#Wasserstoff ist als #Antioxidans nicht mit herkömmlichen #Antioxidantien ( #VitaminC, #VitaminE, #OPC usw.) vergleichbar. Wasserstoff ist ein vielfach stärkeres Antioxidans als Vitamin C.
Japanische Forscher um den Molekularbiologen Prof. Sanetaka Shirahata zeigten, dass Wasserstoff als Wirkfaktor die Menge an #Freien Radikalen erheblich stärker senkte, als Vitamin C.

Wasserstoff ist natürlich und sein Wirkung hat keine Nebenwirkungen. Zum Wasserstoff hat die Wissenschaftler #HidemitsuHayashi, der in München Medizin studierte, ein klare und durch Forschungsergebnisse fundierte Meinung: „Es gibt auf dieser Welt #wasserstoffarmes und #wasserstoffreiches #Wasser - Wasser, in dem Wasserstoff gelöst ist. Es kann sich glücklich schätzen, wer den Zugang zu wasserstoffreichem Wasser hat.“ www.sauer.aquion.de #sauermachtgesund steht für #ganzheitlicheGesundheitsberatung und somit für #antientzündlicheernährung und #antientzündlichestrinken #ionisierteswasser #aktivwasser #antientzündlich #immunstärkung #immunitybooster #immunsystem #autoimmunedisease #autoimmunerkrankung #Schilddrüsenunterfunktion #Hashimoto #bluthochdruck #Krebs

Having ignored my gut several times over the past 18 months and things ultimately then not working out as planned this is now my new mantra 💙We have such an amazing ability to know what is truly the right thing to do but it's a case of blocking out the white noise of life and going with what you know deep down is best. Never doubt yourself and never allow anyone to make you doubt yourself. You have the power. Nobody knows what you need better than you. Good health starts with believing in yourself ❤️💫#nontoxicbeauty #ethicalbeauty #greenbeauty #greenbloggers #sustainablebeauty #cleanbeauty #naturalbeauty #cleanliving #cleanlifestyle #healthylifestyle #selfcare #inflammation #greenbeautyblogger #greenbeautybloggers #skinhealth #greenblogger #crohns #livingmybestlife #hyperbaricoxygentherapy #plantbased #health #wellness #wellnessblogger #wellnessjourney #vegan #detox #healthyskin #healthyskincare #naturalhealing #autoimmunedisease

(I really hope this is a normal MRI because if not that’s awkward but enjoy looking at my big ol’ noggin) I just wanna talk about how one small action from someone on you care team can make alllllll the difference. I had an MRI of my brain today, and let me tell you: I did NOT expect to be that person that freaks out. But alas, there I was. Full blown panic attack begging to be let out approximately 6 seconds after being put in. (I made the mistake of keeping my eyes open and seeing how small the machine was inside). It was horrible! I’ve never experienced any kind of claustrophobic feeling before, so I think it just really caught me off guard. I worked myself up so much that I was bawling, and was told I’d need to reschedule and be given some sort of sedative beforehand next time. I felt horrible for wasting their time, and felt like a total burden for having them try to put me in 2 times before they finally gave up. Before I left an absolute ANGEL of a radiology tech reached out and offered to stay in the room with me to see if that helped me stay calm. He didn’t have to do this by any means. He made jokes, calmed me down, and set me back up to be put into the machine. He kept his hand on my leg the entire time to keep me grounded and talked to me between scans so that I could feel at ease, and it worked 10000%! He prevented me from needing to come back over a week later and be sedated (which makes me even more anxious tbh), have to reschedule my neurology appointment, and continue not having answers for a while longer. I am so grateful that he had a heart big enough to extend such pure compassion to me and help me get the testing I needed. To my wonderful health care professionals, you do not go unnoticed 🖤 I appreciate every gracious encounter I have with you. You make a huge impact in my life, and I hope you never stop doing what you do. Here’s to you!!

