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Sehr viele Frauen schämen sich für das Aussehen ihrer Vulva, also die äußeren weiblichen Geschlechtsorgane. Da viele im Leben selten eine andere reale Vulva, außer der eigenen sehen, ist die Unsicherheit darüber zu verstehen. Dabei gibt es keine Definition, wie sie aussehen sollte, denn das ist von Frau zu Frau sehr unterschiedlich. Große Schamlippen, kleine Schamlippen, unterschiedliche Formen, Größen und vor allem auch Farben. Es gibt nicht das eine Ideal. Jede Vulva ist einzigartig und schön. Natürlich wird es immer unterschiedliche Geschmäcker geben, aber bitte macht euch keine Sorgen, dass ihr untenrum nicht „normal“ aussehen könntet und dass ihr sogar was daran ändern lassen müsst! Last euch nicht den Spaß am Sex verderben, denn eure Vagina hat ebenso viel Liebe verdient, wie ihr. Eine ganz tolle Seite, die ich euch da empfehlen kann ist die @the.vulva.gallery . Habt einen wundervollen Abend und betrachtet eure Vulva mal mit ganz viel Liebe! ❤ #loveyourselffirstproject

"When the world withholds permission for us to become great, we must find it within ourselves.

We are so vast.
We are so wild.

That is why modern living kills our spirits, starves our souls. It demands we ignore our instincts until we are cut away from them, until we don’t know who we are anymore, until we are too deadened of spirit to weave ourselves into creation.

There is no greater art, in my opinion, than the making of the truest self. The forging that it takes to become real. It is courageous. It is systemically discouraged.

And it is our only hope." ✨✨✨
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Inspired by @suitestpee 🦉 -----------------------------------------------------------
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I shared this post in our story a couple days ago and it resonated with so many of your souls, I thought I'd share it here for reference 💙
The coolest part of life is that you get to create it! Annnnnnnd, I'm really excited to be partnering with my soul warrior @momspired to offer you the GIFT of creating a life you love. This THURSDAY we are hosting a 🎉FREE VISION BOARD PARTY 🎉to guide you through the initial steps of falling head over heels in love with your life! Soooooooo excited for this and pretty pumped to get this community together for a virtual par-tay!! Grab your free seat - link in our bio!! See you Thursday Queen 👸🏼👸🏼👸🏼#jointhegirltribe #visionboard #empoweringwomen

Poses are a part of yoga, but not a necessity. Yoga is alignment with your true self - however you get there is not for me to judge.
The classical 8 limbed approach is great but renounces the body - the Sutras states it's a dirty, restless obstacle whose signals are a thing to overcome. I'm just not about that.
Tantra built upon the 8 limbed approach; the body is no loner written about as a problem but as an opportunity for transcendence and expansion...and so is each everyday experience. That's more like it, and least for me speaks to my truth 👍🏽
I remember looking at these kinds of poses and being like yeah right, no way I could do that. And there was a time I wrote them off as not what yoga is about anyway. But now I can bust this pose out anywhere and feel at home, and I consider myself more of an athlete when it comes to poses...there is no "higher horse" than to be who you are and embrace it. Saying some approaches are "real yoga" and some aren't is elitist and ignorant. Poses and athletics and 8 limbs or no limbs - there are many paths. And I can carve my own out of what has come before.
Have a good day, all 😘
Congrats @rebelyogini for winning Summer Salutations - check the story to see Watson choosing among the slips! 😄
Thank you to all who participated in my and @hardtailforever 's first challenge. Stay tuned for more!
📷 Mathew
♥️ @publicmyth

Authenticity present


9 Different town around Indonesia!

Tomorrow, August 11th 2017
at Celcius, Samarinda
Starts 10 PM Onwards

- R.R.O.B (Riri Mestica & Electrooby)
- O.TIC (live motion capture set)

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One of my foundations for finding inner peace and connection is the ability to be alone with myself – the art of turning loneliness into solitude. As philosopher Paul Tillich wrote, “Language ... has created the word ‘loneliness’ to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word ‘solitude’ to express the glory of being alone.” When I first tried to meditate decades ago, my anxiety in the face of lonely feelings, along with my inner, self-critical attitude, made it near impossible for me to be alone in my own company. I saw then that I needed to become much better friends with myself. After all, how could I spend intimate time alone when I could barely tolerate my own internal experience? Loneliness was the place from which I started to build an inner relationship with myself, and to develop a sense of compassionate self along with a new supportive voice as my companion. During this period, in a long ‘dark night of the soul’, I was in more emotional pain than I thought I could bear. I asked despairingly, “What is this place?” A deep voice answered, “meaninglessness” which I understood as the collapse of my mind-made meaning, conceptual meaning, of life… believing that I understood “what it’s all about”. This answer, while incredibly scary, sustained me during that time. It enabled me to better sit in my inner void, with all its terror and emptiness. It infused my conscious delving into my own loneliness with richness, dignity, meaning, and nobility. In my view, this is one of the most important explorations a person can make, and a crucial basis for inner peace and connection. I believe the lack of a comfortable inner relationship creates deep loneliness. And many of us will go to great lengths to find an “other” who we believe will magically take it away. The other could be a person, substance, activity, work, idea or cause. For me it was work, lots of it! In fact, anything can be used to escape our feelings of aloneness. Enneagram teacher Sandra Maitri says that even our stories can keep us company. They enable us to constantly be ‘in relationship’ with something. On the other hand, being able to be comfortable, friendly and gentle with myself...


