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Senior Nights are always special...especially when the AVID fam shows up to support you😁.Congratulations @t_cluley on a fine season. #avidohana #thisisavid

AVID Seniors are super cool!! Thanks for a great party...and a special shoutout to the graduates that came for our parent info session. You guys are awesome. #thisisavid #avidohana #sorryifnomorepicsofyou @22kintz @mamakintz_ @kapcc_kuilei

Santa is cool. #thisisavid #avidohana

This group of college kids gave up a precious day of winter break to be with AVID. So grateful! 💕 They faced some tough level 2/3 questions and the answers were so honest (and plenty funny 😂) and much needed for our kids to hear. Adopted eagles: Mari (Oregon State), Sofia (Kaimuki AVID/Pacific U), William (Illinois Institute of Technology), Cameron (BYU Hawaii), Dean (University of Washington), Saili (alum, also UW), Stijn (UH Men’s Volleyball) and Tui (UH Men’s Volleyball and Football). Such good hearts and so much greatness to go in this one picture! #wmsavid #wmseagles #adoptedeagles #AVIDohana #AVIDguestspeaker #rolemodels #voicesforgoodchoices

The game was amazing, the girls were inspiring! Watching these alums of 158 play the game that they love made it one of the best field trips ever!! 💚💛 Kaimuki Bulldogs FTW!! #w͛̀ͦ̍̿̏́͒ͩmsavid #wmseagles #kaimukibulldogs #AVIDohana #AVIDfieldtrip #158alumni #proudproudproud

To see these girls as leaders, answering questions as Kaimuki AViD students, makes us so proud! Thank you @kaimukiavid for having us. Your hale (house) is so inspiring!! ⭐️. #wmsavid #wmseagles #kaimukiavid #AVIDohana #AVIDfamily #AVIDfieldtrip #rolemodels

The seniors made another video. I guess they want you to race to their party on Thursday.
@nadiah.rs @malika.phina @lizacorotan @qu33n_natyyy_ @jojogurl77

Got some good news in the mail yesterday. We are now a “Highly Certified Site.” Congrats to all of the students (past and present) for helping us gain this distinction. #kaimukihighschool #avidohana

AVID kids always ready to support our Wahine Basketball Team! Grateful for moments like this! 🏀 🌈 @wahinebb @hawaiiathletics @coachllb Also the jumbotron 😂 and big shout out to Mrs. Lee’s dad, Mr. Yamashita (Idaho State alum), for the necklaces for every single one of our students!! 💕#wmsavid #wmseagles #wahinebb #uhwahine #AVIDfieldtrip #AVIDohana #collegedreams #memoriesmade

AVID Ohana out and about at UH and I would definitely say we are feeling comfortable on this campus! #wmsavid #wmseagles #AVIDohana #AVIDfamily #AVIDfieldtrip #collegedreams #uhmanoa #makemanoayours

Mahalo to the JUNIORS for blessing us with an evening of food, fun, and fellowship. Best movie night of the year?
Special thanks to @kellyleger78 for the awesome spaghetti!!
#thisisavid #kaimukihighschool #avidohana

Last freshman update for awhile...According to Brian, “I'm doing fine right now, just a lot of studying, and it's only getting busier haha. Actually it's pretty nice too. Being surrounded by people who, for the most part, are always studying kind of reinforces me to study too. I'm actually a week ahead in terms of work for my computer science class now. Plus I joined this group that sort of does like a big brother big sister sort of thing, so I got to know a few upperclassman through that, they even took me out to get boba. Also, it's great to see that everyone here is motivated but not like in the nerdy kind of way. They're all really cool people, one of my friends even owns a company. And every night there's this group of students that plays piano in my dorm's lounge. They literally had a jam session like last week performing a song from schindler's list, really amazing.... Well, I'm gonna get to studying some more but tell the AVID fam I miss them.”
You are the man, Cardinal Zeng!! Love the slippers😎
#thisisavid #avidohana #kaimukihighschool #avid4college #55by25 #dreambigworkhard @stanford

Another freshman update...aside from tearing her PCL, Vic is having fun, working hard, and staying busy (just like always). She will be visiting our class when HNU plays Chaminade.
Way to go, Vic!!
#thisisavid #avidohana #kaimukihighschool #avid4college #55by25 #dreambigworkhard @holynamesuniv

Another freshman update...
Sofia has aced all her midterms and and she says that the AVID strategies “really do wonders.” She is so busy with clubs and making friends that she has yet to have time to be homesick.
She also shared with me that she hopes the AVID Ohana is strong and united. I guess she will have to see for herself when she visits during winter break.
Magaling ka, Sofia!!
#thisisavid #avidohana #kaimukihighschool #avid4college #dreambigworkhard @pacificu #55by25

When you pass your kids on to @kaimukiavid and they come back to visit on their day off. 💕. Mrs. Lee threw them into AVID7 tutorials and they were awesome! 👍🏽#wmsavid #wmseagles #AVIDohana #AVIDclass #AVIDtutorials #thisisAVID

Another freshman update..Kirston is having fun at Walla Walla University. She likes college a lot more than high school (I told her she would) and she is hoarding spam because they only serve vegetarian meal options🤙🏻
Kirston says that her classes are good and her grades are even better...you go, girl!!
She is a little bit homesick and she hopes the AVID family is doing great.
Hopefully, Kirston will pay us a visit over winter break. So glad she is happy and doing well for herself.
#thisisavid #avidohana #kaimukihighschool #avid4college #oneteamonedream @wallawallauniversity

So, I’ve shared some info about our recent grads in class, but seeing is believing. Here is the first of a few posts...
Alissa is getting along with her roommate and she is studying a lot. She has joined the Hui O Hawaii, the dairy club, and the shelter medicine club. She has a lecture hall with 170+ students and she assures me she is the only one taking Cornell notes. She likes Oregon State so far, but can’t wait to come home for the holidays. Proud of you, Chon!
#thisisavid #avidohana #kaimukihighschool #avid4college @oregonstate #55by25

Awesome night with the AVID Fam!! Mahalo to the class of 2020 for throwing this month’s Movie Night. The food was great, the games were fun, and the KHSPAC play was very entertaining (especially @lizacorotan). Pretty sure the juniors are already developing a plan to top this one.
#thisisavid #avidohana #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #lizabeingliza

Another National College Fair in the books. #collegeknowledge #avidohana #thisisavid #didyoucatchthephotobomb

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