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Wow!!! Making these Autism Awareness Bracelets is where @wristrock_bracelets started back in 2010!!! Making these to raise money for Autism Awareness for my son Juan who was diagnosed with Autism PDD at age 3! He is 19 and I’m still his biggest AUTISM ADVOCATE❤️💙💚💛I’m a proud Autism mom...
#teamwewalkforjuan #wewalkforjuan
Did you know ... Autism now affects 1 in 68 children and 1 in 42 boys. Autism prevalence figures are growing. Autism is one of the fastest-growing developmental disorders in the U.S. Autism costs a family $60,000 a year on average. Boys are nearly five times more likely than girls to have autism. #teamjuan💙💛💚❤️ #googleautism #teamwewalkforjuan #wristrockdidthat #autismmom #proudautismmom❤️💙💛💚 #googleautism #supportautism #autismmomsrock #autismawareness #wristrockbracelets #autism #autismawareness #autismspeaks #autismawareness #wristrockdidthat #wristrockbracelets #atlantabeader #atlanta #Atlantadesigner #autismtattoo #Specialneeds #autismbracelet

Early Thanksgiving celebration with my family. Three generations. ❤️

Haircut done, now pizza! 🍕 #autismspeaks

Thank you @ernestogarciarios1 for a great image! And Big Thank You to @carscouture for having an incredible event helping, benefiting #autismspeaks. Also shot out to a fabulous designer @nokaposh that dressed me for the event.

G I V E A W A Y!!!!!! The ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Warrior tee is in the shop! To celebrate we are giving one away!
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This giveaway ends Wednesday, November 22nd at 10pm PST and a winner will be announced within 48 hrs in the comment section of this post. This contest is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Instagram. #asdwarrior

Casey turned 21 this year. He amazes me every day we spend together. A gentle giant who sees the world in a way that is foreign to most of us. Just when I think he isn't paying attention to anything or anyone, he swings a golf club like Arnold Palmer. #alwaysamazesme #autismspeaks #losethatbabyfat @lareinechabut

The best part of tonight was hearing Aiden say word's that he normally wouldn't.

#autism #autismspeaks

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Take a look at how I progress the athlete through a multi-step movement. In build one I have the athlete perform squats. In build two I have the athlete perform her push throws. And in build three we combine the movements to create the squat to push throw movement. #autism #autismspeaks #autismawareness #nationalautismassociation #autismfamily #autismmoms #autismdad #specialneeds #specialneedsparent #specialneedschild #specialneedsfamily #specialneedsparents #specialneedsmom #specialneedsdads #adaptiveathlete #adaptivephysicaleducation #inclusion #coaching #teachercoach #coachmike #youthfitness #kidsfitness #improvementnotperformance #buildconfidence #empoweredsportsandfitness #nyc #mommypoppins

If you’re curious about the Roadmap, just check out our testimonial from Michelle Lepitre, MSE, BCBA! A little about Michelle: Michelle is a consultant for the Arkansas Autism Waiver Program, who runs a team that works one-on-one in the home of children with Autism. She’s an active follower and very familiar with my free Resource Library and Roadmap to ABA Parent Training. I connected with her through webchat after sending a survey for feedback and truly appreciated what she had to say. I’ve summed up her testimonial as blog post for you (link in bio). #PBehave

Came home late from work and I found this - Zac's activity in Early Childhood Development Program. Yup, my Zac is all that - notices little things, a ray of sunshine, loves cuddles, loves books and music.
I love you, Zac.
#Zac #zacatkindie #mylittleboyfriend #myczartyandzac #ecdp #autism #autismawareness #autismspeaks #asd #asdmom #asdparent

"Got the van dialed in👌👍 thx @alliedprintco not too bad 🤔😡😂🤣 have a fun Halloween!! ☺😎
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"“Hi 👋🏻 my name is Carla I’m a mother of someone who has ... my son just turned 10 his name is Ryan he’s barely speaking but he loves blues clues!”
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"“Hi 👋🏻 my name is Carla I’m a mother of someone who has ... my son just turned 10 his name is Ryan he’s barely speaking but he loves blues clues!”
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"Hey guys! ✌🏽Happy Sunday!!😊Its Dylanie here.......I have something to share with y’all!💜This video was yesterday, and next to us at the gas station, was a truck with a GIANT german shepherd in the back.🤔The dog was barking and going CRAZY (listen closely). Even though Violet wasnt in “heel position” or anything, she still was listening to my commands to “watch me” and “focus”. ❤️I recorded this to show that service dogs should be able to do this in ANY circumstance, no matter how much they want to investigate a new doggie inside a car next to them.😁She did very well, and im proud of her for paying attention. Yes, there were a few times where she looked over, but she was checking in to make sure nothing had changed.👍🏼She did very well, considering a year and a half ago, she would have had a MUCH smaller attention span.😊Make sure your service dogs can pay attention in most/all circumstances! It will benefit you guys as a team!🙌🏼(unless your pupper is in training, and then that is an acception to the story)😁Again, im just trying to help you guys, and if you need ANY advice, please feel free to DM me!🌸I would be happy to do some 1-on-1 training!🐾Also, I try to keep these positive, but I have been having SEVERAL people taking our pictures and Captions, and it’s infuriating me.🤬I have asked nicely over and over, and NOBODY is respecting my wishes. It’s disrespectful, and honestly ILLEGAL to take someone’s pictures without permission or giving them credit.😫Please let me know if you see anyone taking my posts, and im hoping that it will die down after awhile.😢Thank you all for supporting us, and being so sweet. We truly appreciate it, and the grace y’all have for us💕💜🌈Please be kind, and always remember, NOT all Disabilities are Visible.👍🏼
*Im not tagging Pawtners today
Age: 37 months😘
Violet is a task-trained Autism/Alert dog for her girl, Dylanie, who has Autism😊🌈 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Via @autism_service_dog_violet
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