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I want to be honest.

I’ve come so far but have so far to go.

I have fallen in love with not just the sport, but who I’ve become through the process.

I’ve stayed up relentlessly doing exercises to make sure I make weight the next day.

I’ve told my friends I can’t hangout because I have to go home and make my food.

I’ve listened to all the motivational speeches just to keep me sane during my journey and to think I’m somewhat normal for doing this.

Reality is, anytime you want to get better, do better, and be better.

You have to put in the work. Yes it is normal to want to pull your hair out, and scream into a pillow when you are doing things you haven’t done before.

Guess what? If it doesn’t challenge you IT WON’T CHANGE YOU.

I can write you a million motivation quotes, I can show you my before and after, I can show you all my meals, in the end.. you have to want it bad enough to get off your ass and work for it.

I’m no where near where I want to be, or any where close to being done. I do know that working hard is a good place to start.

I appreciate my coach: @gorealaperformance for helping me release my inner beast and pursue being an athlete. You’re awesome, and I cannot wait for the future💪🏽
#transform #AutoBotsRollout #welcometothejungle

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