For your Monday Night Viewing it’s.... THURSDAY THUNDER!

Australian Muscle Weekly update with Kim & Adrian!

This week the guys recap this past weekends IFBB Mr Olympia & the NEW Champ, The ALL NEW Australian Muscle Sleeved Jersey, Occlusion Training and a review on the ALL NEW Primeval Labs Mega Pre Black touted as the strongest Pre on the Market! Check it out and make sure to subscribe!

Check it Out Here: https://youtu.be/AhNWeWymP-c

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NEW AM Sleeved Jerseys are LIVE!

Incredible Comfy, Sublimated Print, Lightweight and Breathable makes the AM Sleeved Jersey one of the comfiest pieces of Apparel Available! Get Yours Today!

Sizes from XXS - XXL!

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Just got these custom guards finished up for my old man's XF Falcon.
Swipe 👉 to see a bit of the process and the rust I pulled out of them. ✌

That afternoon pickup fuelled by @myoblox Skywalk!

Skywalk is your all in one Nootropic & Energy Fuel! With a STACKED Nootropic/Focus Blend and moderate Stimulant dosages, Skywalk is the perfect energy boost to keep you focussed on the task at hand!

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Lunch time sorted courtesy of FitChef!

The only hard choice today is whether to indulge on Chilli Con Carne or Italian Beef Meatballs!

ALL Meals ONLY $9.95!

Bet a turbo wouldn't make this car quiet

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