Check out this video of @theavettbrothers singing “Black Hole Sun” during their encore at #lesschwabamphitheater (@bendconcerts) in July 2017. I’ve seen the Avetts 4 out of the last 5 summers, but am taking this year off. Doesn’t quite feel like summer without them, though. | The Avett Brothers. Les Schwab Amphitheater, #bendoregon. July 2017. .
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I guess this time of year is eventful. This is from an @theavettbrothers show six years ago today in Detroit. I think this show was the last time I saw Chris Van T before he passed.

Did I take this five years ago today or just post it five years ago today? Either way, I like it. This is from an @theavettbrothers show in Nashville. #avettbrothers #scottavett #avett #avettbros #theavettbrothers @avettar

❄️Winter In My Heart❄️ by the Avett Brothers- I am excited to see them in October! Thank you everyone who suggested songs! This totally didn’t take 95 takes.. I only settled for this one because my phone was at 10% 😅#avettbrothers #musician #cover #winter #ndistoohot #guitar #duck #yamaha #sad #avettbros #avettnation

Happy May 1st! (How many Justin Timberlake memes have you seen so far? 🙋🏼‍♀️) My fiddle leaf doesn’t look this good but hey it’s my painting i can make it look however i want ✏️🎨

Been awhile since I’ve done this and apparently you’re supposed to have photos of yourself occasionally on your insta (every nine photos or so? I dunno, maybe that’s a myth) if you already know me, ignore this and go about your day!! If not, heres the hot goss on my life: #fridayintroductions 〰️i nanny the cutest/sweetest kids a couple of days a week and they are 💯 〰️ the rest of the time i paint/package/ship prints out into the world 🌎 〰️ hate working out and don’t relate to people who say they love it 🤖 〰️ love chocolate and all carbs.. was raised on rice, pasta and toaster strudels so i blame my childhood 〰️ i buy too many shoes someone needs to stop me (michael does his best) haha! Alright back to your scrolling — Thanks for reading! 👋🏻

#tbt to @theavettbrothers incredible golden hour set at @bottlerocknapa 2015! Stoked to be back this year for my 5th year! I'll be dedicating all of the next Thursdays until the fest to BottleRocks of the past. Photographed for BottleRock!

getting psyched outta my mind for warmer weather and camping and iced coffee and avett bros with the windows open! 🍃🌿

happy birthday to my brother billy #avettbros #myotherhalf 💛💛🌟‼️

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