We are so lucky here in Port Macquarie NSW to have @thenatureschool. The children, families and teachers are achieving amazing things in their first year as a primary school, and recently tie-dyed their own shirts using mud from their school site!
This is the pigment rich red/brown soil that first sparked my interest in eco dyeing and led me to begin my Earth Dough journey! It is still the ingredient that I use to colour my Eucalyptus dough.
TNS Primary has recently applied for Canon Australia’s 2018 Grants. If they receive enough votes from the public, the children will create a photographic field guide of local flora and fauna for presentation to the local community. I am constantly amazed at the creativity, motivation and capability of our TNS children so would really love to see this opportunity happen! TNS is a small school with approx 20 students enrolled from K-2, so we would be very appreciative if as many people as possible could help us out and vote 🙏🏼
Please help us make this happen and VOTE HERE: www.canon.com.au/grants
CATEGORY: Select TNS in the ‘Education grant finalist category’. .
Also, TNS Early Years program and Little Explorer’s Nature Playgroup have have places available now. Check out www.thenatureschool.org.au for more info.

Francine receiving the exciting news! Another page from Alcheringa Flowers! #tonicary #alcheringaflowers #alcheringaartist #tonicaryartist #pastelartist #alcheringasnow #alcheringaseriesofchildrensbooks #australianfauna #ingebirah #alcheringa #picturebooks #kidlit #kidsbooks #childrenspicturebooks #childrensbooks #bookillustrator #childrensbookauthor #childrensbookillustrator Visit www.alcheringaartist.com.au for more info on Toni's books and prints.🐸🐾🐰🐨🐔🐴🌟💛🕊🌸❄️

Leafy Sea dragons are some of the most ornately camouflaged creatures on the planet. Adorned with gossamer, leaf-shaped appendages over their entire bodies, they are perfectly outfitted to blend in with the seaweed and kelp formations they live amongst. This beauty by #australianartist Kelly-Anne Love can’t hide at #KABGallery Its the perfect piece of art for any #artlover drawn to the #Ocean and its unique life. #KellyAnneLove creates #art focused on all types of fauna. From #whales to gang gang #cockatoos her #artworks celebrate life in all its forms. #seemoreatkabgallery and this #leafyseadragon is available at the #gallery now and online at KABGallery.com #exhibition #arttolove #oceancreatures #originalart #paintings #australianfauna #fauna #blue #waterlife #beachlife #terrigal #artgallery #crowneplazaterrigal

The weather has been so rubbish lately and to top it all off we have a leaking roof #punintended😂 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Still feel happy today as we are DEFINATELY heading towards spring! Sun was setting at 6pm today and it was pitch black at this time only a few weeks back #winning🏆 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Time to look forward to some tote-outings at the beach 🌿⛱🌊

Looking through these pictures excite me every time 🌿

Helping mum check if the pasta is cooked.
#lorikeet #rainbowlorikeet #spoilt #australianfauna #pasta #helping #cutie

Training this Goshawk was an incredible experience. He was so traumatised from his early life when I took him on as a young bird that the first year was really hard work. Even my weekends were taken over with training. But I didn’t mind. It’s amazing how you can learn to read body signals when there is no language. Two years later and Loki has learned to trust other people as well and he does shows a few times a week.
#zoolife #training #raptors #birdofprey #falconry #falconrylife #goshawk #browngoshawk #australianfauna #australianwildlife #wildlife #zookeeper #trust #zoology

Out on a limb...greeting card. Leadbeater's possum. Victoria's faunal emblem...however now critically endangered. #greetingcards #fightingextinction #zoosvictoria #friendsofleadbeaterspossum

PROTEAS 🌷 These best selling dangles are finally back in stock! Plus, every purchase over $30 comes with a FREE pair of Koala Studs 🐨 Has there ever been a better time to treat yourself to a new pair of earrings? No, no there hasn’t 😜

This Brushtail Possum got a surprise when we came to inspect this tree hollow in metropolitan Melbourne recently. He might have realised something was up because he had moved on by the next day when I returned to relocate him. A good outcome. Brushtail Possums are easily distinguished by their dark, bushy tails and pink noses.

Because I promised mum the next bird I drew would be a blue wren, here’s a yellow rosella 👆🏼😁. (Sorry mum, this guy jumped the line...) This was actually meant to be a birthday gift for a very special someone I know, but at the very last, I ended up with a hole in the page 😩😩😩 (swipe to see). Photoshop is fabulous for filling in holes but a digital solution doesn’t cut it so I was playing around with fix-it ideas for a while (the green circle for example is digitally added, I could do this with a layer overtop, or cut out funky geometric shapes and overlay the image on colour...or collage in gum leaves...) In the end I settled for a re-do on different paper so currently working on that 😅👋🏼

It's not every day that a wombat and a puggle (baby echidna) turn up outside @araratgallerytama. Their carers were making a pit stop on their way home to Cockatoo yesterday, and we couldn't resist going out to say hello. It was freezing so we only had a quick look at the puggle before he was tucked up inside a warm sock again. #australia #australianfauna #wildliferescue #wombat #puggle #echidna #ararat #araratgalleryTAMA

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