a compilation of some of his early work, I still find this to be a fitting addition to the collection.
Tonight, I bring you the 1960 compilation album "Stay As Sweet As You Are" by the legendary Nat King Cole.
The collection of songs on this album vary across Jazz styles, but none the less showcase his super smooth and silky voice and excellent music arrangement.
This is a great album to own as is provides an introduction to Cole's earlier work throughout the 1950s.
Throw this record on and find your most comfortable recline chair, make yourself a cocktail and enjoy!


For tonight's edition of "A Vinyl A Day", I bring you a 12" single promo copy of "If Headz Only Knew" by Heather B.
Although the production outshines the rapping (in my opinion), this is still a record/ single you can drop in a 90's era mix and heads will get with it! Or the instrumental can be a hitter for an open mic/ freestyle performance.
Always appreciated Heather B's raw, in your face, can't tell me nothin', delivery and style. She didn't need to oversexualize herself to appeal to any audience. Her skills and talent spoke volumes and carried her craft as emcee.
From The Real World Season One on MTV to Sway in the Morning, this New Jersey emcee has established herself within Hip Hop and entertainment.



After a weekend layoff of focusing on grading and other family/household priorities, I'm here to drop the next installment of "A Vinyl A Day".
On this eve of the 2nd semester (my fellow educators will know what I mean), I bring you a 12" single that I enjoy having in my collection.
Tonight I bring you the 12" single; Ol' Time Killin' w/Maxine on the B side, by Kardinal Offishall.
This was perhaps the 1st time I was exposed to Toronto's talent, or at least aware of the city's contribution to Hip Hop and Reggae/Dancehall.
I absolutely love the dancehall and lovers rock samples throughout both songs and the production on Old Time Killin' is super dope .To be honest, the combination of styles makes that song as dope as it is, as the features definitely shine lyrically throughout that song. Kardi's Jamaican style with the lyricism off each emcee on this track sets OTK on fire!
Oh, of course you can't forget about the gift on the B-side; Maxine..."oh miss Maxine "!!!
This of course features the old Stalag rhythm as Kardinal gets playful while Sister Nancy samples accompany the production very nicely!

Appreciate and enjoy one of the initial Kardinal Offishall joints to get international love!


For tonight's edition of "A Vinyl A Day", I bring you a 12" released on the eclectic and integral California indie record label; Stones Throw. Of course Stones Throw got its start in the South Bay before expanding and gaining is success and popularity in Los Angeles
This was actually executively produced by Peanut Butter Wolf.
The singles "Want Me" and "Arrive" both on this 12" by the one and only Aloe Blacc, who many of you may recognize as a solo artist getting his big break with the single I Need A Dollar featured in the mini series How To Make It In America in 2010-2011.
The songs Want Me and Arrive showcase Blacc's soulful sound as an addition to arsenal of emceeing as was seen early throughout his career.
Introduce yourself to this this dope, all around talent and enjoy!


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