Keep believing in yourself! Dreams come true if you continue to pursue them. My Fashion Photos Layouts are my creation!!!! My Love for Fashion started from my childhood-All my classmates will not be surprised, if they took a peak at my Layouts 🤗💃🏽😎Hard work will pay off! You don't need recognition...All you need is your gift, and your gift will make room for you!!! #authenticity 💯Be true to self! ❤️
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Keep believing in yourself! Dreams come true if you continue to pursue them. My Fashion Photos Layouts are my creation!!!! My Love for Fashion started from my childhood-All my classmates will not be surprised, if they took a peak at my Layouts 🤗💃🏽😎Hard work will pay off! You don't need recognition...All you need is your gift, and your gift will make room for you!!! #authenticity 💯Be true to self! ❤️
Ramona's Fashion Boutique Closet sharing Diversity of Fashion 👗👛👠🕶👚👘💄👠#Dreamers #Destiny #Passion #Accessories #FashionLovers #FashionPassion❤️#Creativity #SummerTimeFashion #DreamChasers #GoForYours💃🏽#Fashionista #FashionStyle #TrueToSelf #FashionPost #FashionAddict #FashionPhotosLayouts #WorldChanger #FashionPost #FashionDiary #FollowHer #Art #Creator

🦁⚡️🌴 Creativity can be described as an internal reaction often generated by an external objective or experience. Creativity from Latin creo 'to produce, beget' underlines the long process and innovation affiliated with creativity. For this exact reason some people get frustrated when others imitate their creation. Especially when the creation is a unique self-expression. To my awesome friends, I encourage you to buy the same dress or wall paint and I'll even send you the shopping details with much love and enthuiasm as I love twinning. I do however wish to live my life creatively and openly without a strong feeling of stalking and identity-theft based on others' insecurity and lack of identity #HUMBLE #AUTHENTICITY

Saw a FB Live that @BreneBrown did yesterday and it's been turning around in my head since.  There were so many gems in that livestream, but this quote was poignant and I wanted to share it with you.

Our lives are our stories - the ones told to us, the ones when makes about ourselves, the ones we're dropped into. Those stories happen at the individual level, at the family level, at the community level, etc.  Sometimes they're great stories, sometimes not.  Sometimes they're raw, and painful and hard.  But if we don't step into the hard ones, they'll control us and we'll never truly be free. #envisionwellness

There's a ton of information out there. Your authentic viewpoint is so important! #BeCreative #Imagination #JMRE #Entrepreneur #Einstein #Edison #Picasso #RealEstate #SmallBusiness #Creativity #Authenticity

These books are inspiring my coaching and my journaling right now. I am creating my 21 day Ditch the Diet Mentality coaching series to launch in October. If you want to know more, sign up for the newsletter on my website (link in profile) and you will be the first to hear about sign ups opening up. And you get an awesome 30 day email series to start incorporating healthy habits right now.
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Simply put, I am authentic. I say what I mean & mean what I say. In this world of constant updates and obligations, I needed to "unplug" for a bit to allow myself time to reconnect with my true passions and goals. When I say that your posts and messages truly relit the flame for my passion, I mean it. I have infinite gratitude for every single one of you. THANK YOU!!!!!! #ellenwille #ellenwilleus #inspired #passionate #lifeisbeautiful #fortunewig #authenticity #happiness

Isn't this the truth?! *Sigh 🙏🏼💕

Modelo Clubmaster wood tamaño 51' con Rx realizado con las especificaciones del cliente @kassey_orama gracias por confiar tu salud visual en manos expertas
Ven visitanos para que puedas apreciar el mejor inventario en todo Puerto Rico.

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Find Charlie on your AppStore and let me know what you think! Ok see you mañana. ✨

It's all a gift, actually. Yet who is the giver? I still wonder, yet I trust. Oh, how I trust. And surrender.

#word You can preach all the positivity and gratitude in the world...But if your actions don't back up your words... your words don't mean shit. Words-Actions =Shit. #changetheworld #startinthemirror #integrity #actionsspeaklouderthanwords #action #bethechange #inspire #kindness #authenticity #leadbyexample #practicewhatyoupreach #honor #honesty #truth #truthspeaker #truthseeker #gypsysoul #jennda✌️🌸💯👑🙌🦄😘

✔🌱Daily Divine Guidance🌱✔
🔹16th August 2017🔹
As we draw closer to the solar eclipse and new moon in Leo♌on 21st, there should be a sense of getting ready for one door🚪🔚 to be closing, and another opening soon!🆕🚪✨Eclipses are a huge deal, we just had the lunar one and now it's the solar eclipse-time to close the chapter, or book feels more appropriate in this case📖📕Brand new stories await!📚
This is a time of tying up loose ends〰, and completing things✔ (also in line with #mercuryretrograde see my previous post to learn more about that) The second card is reiterating the need to stop worrying, you've put in the ground work, and although you still be waiting⏳⌛ for things to manifest ✨-the hard work is over.
When in Leo♌season- do as Leo♌ does😎-play💃, have fun🎉, embrace the moment✌ and focus on what makes you happy!😊
With Leo♌sun & Gemini♊moon this is a day to speak your mind, sociliase/network and express yourself! You never know who you will attract by being the true you❤✌ Talking of enjoying yourself, I'm taking a break from Friday-Tuesday, possibly all of next week. If you want a last min booking✔for tonight/tomorrow, or to book ahead for the next few weeks get in touch👍
Getting busier and changing things up when I get back!
(lol @ "temporary pause in action") Eclipses always bring change!♻✨✔ 📧claireverything@gmail.com for enquiries and bookings, or private mail📥

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