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My PADI advanced certification was supposed to be on Catalina Island this weekend but the swell and winds were too much for the passengers. The boat turned around about one third of the way there.

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We have started to find some inspiration and decorations for our upcoming Valentines Day and February events. We find that some subtle table accents go a long way in creating an atmosphere. I love finding inspiration at @target for decorations. What’s your favorite place to grab decorations and accents?

Some joker on YouTube commented on my latest vlog, “wow you spend 20% of your day sourcing plant based foods, another 30% prepping them, 30% talking about it — coz that’s all #vegans do, prep food and preach about it AALLLL DAAAYYY LOOONNGGG!!! and at the end of the day, you will die just like the other 7.5 billion people on the planet” 🤦🏼‍♀️OK, first of all, they were watching a #whatiateinaday video from #happyhealthyvegan — so, yeah, that’s what we’re gonna be doing. But, secondly, even though I tend to focus on healthy homemade #veganfood like the recipes in #keepitcarbedbaby, that’s not ALL we eat, and that’s certainly not the only way to maintain a #veganlifestyle. Take this quick #veganlunch for example! Ryan used an #avalonbay #airfryer from @air_n_water to cook frozen #frenchfries without oil and heated up some @engine2diet poblano #blackbeanburgers which are #oilfree, as well. I added some water sautéed brown mushrooms, avocado, mixed greens and mustard on #lowsodium sprouted grain #ezekielbread from @foodforlifebaking. Honestly didn’t take long at all. 🍔🍟 It’s nothing fancy but it’s quick n easy and much healthier than your standard #burgerandfries, plus no animals were harmed in the process. AND YEAH, we’re all gonna die at some point, but the point if #veganism is that animals don’t have to be bred and killed for our food. Is that really preachy? TBH, I don’t think so. 🐂🐄🐓🦃🐇🐖 #veganuary #govegan

Taste of Stamford! Get your tickets in advance.. #AVAStamford #AVAliving #Stamford #apartments #AVAevents #Avalon #Avalonbay #livingsocial

90's nostalgia collides with the best late-night food... dream collab. Celebrate the ultimate FriYAY at @roxysgrilledcheese & @a4cade. 🕹😋

Resident events are a time for people to meet their neighbors. It doesn’t hurt for a little laughter, fun and wine. Or possibly a little wine glass painting? Our wine glass painting class at Camden Noma was a hit. The residents truly enjoyed creating their masterpieces. Our staff and bartender help make this event go smoothly. Have you ever hosted a wine glass painting class? Did your residents enjoy it?

Oh it’s on now! My first two meals in the Instant Pot were a hit. Which one do you prefer? #BattleOfTheKitchenGadgets #AirFryerVersusPressureCooker #InstantPot #AvalonBay

Our clients challenged us to come up with innovative topics and classes for 2018. @thelovedynasty hosted our sushi rolling class at @theuptonapts. Are you looking for a fun class topic? Reach out about sushi rolling, global cooking experience or Chocolate 3 ways. Don’t miss out on your chance to book this class. What class do you think your residents would enjoy?

Craft events are a great way for residents to talk their neighbors. The group did a phenomenal job. We were thoroughly impressed with the finished images. Have you ever done stain glass painting?

Three course dinner in your community room. We have 3 more slots open in February. LuxeGiving will have some special partners to take your February event to the next level. Don’t wait for the last minute! Some dates are already booked out. Let LuxeGiving help with your next event. Want more information about our services? Check us out at http://ow.ly/f2sV30hO359.
Separate your property from the rest. Not sure how to offer the pop up restaurant at your community? Let us stop by your property to see your space. #dcliving #washingtondc #residentevents

Our favorite feature? Natural sunlight. ☀️ In our stunning kitchens, your Insta posts will be flawless.

@beyoutiful.photographynj — Learn to appreciate the simple things in life! 🌅📸👌🏻 .
#avalonbay #frozenbay #foggyevening #sunset #photography

Thank you @liveatthepearl for hosting our first executive dining experience with @thelovedynasty as the featured chef. The residents truly enjoyed having an three course dinner at home. It was better than cooking dinner. We look forward to another experience on Monday featuring @foodequallove.

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