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Devil Sixteen😈
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Mercedes SRL 😃
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Rolling with @bazzamov 🚗🔥🔝 В такой компании можно ехать бесконечно! Это мой dream car, а точнее цель-кар 👍🏽 Мотивация - это важная вещь!💯

So here it is, @tge_ldnm's brand new Aventador S. The spec, redefines perfect, no tacky junk, just pure finesse. This is so much more than just a V12 monster. This symbolises the journey of one seriously motivated individual, who I'm proud to call my twin. We used to work any job you could name; £3 for inserting leaflets in a newsagent at 6am for 3 hours at 13 years old, to toilet cleaning and stacking shelves over night. His determination to hit new levels, is an inspiration to so many youngsters, and for that I have great admiration. Want it? You can go get it, and here's your proof. I've said it before, I'll say it again. We Exton's don't do silver spoon here. There's one man, who I wish more than anything could see this incredible collection, and could have experienced the sheer madness that is the Aventador S, but I've no doubt he will be watching down. Yes there's more to life than cars, and we know that better than most, but one thing's for sure, life can be short, so why not go and achieve the most humanly possible? Bless up to all those that support us and here's to 2018 - no games!

Cooling the beast 🖤
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Bape Camo Lambo 🏁
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Aventador SV door
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