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hello, lovelies! it's me, finally. and ... i'm gonna get real 'n' vulnerable for a bit. i thought i'd return right after hurricane irma & share the experience, but i just didn't feel able. this bummed me out, as i felt like i was back to a good place on here with renewed excitement to catch up on some things & connect more often again. but something happened to me going through the hurricane that night (it was way more than expected), & then seeing what it did to parts of our state, followed by absolute astonishment over how maria ravaged puerto rico, & how that was (& wasn't) handled. but it's not only that. i feel like there's been a hurricane of emotions awhirl in the sea of my soul for a while, & especially these last several weeks. gosh, hasn't it been so extra rough lately? between natural disasters like overwhelmingly enormous, relentless hurricanes & fires devastating so much, & events like new shootings & attacks, our mess of a government, & all the harassment & assault secrets coming out (#metoo, by the way) ... it's just all been a little much to take, ya know? i know i'm not alone, but i tend to go inward when needing to process such things. and i'm not embarrassed to admit that i've been having a darn hard time with it all. it's okay to say you're not okay, & ... i haven't been thoroughly okay for a while, between all of the above & my own struggles with health concerns, grief recovery, etc.
but yet ... i AM okay enough. if that makes sense?! it means i'm still happy & grateful me, at my core, but that ... there's just been more functioning than flourishing lately. understandable, as there's truly been a whole lotta tough stuff happening, & so i've had to take extra time to try to find a center of peace amidst & in spite of it all. also, sometimes i retreat from sheer overwhelm of trying to keep up on here (an unrealistic illusion anyway, methinks?!), & then there's simply been more going on lately in regular life-livin', so that's been distracting me away as well. and that is the scoop. so, i'm SO glad to be back now, & feelin' the hope again of continuing to be! i wish you all a most gorgeous & peaceful week, & i send sooo much love.

I was an autumn mermaid tonight. β˜ΊοΈπŸšπŸπŸ‚ I love how my costume came together tonight. #mermaidlife #imamermaid #autumnmermaid #fallweather

Yoga in the Colorado sunshine makes my heart sing #autumnmermaid #yogini #enjoythejourney #coloradoliving #coloradogirl

#ootd #autumn🍁 #skirt #tights #top from #nutmeg #ankleboots from #matalan and of course would not get a bow from anyone but our @lunalovesbows today was #autumnmermaid #sparkle

Me. Always me. #AutumnMermaid

Happy Fall!! πŸπŸ‚πŸŽƒ The leaves are just starting to change here, and I tried my first apple cider donut at an orchard this weekend--already plotting when I can go back for another πŸ˜‰What are your favorite parts of the season? .
#pumpkinpatch #applepicking #appleorchard #authorslife #authorsofinstagram #autumnmermaid #booksandpumpkins #bostonlove #ipswich #ipswichma

Hopefully not the last swim this season!#autumnmermaid

#fashionshow last week! This coat is so cute! #riverislandkids #wintercoat #fur #toddlerfashion also spot the sparkle bow #autumnmermaid from @lunalovesbows as no outfit is complete without a #bow
#toddlersofinstagram #winterboots #wintercoat #pose

Mermaid vibes are never ending in my studio 🐚 πŸ‘‘

Have you entered the "It's Almost Fall Loop Giveaway"? Cause if you want this exclusive pair of Autumn Mermaid hair clips then you'll want to go enter now! ✨ Go back ➑️ 1 post to see how to enter! Good luck to you! πŸ‘ŒπŸ» #autumn #mermaids #autumnmermaid #hairclips #exclusivepair #exclusiveclips #exclusivebowz #anniesbowz #loopgiveaway #gold #winered #tangerine #yellow #mermaidscales #youwontwanttomissthis #ribbonflowers #hairaccessories

I can't believe it's been over a year since I last posted any #MonthlyManiFavorites. πŸ˜•
Anyway, here are my faves for July. πŸ’– Which one did you like?

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