Some of our favourite little taste testers when they stopped by to celebrate our birthday 🎉 .
#flourtothepeople #glutenfree #madesbananaflourco #glutenfreebaking #glutenfreebakery

Stark reminder NOT to forget to wear gloves in August! 🙄
Wretched painful swollen blue fingers . . .😣 Sigh. . . Hopeful the warm sunshine will reappear sometime soon 😘🤞☀️ #scleroderma #sclerodermawarrior #sclerodermasucks
#raynauds #raynaudssyndrome #autoimmunedisease #secondaryraynauds #hubbyandi #kiteflying #kitefestival2018 #sunflowers #wherehassummergone ☂️🤔

Today I’m in a quandary. To head scarf or bald-it. I have a meeting with my new boss (I start next week) and in my interview I wore a headscarf. I don’t know why I did, I don’t to client meetings or the shops but I was worried being bald would hinder my chances of getting the job, that my health would be questioned and how do you say ‘don’t worry I’m not ill ill, my body just likes to wage war against itself - no biggy’
And now I have the job it feels odd walking in today with no scarf. Like I sold a lie -‘haha I tricked you - you thought you hired ‘headscarf girl’ but instead you get a baldy’.
Maybe I’m over thinking it. Maybe wearing a headscarf is enough to imply that luscious locks I have not. Maybe I need to de-scarf earlier rather than later. Imagine bumping into work colleagues on the weekend de-scarfed in 3 years time - ‘oh that’s what you’ve been hiding, we thought you were storing a kitten under there’.
Fuck it, you’re right. I should stop being a wimp and just do it. It’s only a bald head after all (although after 3 children pointing it out in Aldi yesterday I am thinking about joining the circus). Be brave, be bold, be bald. .
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This is Renee! If you haven’t read about her journey yet here is a glimpse in how much life has changed for her. •

The photo on the left was taken in 2016 she was just 52kg and very sick after having had two ruptures in her bowel as well as a nasty diagnoses of an auto immune disease. The photo on the right was taken recently.

Darren and Kristin met Renee earlier this year and an immediate connection between Kristin and Renee was formed! Kristin sat down and listened to everything Renee had endured, the goals she wanted to achieve and the heart breaking meetings with coaches she had before meeting us. •

Darren knew straight away that Kristin was going to suggest that we take on Renee as our athlete and help her crush her goals! Renee is now stacking on the muscle ready for her first show. •

Darren has worked with Renee to ensure all her nutrition is suited to her goals and considers her previous medical history. Kristin has developed training programs to help Renee build her physique ready for stage, get her posing on point and helping Renee to remain focused on her goals and the best ways to crush them! It means so much to us to see this girl excel at chasing her goals especially when some have doubted her capabilities! Not once have we ever doubted this girl nor will we... she is a hard worker and hard work always shines!

Life has been hectic , work and neuro app and MRI's and typical winter weather .. its so nice to have time out and catch up with my best friend over coffee☕.. always seeking a new cafe to try. Today down kings st in #perthcity .. #lifestyle #coffeedates #coffee #bestfriend #city #perthwa #busymum #daysoff #active #mswarrior #msfighter #autoimmunedisease #goodvibes #kingstreet #fitmum #livelaughlove

Serious fatigue at the moment!
This is a good description of my days lately
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Heute bin ich den ganzen Tag beim Augenarzt...es muss alle 2h der Augendruck gemessen werden und es wird eine Gesichtsfelderkennung gemacht um zu überprüfen, ob alle Nerven noch intakt sind und ich verkehrstüchtig bin. Also werde ich bis 17Uhr in der Stadt sein und alle 2h zum Arzt rennen...naja was sein muss, muss sein. #nmda #antirezeptorenzephalythis #encephalitis #autoimmunedisease #augenarzt #eyedoctor #onmywayback #backtolife #gesundwerden #ichmöchteautofahren #magdeburg #uniplatz #piratenbraut

I find it a vital part of my day, when I can remember to remind myself to just enjoy the present. I tend to have a mind that goes faster than I can keep up with. And I frequently have to remind myself that the things that matter most are happening right now. I do not negate goals or planning for the future, but I don't make those future goals and planning the most important things. Because if I focus on those future things too much I will lose track of the important things that are happening around me right now.

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