Remove negative toxic people from your life- you hear this slogan being shared over and over and yes it’s very true but have you ever thought that you may be a negative toxic person?
Do you break your own promises to yourself?
Do you blame your past for how you treat others?
Do you say hateful comments to yourself?
One time, I have had someone very close to me tell me that I was poisoning their mind with my own personal negative thoughts and at first I was shocked and angry. How dare they say that about me? I have a good heart and I would never do that to somebody. I had to get very honest with myself and realize that I was that toxic person I was running away from. Only you are responsible for your own happiness and your own life.
Check in with yourself. Be brutally honest. The only way to change is becoming self aware.

Exploration without destination is bliss 🙏
For just one day, let your mind wonder, your creativity go wild and your dreams expand without fixating too much on any one particular outcome 💭 .
Whilst we all need a destination, we sometimes need to detach from one to figure out if the path we are on is the path we are meant to take 💫
Just for one day, release. Surrender to exploring your mind and your creativity without any thoughts about where this will take you and see where you end up ✌

For the days when J doesn't have my melanin magic, I've got his back... and shoulder, and chest, all the other pink spots.



Sweetie boy havin a donut. This boy is part of my self-care routine. Rest is so important to have in your routine. Yesterday was a hard day. Todqy is a new day. Teaching others, family time, working out, Bible time, and empowering women are things that fill me up! What things fill you up so you are your best self?

You have to make peace with your past if you ever want to move forward. You will never be able to fly with that weight holding you down, no matter how strong your wings are. 🖤 It will be hard but you, my beautiful friend, are a freaking warrior.

Guys, this is how I feel after a long day of work. My clients are amazing that they deal with their stuff every day. Being on this journey with them is exhausting, but oh so needed. They challenge me to look at life differently every day and bless me more than they know.

@jaytravolta tager lige et trin op med de nye #Nike EXP-X14 🔝
Se begge farver her www.streetammo.dk/Nike

So many of us want to rush to the next phase in life, especially if this phase uncomfortable.
Respect the phase you are in. Grow through the uncomfortable because it’s setting you up for your next phase, it’s molding you into the woman you need to be. Relax, learn, grow and step into the next phase confidently. 🖤

Meet the Host of Branded Authentic. I may be biased because he’s from DORCHESTER! I consider him to be a Legend. I don’t take his efforts for granted. He laid a lot of groundwork for Boston Hip Hop & Beyond. He Continues to put in work not only as a successful Emcee, but also as an educator. I’m honored to call this Brother a friend. I’m honored to have him host this special night. Thank you @akrobatikmc. See you all August 31st @brighton_music!

I constantly go between waiting you to stay my little baby forever and be excited about all of the amazing things you’ll do in this life 💙 #babyIanis.
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Zpátky na Jižní Moravě. Ale hezky bylo. A milo. Na Kampě jsem potkala paní, u které v Brně kupuju květiny, na jedné výstavě se s námi zase dala do řeči jiná paní, která nám v zápalu nadšení, že vidí nějaké Češky, ukázala i fotky ze svých letních výletů. 😀 Vůbec poprvé jsem se dostala na Střelecký ostrov, který mi připomínal naše brněnské Lužánky víc, než bych čekala. (A tahle móda pojízdných vozů jako je třeba @cocovan_on_the_road je vůbec hezká, nemyslíte?) V neděli jsme prakticky poobědvaly ve Werichově vile, protože dortíky z @ifcafe jsou jedním slovem bomba, a to ve všech směrech. 😊 Ještě během odpoledne jsme to ale vzaly rovnou na jih Moravy. Prázdniny ještě nekončí, největší dobrodružství nás pořád ještě čeká a sešity odmítám nakupovat dřív, než poslední srpnový týden. Já jsem vděčná za vynález laptopu, díky kterému můžu pracovat prakticky na trávě pod švestkou (a taky to dělám) 😊 I když jsme tak s @misha_mamami teď o prázdninách každá pořád někde jinde, @mamami_cz frčí celé léto. Stejně tak ještě pořád běží soutěž #maminkaroku . No, my to už asi nikam daleko nevytáhneme, je fajn, že na 11. místo už se propadnout nemůžeme. 😀 Každopádně hlasování pořád trvá. 💛 Po dlouhé době zase trochu víc informační post. Ty jsou ale taky třeba, protože teď se toho děje opravdu hodně. Životně i pracovně a všechno se to prolíná...

Loving time here in Kona!
Laid back living.
Slow pace.
Room to breath.
Room to think.
Room to dream.
I loveeee Bay Area but sometimes, you need the islands to bring your soul back.

This lil guy had so much fun playing in the dirt this weekend. Watching him enjoy my grandparent's cabin with his cousins, grandparents, aunties and uncles brought so much warmth to my heart. I remember swimming as he did, riding on the boat smiling from ear to ear, and sitting around the table eating too many treats. 💖 His first trip to the cabin was so much fun! I took LOTS of photos to remember, yet I feel like I didn't take enough. Another fun Jordan family weekend in the books, but it's never long enough. Until next time, Jordan kiddos, can't wait until Christmas when Missa is home. I love you all so much!

What would happen if we all do this! We would be living #authentic #successful lives. We would have peace of mind which we know is a top priority for women. So let’s do this! How can you indulge this greatness?
What is the first thing you would do? .

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