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Available today at Booth 4851! Autobots! ROLL OUT!!! #sdcc #sdcc2017 #sdccexclusive #comiccon #autobotsrollout #pingame

It's you and me, Optimus 💙❤️ #AutobotsRollOut

Good morning world. Let's do this! #RadioLife #DJLife #AutobotsRollout

Fekk besøk av ei humlebille på altanen. Det va sjukt. #autobotsrollout #mørenytt

Wanna give a huge S/O to my big bro on turning 67 today man you getting old. didnt know time fly by this fast. JK Happy birthday to my role model,mentor, provider & father figure. You caused an huge impact on our lives (me,Bruce,ej,gen) from the person that raised us. Guided us through the right path. Always set the best examples And always to remain happy in difficult times. Gave us our birth names after real ones Brandon lee & Bruce lee @sav_uce we hopped out the womb karate choppin. Always made us come watch jeepers creepers when we was little man I was traumatized by that creature smh. He can come see me now though. Always was there since them lowest and highest times of our lifes appreciate everything you do I'm BLESSED to have you in my life CUH !! happy 3️⃣3️⃣ birthday 🍰🎂🎉🍾🍻🥂🍺🍺 Halo 1 2 & 3's finest 🎮 DD's finest 🚙🤦🏽‍♂️#SNIPERGANG #MANULELEUA💉 #AUTOBOTSROLLOUT

Today, @scook894 became a transformer and looked good doing it. #autobotsrollout


Good morning world. Let's do this! #RadioLife #DJLife #AutobotsRollout

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