The media likes to put a product out there that raises awareness for suicide, depression, anxiety, accidentally saying the wrong thing, bullying, failed relationships, being involved in domestic violence situations, narcotics usage, alcoholism and a plethora of other issues that people go through on a daily basis. The irony here is that each and every one of these topics are symptoms of #Autism, yet Autism is rarely ever brought up in conversation or awareness in the media unless there is a profit to be made and even then, the media never gets it 100% correct.

The movie #Rainman portrays #Autists as being incapable of everyday tasks and similar to #MentallyRetarded or having #DownsSyndrome and it couldn't be further from the truth. The movie #TheAccountant suggests all Autists are gun fighting, mathematicians with an accounting degree but so many of us are horrible with math. #TheBigBangTheory makes Autism look nerdy but there aren't any physical characteristics tied to Autism.

We're not all Albert Einstein or Nikola Tesla, none of us look similar and we typically dont fight crime. We're just like everyone else and we want accurate representation from the media.

Let's start with music. I can go to YouTube and find a country song about some guy who's girlfriend broke up with him and took his truck and dog and that song hits the #Billiboard #Top100 but all of the songs about Autism are getting only 100 hits a year and it goes nowhere. "The Sound of Silence" hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the week ending January 1, 1966 and I believe it's about depression. The rock band @Disturbed and @LinkinPark have numerous #1 songs where the focus point are mental health, personal trauma and suicide. Autism is a growing concern and I'm willing to put my #AutismAwareness campaign out in the open with a plea to the media and #Hollywood to help give us a better representation as people and not just a stereotype. I have tagged as many people that I can think of to hopefully push this and get us some accurate representation in the media and entertainment industry. If you know of anyone else, please tag them and pass this along. Thank you!


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I want to write an #Autobiography how I've gotten to where I am at this point in my life, from my birth all the way to my successes, failures and the building of my charity; HOWAutism. I think that it would be encouraging for other #Autists to see someone else in the same situation and they may want to do something similar with their life. The #Author of #HarryPotter: #JKRowling, was dirt poor, hopelessly sitting in a coffee shop when she wrote the first page of #HarryPotter on a napkin and a waitress suggested that she should finish the book. Little did anyone know that the Harry Potter series would become a bestseller and people of all ages would go crazy over a young wizard boy who flew on a broomstick.

I was born John Michael Keaney on May 31, 1986 to John Joseph and Lou Ann Keaney (Fuller) at St. Johns West Shore hospital in Westlake, Ohio. The story behind my birth goes that I was born 2 weeks late but from May 28 to 31, my mom had labor pains and my parents would go to the hospital and the pains would stop once they got there. I have never been on time for anything. I was born via C-section with a full head of hair like I was a year old already and my birth certificate says that I weighed 11.4 lbs but my dad insists that my birth certificate was not written until a couple of days later and my actual birth weight was a whopping 13+ lbs. My dad explains the huge loss in weight as being typical because all newborns lose weight shortly after birth and I was just not weighed in time. In the viewing room, the nurses laid me next to a 15 lb sumo baby and someone's grandparents were adoring the sight of so many adorable babies. They saw me and just the sight made them gasp and say "Oh no" then they saw my nursery neighbor and they screamed in horror. True story according to my dad who was observing right next to the new grandparents. I had a pretty normal infancy and I was comfortable with anyone holding me. If they were feeding me, I was happy. I would not cry if I was picked up or laid down and I slept through the night without a lot of disruptions. My parents describe me as being a good baby and I didnt cause too much trouble.


get axload of my student #qualia you mother fucking villainous fake teacher who requires essays to be eight (8) pages long, i am going to go to your eight meters squared house and stab your eight cats with eught swords of eight meters in length each, and also your wife if your analytic #physicalist ass even has any, #worldoftanksisbetterthanyou
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In about 45 minutes, there will be close to 2,000 people on this beach. The reason I do this is because I want people to understand me. I try to understand everyone else and I often come up empty handed because there is not a middle that I and they can meet so that we have a mutual understanding. If people understand me, then I can assume that they understand most #Autists. We just want to be treated like everyone else. Please share!

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Every Monday and Thursday, I will post a random topic about #Autism and I encourage anyone with something to add to do so in the comments. Folo me on IG @howautism

Todays topic is "unusual collections in Autism". #Autists *ALMOST ALWAYS* have an interest in collecting things in a similar class or category. My collection (aside from HotWheels and Matchbox cars which I had probably a hundred or so) were rocks that I picked up while going on my daily walk with my dad when I was a toddler and even all the way up to my teens. I just had to have them and I got really upset if my parents even so much as touched my rocks, let alone throw them away. My parents kept me calm by letting me keep the rocks but they always somehow managed to disappear less than 12 hours later but I never noticed. I would put them on the desk in my bedroom that I shared with my oldest brother and they would sit there for a little bit. There wasnt anything really significant about these rocks but they looked really cool and I instantly became emotionally attached to them.

There are other even more unusual and even some much more bizarre collections that may interest an Autist. Those include things that many people may not have. Anything you can think of, some Autist probably has a substantial collection of that item. Many of these objects may be biohazardous, dangerous, may have a sexual purpose, may be unsanitary, may be considered garbage to you or I or it may be biodegradable but they're collected because someone saw value in it. There are; however, very common collections that Autists are intrigued by and like I mentioned, I had a vast collection of Hotwheels and Matchbox cars. I actually dont know how many I had but for being a young boy, I had quite a few. Maybe 100+ and none of them were duplicates. I loved cars so much that I could not go to sleep unless I had one car for each hand. I would sleep with those cars in my hands and I would wake with those cars still in my hands. My collections today are beer glasses, beer advertisements, tshirts and hoodies. It may seem like I'm an alcoholic but I'm not. My interests just matured and I love the artistry.


