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I just ROCKED my podcast interview with Write Books That Sell Now.
Topic: The Business of Being An Author: Finance and Accounting Insights
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My awesome friend Takara just editing her first book, and now it's published! So stoked. Would definitely recommend people should pick this up!! #Repost @takara_sights with @repostapp
Hurray! 😃 My first book as an author and an editor is available on Amazon now! Link in bio. If you love millennial women entrepreneurs who are killing it in business, entertainment, fashion, media, marketing and all else this book is for you. Kindle version available today for only $3.97 plus you can claim over $300 in free gifts! I'm so blessed to be a part of this project with Erika De La Cruz, publisher Kyle Wilson, and 39 other badass #bossbabes.
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Melbourne does good coffee 😍

Book selling continues! Today we're out at the Juneteenth celebration in Santa Cruz! Come say Hi! #Juneteenth #SlanginBooks #TPC #books #authors #authorpreneurs #TheHustleContinues

Black Writers Conference Promises To Help #Authorpreneurs Write, Edit and Market Their Next Bestselling Book http://buff.ly/2otOg95

I've been on GO since last night's seminar with these great brothers. I can't thank @neodaviso and @marcusyrosier enough for the knowledge and support they gave to us. #authorpreneurs #WinTheDay #GreatnessPublishing #Service #justwrite4kids #fortuneinfollowups #elevate

Today's journaling got color-coded hearts. Pink = love and excitement. Green = fear. Purple = ego. Fun exercise in seeing where my head is at. #journaling

There is support available when you need it⠀
As an entrepreneur or authorpreneur it can be easy to fall into something of a rut of feeling alone. To feel like there’s no support available when you need it most.⠀
Read the full article here:⠀⠀
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What is the Investing in Africa Virtual Summit 2017?
Have you ever considered expanding your business' reach into Africa but been put off by news in the media?
Would you like to hear from other entrepreneurs who have taken the plunge and gotten positive results? If so, then this virtual summit is for you! Listen to market leaders as they share their step by step strategies for promoting their products/services to Africa #authorpreneurs #bloggerpreneurs #digital #digitalstrategies #entrepreneur @femiowoyale @harrisonakadidi #InvestinginAfrica #investingments #jack hm wong #mumpreneurs @nadinebryan @segilolasalami #summit #virtualsummit #2017 #mumpreneurs #wahm #businessmen #businesswomen #authors #bloggers #podcast #onlineradio #webinar http://www.b2s.pm/GktThM

Book selling continues! Today we're out at the Juneteenth celebration in Santa Cruz! Come say Hi! #Juneteenth #SlanginBooks #TPC #books #authors #authorpreneurs #TheHustleContinues

When Andee came to me for help with her second novel, I was so excited! Even as an experienced author, Andee understood the value and importance of getting professional-level feedback on her writing. She was so excited after we talked about my thoughts, and told me she felt reenergized to dive into revising!

If you're not a first-time author or just someone who has a revision system that works for you, my Just the Edit package is for you! This two-week, one-on-one engagement gives you the roadmap to the best version of your story. More details available on my website.

Friends, I've had a rough week. Professionally tough. But in the pain and hardships, I've discovered what I truly want from my life. As a result, I've felt extremely creative. I've written scenes for several stories, chatted with my fellow authors over on Twitter with #storysocial, and read through old pieces of writing. I know what I want. I know where I want to be at this time next year.
Nothing is handed to you. Even when you work your ass off, nothing is handed to you or even guaranteed rewarded to you.
Grab your dreams and take them with you wherever you go. You're the one steering your ship through the stormy weather life throws at you. Either suck it up and accept it, or do what makes you happy.
I'm going to do what makes me happy, and I hope you'll all help hold me accountable.
Ask me about writing. Ask me about my books. I'm always looking for beta readers.
You're all amazing and precious. Steer your dreams, and fight for your ideal life.
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I've always loved a game of chess. A bit old fashioned I know but rather meditative and a good way to think a few steps ahead! ❤️

A sensational night hanging out on the harbour to view #Vivid with Founders & Creators hosted by @kellietomney 🍾 Sipping champagne with the sensationally stylish @lynne.stockdale from Stylish You! Sydney siders get to Vivid it is fabulous 💛

A river of wisdom perhaps? All those books, all those words, all those ideas...Sweet dreams 💕

Hope you're having fun on this Tuesday 💖

Momentum and movement is what keeps you growing, evolving and creating 💛

Do you ever just turn to any page in a book and see what the message is? I do, just for fun 💛

Lead by what you do 💛

When you left, my halo and my heart cascaded around me in splinters.
I didn't understand, I still don't.
You see, I fell in love with your soul
And believed that is the most beautiful love yet.
But you left...just like that.

Wherever you are, I hope you are doing okay. I think about you all the time, maybe you will think about me too...just once #writenow #lovestory❤️ #comebacktomeeee #authorpreneurs #authorsofinstagram #nothingmakessense

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