She can brighten up even my darkest days. She is such a breath of fresh air in a world full of pollen & pollution lol I am so grateful for my sweet Sini girl. I have no idea how she knows the theme song to Two & a Half Men but I had to rewind it & record her because it was cutest☺️☺️ #CharlieSheen #TwoAndAHalfMen #AutismSings #AutismIsAdorable

PERFORMING IN TORONTO!!! Shared from good friend @n_athan_ #autismsings #rhinestonecowboy

twinkle twinkle little star 🌟
my baby SINGS 😍 he may not be able to speak full sentences, but the fact that he can sing the whole song gives me so much hope for his future 💙🙌🏻 it’s a little hard to understand, but to me it’s LOUD & CLEAR! #autism #autismspeaks #autismsings #babyboy #loml @autismspeaks

I had the best time in Ecuador these last two weekends. Grateful for another moment with a legendary artist, and mostly because I can do what I love with people who also love what they do.
The last video is of a young autistic boy and @ricardomontaner. He invited him on stage to sing one of his songs and killed it! #Autism doesn’t only speak... #AutismSings! @yaisuarez (We missed you mama!!!) @jjoelhr @yankargonzalez @johannmorales81 @davidedwardcaceres @ezedrum @marcosilvaguitar @villasmiljoseramon 🌈🇪🇨🙏🏽💫🤩❤️ #idayvueltatour #ecuador #santarosa #santaelena #soundcheck #bgvs #ricardomontaner #musicians #theband #love 🌕

Can you #guessthesong ?
Love him and his love of music! 🎶 How sweet is the blessing we receive - an Alexander adaptation 💕 #myblessings #actuallyautistic #thepowerofsong #autismsings #autismfamily

My full name is Dr Ally Koffman and I am a volunteer at AUTISM SINGS, a Canadian legally registered not for profit organization, to benefit autism.
On Friday September 7/2018 Autism Sings is hosting their 5th Annual Golf & Gala to raise awareness about autism and how we can help better the lives of those living with autism.
The event will have our guests golfing during the day, and will be followed by prizes, guest speakers and a dinner featuring a 10 piece band. Shortly after dinner our filmed music show commences.
The filmed Music Show runs until midnight and is comprised of many different singers that are donating their truly unique "hearts on sleeves" performances for the cause, so be sure to "EXPECT EMOTIONS" !
On behalf of Autism Sings, we are kindly requesting you to :
(donate a foursome of your own golf passes that will either be offered as golf event prizes or raffled at our event). We are excited to offer you as much exposure as possible at the Golf & Gala Event, on our filmed Music Show, as well as a link to your own site forever on our website www.AutismSings.ca and at www.AutismSings.tv
Please kindly consider joining our cause, and let me know. We would be so grateful! "WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER" !
NAME: Dr Ally Koffman
EMAIL: akoffman9352@gmail.com
PHONE: 647-527-7188

Contact link in bio for special needs dance class beginning in September! #ballet #tap #jazz ....
#yeahthatgreenville #partheatre #kimileebryantstudio #sutismawareness #specialneedskids #specialneedsdanceclass #autismsings #autismdances 💙💙💙

Ned sings ‘Rockabye’ ...this is hilarious - keep watching he gets into the swing soon 😂He’s wandering about the garden in the evening warmth in a big man’s vest ...singing his head off. The shit eyes thing is so funny. I think the camera overwhelms. #autismsings#myboy#12yearsold#Annemarie#rockabye#homelife#eveningsathome

When all the world's your stage 🎤🎼 Not pictured: the audience of animals arranged on his bed. #singoutlouise #autismsings

Beautiful day in Brevard, NC seeing one of my favorites, Candide! Directed by my pal Dean Anthony of the @jocbrevard at @brevardmusic center my old stomping grounds! Wouldn’t mind spending more time there!! #bernsteincentennial #brevardmusiccenter #candide #janiecoperacompany #roadtrip #ncmountains @dollysdairybar @brevardcollege 🎭🎼🍦🎻⛰🗻adding that Aidan did quite well at the show especially the first act , he especially seems to love the soprano voice & Bernstein of course! He wanted to sing along a bit more in Act 2 so we left for a bit and back in time for #makeourgardengrow which was lovely and emotional for me. He really did great all day in the car and walking all over Brevard. I’m a pretty lucky Mom. #autismawareness #autismadvocate #asd #autism #autismmom #autismsings #autismandmusic #musicandmiracles

It’s like you read my mind @evolution_support_services ! Alexander was singing along to one song (of many, many songs which he loves and has memorized) today, when I turned to my husband suggesting we see @splashnboots . The music is so engaging while also encouraging him to “sing” along with “ah’s”, “me’s” and “love you’s”. #yellowandblue #autismsings

Having a relaxing day in the #heatwave in the #6ix ❤️ #autism #autismawareness #autismsings

Exactly one week from today, a new Miss District of Columbia will be crowned! I’m so excited to be competing with 14 other beautiful girls. These last few weeks I’ve worked hard to be the best competitor that I can be! I’ve worked on my platform, my interview, my fitness, and now all that’s left is to execute! There’s still a little more time to contribute to my CMN link located in my bio! Together, we can make a difference. •

#missdc2018 #jtfordc #jaytakesthecrown #autismspeaks #autismsings #autismawareness #missamerica #service #style #success #scholarship

I get to sing with a community of young, gifted adults with “disabilities” and it’s some of the most fun I have sometimes! I’m so proud of all that we have done as a chorus group! Autism speaks AND sings! #autismspeaks #autismsings

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