Proszę powiedzcie mi że ta roślina ma zawsze taki kolor i że jesień jeszcze daleko... _______________________________
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I have Fall fever! This was taken on the Gatlinburg By-Pass in 2015. That was a very good year for colors. It was an overcast, drizzly day which made the colors pop. This scene caught my eye because it has several shades of colors in it.

There is no me without you、no you without me。You are the way in which I think、feel、learn、live、and love。
And that is our
— 。。
—。 —。

— find 12|12

That code is in my veins; it is fallen leaves that raise a forest。Yes、you are gone。But I would not be me if not for you。
— find 11|12

See what we could have been? A fruit、if we had made it to Spring。A tree、where we were merely fallen leaves。
— find 10|12

That code is deeper、in our roots、in the ground、where fallen leaves fell onto、where fallen leaves were buried。
— find 9|12

The code has yet to be known、but it permeates into every moment that we are together。It is the way we must think、feel、learn、move、live、and love。
— find 8|12

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