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Source appears to be girl0fglassx on tumblr(?). This is extremely important. To me, this is what a parent of someone on the spectrum should be like. Being autistic isn't a burden. It is a part of you. My wonderful brother is on the spectrum and I would never want him to feel as though there's something wrong with him. Personally, I am not on the spectrum, so I also do not feel as though I am an expert on this particular topic. If anything I ever say on the topic is offensive or ableist in some way please please please let me know. I would never want to make any of my followers feel unwelcome or hurt by what I say. <3 #autismisnotaburden

Just heard about this show that will premiere on the 25th, and that circled sentence says it all. I hope The Good Doctor will be what is being made out to be-humanizing a man that society would easily push away, something inspiring to everyone, especially people like me. #thegooddoctor #abc #freddiehighmore #fall #falltv #falltvseason #autism #autismawareness #ihaveautism #autismisnotaburden

I love this little boy more than love itself. So many people look at autism as a burden, I see it as just one small characteristic that doesn't define my son but makes him unique in every way.

#autismisnotaburden #autismisbeautiful #autismisreal
#autismawareness #happysaturday #autismspeaks #lightitupblue #autismawarenessmonth #liub #autismmom #autismparents #differentnotless #questionvaccines

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