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It's a tough gig being Australia's most adorable animal, but it's all in a day's work for George the #wombat at the @australianreptilepark! This little fella may not be little anymore, but he's clearly still stealing hearts - he's officially taken out the title of 'Australia's most adorable animal' in an online poll by @experienceoz. After a rough start to life, George has been hand-raised by @timswildlife and the team at the #AustralianReptilePark in @visitnsw. As you can see here, he's still a big baby - but can you really blame him for enjoying a warm bottle of milk and a tummy tickle?! Video: @australianreptilepark #newsouthwales #centralcoastNSW #travel #explore #wildlife

Make sure you visit the @australianreptilepark during the school holidays and you can meet Koda and Kayah our little tassie devil joeys 😘

There was a special party at the @australianreptilepark today. #Party #Australianreptilepark #7News

But daaaaad, I don't want you to go!! Marley the Tassie devil sure loves Keeper Andrew @ajdaly90 #reptilepark #australianreptilepark #seeaustralia #centralcoast #thisiscentralcoast #tassiedevil #tasmaniandevil

mother and son bond ❤️💯

Australian Reptile Park in Gosford -NSW #gosford #australianreptilepark #aussielife #andeipracaceteprachegar

So proud of my team!!! #Repost @australianreptilepark
Keeper Dan and the team had an awesome time introducing some of our animals to @katyperry on @sunriseon7 !! As a reward for meeting some of our Deadly & Dangerous creatures we let her have cuddles with George the wombat, who just stole her heart!! @australianreptilepark #reptilepark #australianreptilepark #sunriseon7 #katyperry

Happy World Cassowary Day! Today is about celebrating and showcasing the Southern Cassowary and the conservation efforts of people working to protect them and their home, the World Heritage listed Wet Tropics Rainforests. We at @australianreptilepark are a part of a nationa-wide breeding program to help save the species and are doing everything we can to build the numbers of this beautiful bird! Photo credit: @priaustralia #reptilepark #australianreptilepark #cassowary #worldcassowaryday

Little May’s daily routine consists of cuddles, food and snoozing… on repeat! Yup, life as a #koala is pretty good at the @australianreptilepark in @visitnsw. This adorable joey is being hand raised by zoo keeper Hayley as she was born out of season, meaning that she would of been naturally emerging out of the pouch right in the middle of winter when it’s too cold for baby koalas to survive. May currently goes home with her keeper every night, and after dinner she always snuggles in for lots of cuddles as she falls asleep. Once she is big and strong she will join the other koalas at the #australianreptilepark as part of their conservation breeding program 🐨


There was a special party at the @australianreptilepark today. #Party #Australianreptilepark #7News

Fresh monday start with those beautiful elephants! Get yours now! Link in bio @elephantsplanet

I took my girls to the Australian Reptile Park today and so my brooch choice was an easy one - my early release @erstwilderofficial Chameleon. I was then rewarded with seeing its real-life counterpart...so sweet!

Make sure you visit the @australianreptilepark during the school holidays and you can meet Koda and Kayah our little tassie devil joeys 😘

mother and son bond ❤️💯


Hugo celebrates his 67th birthday today and is being spoiled with love and watermelon cake! If you see him these holidays don't forget to say Happy Birthday! 🎉 🎁
For more information on what is happening these school holidays at The Australian Reptile Park check out our website: http://bit.ly/ARPSchoolHolidays (link in bio) #reptilepark #australianreptilepark #galapagostortoise #🐢#hugothetortoise

What a blessing, thank you @sadss__ for always being the most amazing and going above and beyond ❤️
I love you xx

#zoo #australianreptilepark #terrigal #nsw #couple #appreciationpost #love #owls #animals

How cute are these little guys?

Spent today chillin' with the family at The Australian Reptile Park. Hot - but awesome❣

Meredith's first experience holding a snake @australianreptilepark 🐍🐍🐍

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