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Just a little reminder that World Autism Day, April 2nd is approaching!! There many symbols and colours all over the world that are associated with autism awareness & acceptance. I can’t support them all in one day though!! I respect all the many logos and colours anything that helps raise awareness and resonates with you I say go for it!! This year in Australia we are going yellow to show our support for females on the spectrum 💛💛💛 I can’t wait to see our cities lighting it up yellow!! It’s a cause close to my heart and I really hope for the day when as a society we are not only aware of autism but we are accepting and understanding of it too ✌🏼

Autism Awareness Month is right around the corner! Autism is a developmental disorder characterized by social-interaction difficulties, communication challenges and a tendency to engage in repetitive behaviors . Males are typically affected more than females.❤️💛💙 #autism #autismawareness #austismawarenessmonth #autismawarenessday #autismacceptance #autistic #autisticgirls #autisticboys #love #loveyourself #puzzle

Thought I should introduce us a bit more now we have so many new families following along. I thought I should get more comfortable sharing some more photos of myself- if my girls are happy to do it then so should I 🌈 Here I am Jenna (yes I do love a good hair accessory among many other things) mamma bird to Hazel & Olivia, 💍 to Michael. We are a special needs family- one of our lovely girls is autistic, along with a few other medical diagnoses that have come along the way in our journey. We are sharing our world to raise awareness for hip dysplasia, joint hyper mobility syndrome, sensory processing and of course ASD- particularly for females rocking the spectrum ✨🦋 My greatest hope is that the stigma around autism and many other medical conditions will change if we raise awareness and acceptance authentically through shared experiences from our life. As always what I share and my thoughts are just that- my own and I know we are all on our own journeys and it’s not the same for us all. I want the world to see all the wonderful things that can come with a special needs family not just the negatives or downsides. I love following along and seeing so many people thriving and making their own unique way through life positively. Thank you everyone for sharing and keeping it real you are helping me learn and grow through watching your experiences and what works for you & your families. Finding our tribe has been invaluable to help me feel at one with this special needs parenting gig. Behind every special needs family are parents who never give up, siblings who are courageous & a village that fills in the gaps ✌🏼💙

Bb made me a turtle. Looks like Deadpool Ninja turtle. This kid. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #polymerclay #turtle #imagination #aspergirlinside #autisticgirls #creative #detail #deadpool #tmnt #cowabunga

Having a need for a huge amount of movement in both my girls sensory profiles means we pretty much live in what feels like some kind of constant house party/rave/death metal concert type situation at all times 😳🤯 you don’t turn away for a second and you need to plan what feels like a hundred different activities to fill the space of a morning. If we aren’t busy we are totally out of control- but then there’s an edge to it where we also need to keep it calm and quiet much of the time too. There is a very fine line and I’m sure many ASD families can relate that it’s a balance and its not always the same day to day what works. I’m glad for our amazing support team and for all the resources available to us. I love to learn and read and that is serving my family well. It’s almost like as parents we are also now filling the role of therapist. Its not enough to just go and do the therapy with the professionals, for us it has become our life. Its a lot of work but also it’s what we wanted to do- we would do anything in our power to give our daughter the best possible chance to thrive and grow into herself. The therapy isn’t about changing who she is we just want to give her the support to be herself comfortably and get out in the world. That is why we share, that is why we advocate it’s not enough that we are providing her this life in our home and family, for her to have a positive future ahead everybody else needs to get on board too. We all have so much to learn, so much we can do that can make a difference. Don’t turn away- lean in you might learn something really amazing, meet someone really wonderful and find out some information you never knew before. You might even make a difference in somebodies life and that is never an opportunity to be wasted. It takes a village and we all have something to offer in our own unique way💙✌🏼 #differentnotless #iamable #autisticgirls #sensoryprocessingdisorder #specialneedsfamily #parenthood_moments