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Every Monday & Thursday, I will post a random topic about #Autism & if anyone has something 2 add 2 it, I encourage U do so in the comments. I skipped posting on Memorial Day 2 take time 2 think about & honor the fallen men & women of our armed/police forces. GOD BLESS THEM!! Folo me on IG @howautism

Today's topic is special B/C back in April, 1 of my followers messaged me about it & has shown a lot of support 4 what I do. I'm always accepting of feedback as long as its respectful. I left the ID edited out 4 confidentiality reasons & I can relate 2 what is being said b/c I had a very difficult time in a large class setting. A large class leaves the teacher giving less 1 on 1 time 2 each individual student whereas a smaller class allows more 1 on 1 & each student is more receptive 2 what is being said. I spent my entire education in a traditional setting up to 7th grade where the hormones & peer pressure was attacking every student & everyone is going through the same bodily changes. It can B assumed that since sensory issues R more severe 4 #Autists than the Avg. #Neurotypical, these hormonal changes can also B more severe for Autists as well. I'm just theorizing 4 now. 4 some of 7th grade, I was placed in special ed classes w/ other people who needed extra assistance due 2 distractions in larger classes. The students werent "Slow" but needed less going on in their enviroment. Being in a much smaller class gave me the opportunity 2 do better in school. I was getting violent. I stayed in special ed classes up to Dec. of 9th grade & due 2 increase violent behavior, I was put in a small room where 60-something yr old Miss Petrus was given the responsibility of keeping me in line. 4 just 2 hrs/day, 5 days/wk, 5 ft tall Miss Petrus babysat my 6'1" self B/C nobody else could keep me calm. She gave me the task of making sure her hermit crabs were entertained & she wanted me 2 color pictures & build puzzles 4 her. I loved Miss Petrus & I respected her. 2/24/02, I was sent 2 Snow School which specialized in violent behaviors & classrooms of 8 students. I graduated from both schools in '05. That school saved my life before I became a statistic.


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Every Monday and Thursday, I will post a random topic about #Autism. I encourage anyone with something to add to please do so in the comments. I missed yesterday because I was busy. Folo me on IG @Howautism

Today's topic is "Autism and Clumsyness and poor motor skills". #Autism is a really mysterious and not fully understood disability. So many things still fascinate me even though I live with this everyday and once I thought I learned everything about Autism, I find something new that fascinates me even more. Being both physically and even mentally clumsy are common with #Autists and the same with having poor motor skills such as reaching for a glass, opening my hand, grabbing the glass and closing my hand or playing video games (which I lack a little bit in). It's like something out of a Mr. Bean movie but not to that extreme. It's actually more like holding a baseball and accidentally dropping it or in my case (which happens a couple times a month), I lose my balance as I'm walking and I have to readjust my footing but I never fall down. I'm always forgetting stuff at my parents house or the day center/office that my caretakers use. It may still be worse for other #Autistic people. "Individuals with Asperger's often display an odd or uneven gait when walking or running, trouble with ball skills, difficulty with balance, poor handwriting skills, and difficulty imitating or mirroring others’ postures, gestures, or movements." 👇


Even with my clumsiness and poor motor skills, I still manage to hold two part time jobs, drive, ride my bicycle for many many miles, care for 3 pets, ride the bus, maintain a decent sized house by myself, walk up and down stairs, run, swim, walk, shower, get dressed, etc. I'm even building my own charity. These issues dont hold me back. I'm doing quite well and I hope that others see it the way I'm feeling it.

Do you, an #Aspie or #Autist in your life have these issues? Please tell me about it in the comments. ❤ I'm looking forward to replying back to some comments today! Let's make this one interesting. 😀


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This is one theory...
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Every Monday and Thursday, I will post a random fact about #Autism. I couldn't do it yesterday because something unexpected occurred and therefore, I wasnt online very much. I encourage anyone to comment that would like to to do so in the comments.

Today's topic is "Autism and safety concerns". #Autists have decreased sense of danger. It's not like some child plays with fire, the parents find out and reprimand him. No, the child won't understand the risks involved with their actions and therefore, they're occasionally putting themselves in situations that can cause them or someone else significant harm. Children walk away and get lost all the time but Autists (even adults) can become lost and not know how to get home or know where home is. They will also play by the street. They may even walk into traffic and simply not understand that they can get very hurt or even killed.

In an evacuation scenario, an Autist may fight you, resist, run away or not respond.
If there is any risk for danger, someone with Autism has probably come close to serious injury or even death or have died just because they did not know what could happen. There have even been abductions with an Autist involved. The abductor may have mentioned that they were looking for their puppy or offered something in exchange for getting in the vehicle. This happens with adults too. This is because they dont know any better. They dont see the risks. Playing on the railroad tracks looks like a bad idea to you and I but not to someone with Autism who does not understand. It looks like an opportunity to explore. Playing by the pool without any supervision and the pool uncovered does not seem like a good idea to you or I but to them, its perfectly logical. Drowning is among the leading causes of death of individuals with Autism. They do not understand safety. #MurphysLaw "What can go wrong, will go wrong." In a way, supervising an adult with Autism that is so severe with regards to safety that are not recognized, is just like babysitting a child with normal child tendencies and curiosities.



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