READY > SET > ACTION. Big filming day here at #swimangelfish #adaptedswim #onlinecertification #autismswim

Low muscle tone - What is it? Why does it occur? What can be done both in the water and at home to assist with this? This great resource is provided in our monthly resource packs for both parents and instructors, and is also available for sale on our website - https://autismswim.com.au/product/low-muscle-tone/

This is Max. Max is 4 yrs old and uses his camera to interact with the world and socialise with people. We'll be sharing more of Max's amazing photos over the coming weeks, and you can also follow him at @maxieeephotography :-)

Not only is @harrylhawkins the co-founder of @disabilityawarenessproject , but he also does really cool things with videos; like this time-lapse of the team hard at work. Stay tuned for more updates...

To the incredible mothers in our community - you are all exceptional, resilient, adaptable mothers, and we feel honoured to know you and work with you. Happy Mother's Day.

Have you ever felt like this? Check out our blog on how to get through tough lessons. http://swimangelfish.com/a-day-in-the-life-tough-lesson/ #adaptedswim #autismswim #swimlessons #swimangelfish

The sweetest little trio you ever did see - Harley, Cate and Jasper. Our hearts melt.


No more complaining about being cold after swimming @swimming_buddies #swimming #autismswim #swimmingbuddies

This is Oliver The Great. He's being taught by our wonderful instructor Brith on the Gold Coast (QLD, Australia). A HUGE win for Oliver has been him putting his eyes in the water.
"It's the best feeling to see them progress like that, you know you are helping.
The smiles on their faces are the best reward ever."

Be relaxed and ready for your lesson.
A trauma free water experience starts well before you get in the pool.
As hard as it is, try to arrive before your scheduled lesson time, to give you and your child some relaxation time before you jump into your lesson.
By being relaxed you will get the most out of your lessons. .
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Checking in with your swimmer at the beginning and throughout the lesson/day, is a great way to foster their emotional development and help you tailor your lesson/day to how they are feeling.
Male and female versions available on the website or included in our parent and instructor memberships. :-)

Keep an eye on our monthly newsletter and social media posts for more information. The demand is huge so you'll need to get in quick! Tag anyone who you think might be interested/in need of this.

THE RESULTS ARE IN! Parents, the information you provided in the surveys for our Disability Awareness Project (DAP) was so incredibly helpful and enlightening. We will be sharing more of these insights over the coming weeks, including quotes such as this amazing one. Thank you for sharing more of what you want the world to know and see in your little one. We’re so excited to be a part of the journey with you ❤️

Who has the best Occupational Therapy team in the world? WEEE DOOO.

How much do you know about Wandering behaviour in those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or dementia? Thanks to @kinderlingradio for having our Founder Erika Gleeson in again, this time to spread awareness on a community responsibility, often not heard of. Here's the link - https://www.kinderling.com.au/kinderling-conversation/understanding-why-children-wander-erika-gleeson-autism-swim

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