So last night was merely another account added to my lovely long list of witnessing or being on the receiving end of discrimination.
Sometimes it's hard to stay calm in the face of blatant discriminatory behaviour but just remember this: - You don't need to legitimise to anyone that this is discriminatory behaviour - Language such as "stop being so autistic" and such other words aren't 'funny' or 'banter' they're offensive discriminatory forms of language which reinforces an image of people being 'less than' - If you use this language and someone explains the derogatory meaning an apology goes a long (attempts to legitimise are just stupid)
- Don't sit and watch people use this language or legitimise people who do or tell people to ignore it because it's not meant hurtfully, because the truth of the matter is it does hurt and it it's cruel to use these words and phrases. We all have an obligation to stand up for others and not sit by as being complicit is sometimes worse to watch people do than when someone says it to your face as it makes it seem like this derogatory behaviour should be the norm
- Think for 2 seconds before you speak and think whether you would appreciate someone labelling you as ' less than' or something to mock - it ain't purty being cruel y'know

That pre blackout moment where you don't realise your going into overload untill boom it's 3 hours later lol 🙃🙃 but gots to appreciate the aesthetic filter😂
But an old English essay waits for nobody 😎😂 history degree life ayyy🙄
Rip me👍
#autistic #autisme #autistic #girlswithautism #autisticgirls #autismawareness #awareness #disability

PSA: Autistic people can have relationships, contrary to what people believe. We are human too, we are capable of loving and being loved.

Personally, I’m married to another aspie and have been for 3 years. Things aren’t easy, but neither is any relationship regardless of a label.
#autism #autismawareness #autisticrelationships #relationships #autisticgirls #actuallyautistic

My sensory seeking child. She laid her face down on my ice pack, because she needed to know how it felt. She didn't know it was an ice pack, she just liked the coldness under the cloth. (I'd used it for my migraine already so it wasn't frozen, just still cold)

She kills me, I adore this minion so much. Every new touch, each piece of sensory input she absorbs, and I get a front row seat to watch her marvel at life.
How lucky we are, as parents, to be able to experience the world through their eyes...
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It’s also an easier road but we don’t know any different so we just walk the path we are given and watch for all the flowers blooming🌻 IEP meeting done for today. Not my favourite type of meeting to have but so important and imperative to get your child just what they need. It’s a lengthy process and this was just the start- the draft of the draft meeting. The one thing I find the hardest is the assumptions made about your child based on a set of paperwork and diagnostic reports. The assumptions that the professionals make at times that you know are wrong, nobody knows your baby better then you the parents. I wish there was a way to capture my child and the essence of her in these meetings but that’s tough as these meetings are about funding and adjustments and curriculum. No matter how wonderful the team it always comes down to the facts and the numbers. There are always positives and we are always strong and support our daughter- shining a light on all that is good in her but unfortunately a lot of the process is also focusing on the deficits and the support needs- no parent ever enjoys hearing about deficits or failings in their child. Full stop no matter who you are it’s never fun to hear about the struggles your child is having day to day. I am starting to get used to it and today’s meeting was definitely better then others we have had so I hold onto the positives and keep forging ahead. I’m proud we are a team my little family of 4 we are all working together to help each other and one of us needs a little more help then others and that’s ok. We never give up and no matter how uncomfortable or upsetting the conversation we show up and we do our best to plan for the best possible journey forward for our girl. It’s a tough bit of special needs parenting and it’s not enjoyable- it’s down right emotional but what makes me uncomfortable is also helping us grow and get stronger and in turn teach me and my girls to grow through what we go through 💕✌🏼

My girls know me so well they knew exactly what would make me smile..... changing their beds lol 😍#happymothersday #senmum #autismhouse #autisticgirls #epilepsyhouse #anxietyhouse #houseoflove #mygirls #myworld #mummabear

