Oh my goodness he just scared me so bad I thought his head was bleeding come to find out he has Cherry water ice all over his face only Sulaiman lol #SSRA #sulaimansquadraisingawareness #Autism #autismawareness #everypiecedoesnthavetofit #understandus #teamsulaiman #teamssra

Back in April. #handsome #autismawareness

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He came to visit me, all the way from NY! It took me over a year to bond with this boy and I'm so glad that I never gave up on him. It has been a privilege to be your teacher and to watch you grow. Keep shinning big boy! #autismawareness #autism #lightitupblue #specialeducation #brhaviortherapist #aba #therapy #love #nevergiveup #beauty #myboy

Its been a rough week. Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully this coming week will be better. Ill admit, I do feel a bit better after talking about it all on my story tho lol.

Words to carry into your week. What words motivate you?

Today was tough. There's no other way to say it but tough! I fight the good fight of faith. I fight to stay strong. People who don't live this life will never get it. You don't see me wake up & fight with Brian to brush his teeth, get spat on & hit, get loud yelling in my ear & then struggle to get him to take his medication. You don't see me have to drag Seairah out of bed while she says "No" at the top of her lungs & refusing to get dressed or brush her teeth or get her hair done. After all of that is finished trying to get myself together & not just physically but the mental drain & exhaustion I have to put aside just so I can get out the door. That's why I'm always surprised when someone compliments me on my appearance. If they only knew. If they only saw. It's hard. I fight the tears all the time. Sometimes they fall & it is hard to stop. I don't want people to pity me so I smile through a broken heart. I know who can mend the broken pieces & the day will come where there will be no more tears. I love my children but Autism sucks! It does!! I'm not going to act like I like it or like it's a gift because I don't feel that way. What I do know is even in my most trying and difficult moments is that I serve a God that is bigger than this! He provided both therapists at church today & I just found out that I will have a therapist EVERY Sunday today! Satan didn't win today! Yes I cried. It was hard. It's tough but I didn't give up. I almost stayed home. The thought did come to just forget it, it's too hard, I'm not going, I don't have to take this. But the Great I am didn't let me! That's why I always say if you see me at church, it's a VICTORY!! I fought & I won!! #autismmommylife #autismmommyjourney #autismmommystrong #autismmommy #autismawareness #Imadeit #wemadeit #spittinginsatansface

Everyone in society has the choice to see more closer between their own eyes if you think about it. Many people have said constantly about what Autistics "Can't do", but people sometimes fail to see the potential. The people who can't see this true potential have clouded their own minds to prevent themselves from seeing why all Autistics are put on this earth to do. Everyone has a destiny of their own its just the matter of what it is?

Never have a doubt in your mind that just because your "Autistic" doesn't mean your not destined for something great. All Autistics just have to find "Passion" in something they wanna do that could be their destiny. Even if it means you wanna be a poet, artist, engineer, or even a writer doesn't matter because I believe all you Autistics have a poem in your heart thats just waiting to be shared with the world. So go find your "Passion" and live your destiny.


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