I love the things that go on in your mind. I love how you went shopping and could’ve bought anything including toys but you came home with this vase. Why? You think perhaps an archeologist found it in Egypt or India and then sold it to someone here until eventually you found it in a secondhand store. You want to know where it originated from and who may have owned it before. I love that you have special interests that are so unique to you, like architecture and archeology. At school your many amazing talents don’t always shine in the classroom work they give you but I know you have a mind that is great and you have intelligence in an outside the box kind of way for a kid your age. It truly does surprise me when you actually tell us what you’re thinking and invite us into your world- there is a wondrous, beautiful life that happens inside your mind and it fascinates me to no end. I just wish school curriculum could help others see your strengths. I still remember the day your kindy teacher asked me if I thought anything was “actually going on inside your head”?? I still find it shocking how casually an assumption she had made and actually felt comfortable saying that to me. You find the work difficult and everyone else just picks it up- so the assumption is you don’t have the intelligence to achieve a great deal but I know that is wrong you are just on another astral plane and the concepts you hold within you the other kids probably wouldn’t even think about. I hope that they are starting to see with the right supports in class you are starting to come into yourself and show them who you really are, it just took a long time to find what was right for you. So I know the day will come when you will shine and be able to use your gifts and strengths for something very special. You are so brilliant in your own unique way and we treasure that ✨💙✌🏼

~ You were given this LIFE because you are STRONG enough to live it.~ ✌🏼🌞
Being out in the open fresh air bare foot brings back to my heart the reasons why I’m here, why I was chosen to even be alive in this world because I’ve realised we are all the strongest swimmers we made it here on earth for we were the toughest of all before we even knew it. We are blessed to be living this amazing thing called life.
When times are hard and there seems no light is shining we need to remember how blessed we are to even have this chance of making memories. The bad times will never last the flow of life will keep on flowing we will forever sway in and out of good and bad times but these are what we call chapters, they are never to be re written only experienced making a memorable moment to then move onto the next moment of time in line.
Walking forward tackling the bad and enjoying the good we fill our hearts our souls with memories we can only think back on never to be present in that special captured time ever again so let’s embrace those good and bad times for anytime we experience is a learnt lesson is a memorable experience we are so very blessed to store in our minds to take with us into the forever held. ~ ❤️❤️🙏🏼
#ritalin #minds #momentintime #capture #it #nature #breathe #soulseeker #hope #faith #asd #autistic #autismawareness #adhd #adhdawareness #autisticgirls #familyfirst #strongest 💜💜💜

Happy International Women's Day to all the women, moms and beautiful girls!

Happy #internationalwomensday!
Because autism is more prevalent in boys and men than it is in girls and women, they’re stories are often pushed aside. Today, we honour the spectacular girls and women living with autism. (note that the characteristics listed are not universal, some autistic girls/women may or may not experience the traits listed above).

Charlotte & Dapper did some pole work and a little jump today. They haven't worked in about two weeks!
Sponsored by @astarequestrian
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~ Know that you are unique and special, and that the universe is a better place for having you in it. ~ ✌🏼✨
Today Baypearl was church ready all on her own. She chose her beautiful dress paired with her Easter socks pulled up so high the toe seems we’re nearly up to her ankles, followed by her pink Pom pom slides she was super happy with her unique look that I let her wear it to Church strong and proud. Allowing our children to express their own uniqueness gives them the strength to grow into positive one of a kind souls, they gain their strength by letting go of fear from others judgmental thoughts and stand tall not afraid to show the world they are the one offs, the individual single souls of this new aged world were following like sheep no longer fascinates like it once did the old, now following the young with their positive attitude and single quirky ways bringing life to a whole new chapter out with the old and in with the new, moulding our world through simplicity and happiness leaving behind bigger is better, these special souls are needing the path for a more acceptable society which will one day fill the world with gratitude and love.~ 🌻🌺
#unique #souls #indigochildren #weareone #butwearemany #asd #autismlove #autisticgirls #lovethem #uniquness #socksup #beyou #adhd #specialneeds #mumandme #peaceout #soulseeker #oneofakind #heartstrong #yourock #yoursocks ✌🏼😜

#iamable ambassador ✌🏼💙 so proud!! And yes if you didn’t notice yet we are that family- the ones who are going to keep telling the world how amazing our girl is and keep spreading awareness until everyone gets it ✨💕 #autismawareness #differentnotless #autisticgirls #ablefinder

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